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Friday, October 23rd, 2020



Needing a little extra murder in your Halloween season? Join us this Friday for a re-visit of Poe Party, but where we’re switching all the roles! Many familiar faces from the cast will be joining us, as well as a couple new ones. Livestreaming on our channel at 5:30 pm Pacific…something is bound to happen. 

Tonight’s the night! Join the four of us, along with Ashley Clements, Whitney Avalon, Blake Silver, Tom DeTrinis, Ryan Garcia, Tara Perry, Christopher Higgins, Dylan Saunders, Julia Cho, and Al Fallick on our channel for a terrifyingly good time!

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booasaur:Perry Mason (2020) – 1×05

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020


Perry Mason (2020) – 1×05

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Tuesday, June 18th, 2019

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that-crazy-scorpio-man: Ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus…

Thursday, May 9th, 2019


Ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula)

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hiimlesphotos: Mating Dance

Friday, May 3rd, 2019


Mating Dance

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Thursday, May 24th, 2018






if coyotes are just indie wolves and wolves are just bass boosted dogs what the fuck are moths to butterflies


please be nice to moths im begging you



Here’s the thing:

Taxonomy is tricky. Moths and butterflies make up the insect order Lepidoptera. But… just like technically wolves and coyotes are already dogs (canids = dogs-ish I guess?), butterflies are just a type of moth. A very, very small group of insects in a gigantic, humungous, incomprehensibly more diverse order of insects. Allow me to demonstrate.


Got it? Good. Here’s the answer key (NO PEEKING BEFORE SPOTTING IT YOURSELF!). 

From Left to right:
TOP: Painted Lichen Moth, Moonseed Moth, Beautiful Tiger (moth), Grote’s Buckmoth (endangered)
BOTTOM: Eubaphe unicolor (moth), Eight-spotted Forester (moth), Ailanthus Webworm Moth, Chickweed Geometer Moth

Wait… ALL OF THEM ARE MOTHS? Of course they are. There are so few butterflies in the giant sea of moths, it’s amazing you even notice them!

Okay, okay fine. That one was tricky (or was it?). Here’s another.


Easier this time, right? Let’s see how you did! (NO CHEATING)

From Left to Right:
TOP: Checkered Skipper, Soldier Pansy, Funereal Duskywing, Dotted Checkerspot (endangered)
BOTTOM: Texas Powdered Skipper, Tawny Emperor, Reakirt’s Blue, Fatal Metalmark

Wait… so which one is the moth? NONE OF THEM THESE ARE BUTTERFLIES. “What do you mean these are butterflies, they are boring?!” Shut up I love them. “But moths are supposed to be the boring ones!” Shut up moths are cooler than a T-rex with a mohawk riding a skateboard.

Moths are furry; Moths are smooth

Left: Southern Flannel Moth; Right: Carmenta ithacae (glass wing moths)- mating pair

Moths are large; Moths are small

Left: Cecropia Moth; Right: Banded Scythris Moth

Moths are Air; Moths are Water

Left: Eggplant Leafroller Moth, caterpillars live on plants; Right: Jalisco Petrophila Moth, caterpillars are aquatic and grow up in freshwater and the adult female moths will swim into the water to lay her eggs GUYS SHE IS A MOTH!!!!!! Also: they are jumping spider mimics! Look!

Moths are Elegant; Moths are Strange

Left: Wilson’s Wood-nymph Moth; Right: Dejongia californicus Plume Moth

Moths are Perfect; I Love Them

Left: Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth; Right: Harrisina coracina

Composed May 24, 2018
All photos are mine and all but two were taken in Texas. Soldier Pansy and Beautiful Tiger were seen in Malawi.

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godlessondheimite: The Minutes from my Meeting with @thestateonmtv: –Upon meeting Louis, Belize knew…

Thursday, August 24th, 2017


The Minutes from my Meeting with @thestateonmtv:

–Upon meeting Louis, Belize knew Louis would break Prior’s heart. Instantly smelled out all of Louis’ weaknesses. Louis tries to dismiss it as anti-semitism, jealousy, whatever, but for all Louis’ selfishness and self-involvement he has NO  self-awareness. Prior and Belize are both Noticers, Belize is an even sharper judge of character than Prior and he sized Louis up in a moment.

–When Louis accuses Belize of still being in love with Prior, Belize is pissed off not because of the implication that he’s pining, not even that Louis assumed something so big, but because it’s almost questioning the authenticity of their friendship. Like yes he and Prior really do love each other without sex or the need for sex.

Louis doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t have good relationships with his exes.

–Also Prior is clearly Louis’ first serious relationship.

–If the positions were reversed, Prior would have stayed with Louis and even enlisted Belize’s help and Belize would help, more for Prior than for Louis but he wouldn’t let that show. Louis would be difficult and try to push Prior away but Prior would stay. 

–Prior is connected to the gay community and has a lot of rich social bonds even if Belize is the only one we see. Louis, sadly, is too inhibited to seek out the connections that would free him. For all of Louis’ political bluster, he has one foot out the door in terms of self-acceptance.

–Louis’ parents are the kind of frigid “progressives” who are “fine” with having a gay son but not really. Louis would put even *more* shame and guilt on top of that, because he’s all shame and guilt. And AIDS would complicate whatever tenuous acceptance they reached.

–On the other hand Prior doesn’t have blood family, he has lineage. And more importantly he has chosen family and community.

–James McArdle tried to frame Louis’ leaving as, like, Prior was his goddess and he couldn’t watch his goddess die, which I thought was a very generous interpretation. Maybe he needed to frame it that way as an actor playing his character but Louis’ aversion is clear. AIDS is visceral and Louis is all theoretical. He can’t handle illness, full stop.

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“[…] Sadly, the past few days have drawn important attention away from your incendiary cabinet…”

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016

[…] Sadly, the past few days have drawn important attention away from your incendiary cabinet appointments, your ditching of the American press, your inclusion of your daughter in closed-door meetings with Japan, and your massive settlement of the Trump University fraud case—and that is unfortunate.

However, what these days have done, is once again illustrate that you are not ready, qualified, or seemingly interested in leading the diverse complexion of this country in any meaningful way  For all your talk of making America great, it seems those dreams are for a highly selective few and with a very limited pigmentation.

You Tweeted yesterday that the theatre was supposed to be a “safe and special place” for all people. No, Mr. Trump, you’re thinking of America. America is supposed to be a safe and special place for all its citizens; those of color, those who are gay, those who claim the Muslim faith, those whose voices are often silenced by people in power—you know, people like the cast of Hamilton.

In fact, the American theatre has historically been one of the few places marginalized communities have been represented and had a voice and been openly celebrated. Your attempt to use equality and safety there as a weapon against these same folks, highlights your inability to show the slightest compassion toward those most maligned and most jeopardized by your campaign and victory. The very Americans most in need of you as their President-Elect to reassure them that you see and hear and respect them, are once again having confirmed for them by your very conduct—that you really don’t give a damn about them.


I’m not sure you really wanted this job, and I know that you don’t understand it, so let me help you: You work for the American people now, not the other way around. You don’t get to bully and shut down discussion and bulldoze citizens expressing free speech. You get the distinct and undeserved privilege to listen to the disparate voices of all the American people, and to serve them all as best you can. You get to humble yourself and consent to their will, not your own.

You received only a small percentage of Americans’ votes, Mr. Trump. The boos are going to be here for four years, so my advice to you is to put on that thick skin and those big boy pants your supporters are always saying Liberal “snowflakes” so need. Get off of Twitter and crack open some books because you are woefully ill prepared for this task at hand. You can’t Tweet or sound bite your way to leadership, so do the work that needs doing.

And perhaps more than anything, stop lecturing and ranting and scolding those who have been so very hurt in this country and who are right to feel threatened and worried right now—and start listening to them and trying to be their President-Elect, instead of a fragile Twitter personality trolling for sympathy. If your mind and attention are on Broadway shows and Saturday night comedies and newspaper reporters, your mind and attention are not on the things a President’s mind and attention should be on, which is the biggest problem here. You shouldn’t have time for this stuff and it shouldn’t even be on your radar.

Ask Barack Obama, George Bush Senior or Junior, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter how to honor this position.

You’re charged with leading America and *all* its people. Start leading.

John Pavlovitz, Dear Donald Trump, Hamilton Proves You’re Not Ready to Lead

(via thefederalistfreestyle)

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lurkinghistoric: icarus-doodles: Because I saw…

Sunday, March 27th, 2016



Because I saw @lurkinghistoric say they wanted raven!Max with a cowlick… and I wondered why I hadn’t actually drawn that before??? ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE.

OH OH OH! This is adorable and irresistible. He is SO MUCH Max and SO MUCH a raven: the body language is wonderful. Thank you!

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lies: You gotta keep your eye on the awesomely talented…

Friday, July 25th, 2014


You gotta keep your eye on the awesomely talented ones.

Reblogging myself to mention a fun fact I subsequently learned: This was an old song of meghan’s that linda suggested they resurrect. She gave it a bass line inspired by “Soon” by My Bloody Valentine, and the rest is history.

Also reblogging because the original post was lonely without notes.

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