floralls: Sunflower sunsets ( Radomir valley | Bulgaria )…

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Sunflower sunsets ( Radomir valley | Bulgaria ) by Emil Rashkovski

Sunflower sunsets ( Radomir valley | Bulgaria ) by Emil Rashkovski


Sunflower sunsets (

Radomir valley | Bulgaria ) by

Emil Rashkovski

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strix-tristitia: Be still, my little owl-loving heart!…

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Be still, my little owl-loving heart!

Beguiled, bewitched, and bedazzled. There is something beyond enchanting about these creatures. It’s not difficult to see why they’ve played such a role in our mythology and folklore. ✨🌠✨

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cjforpresident: ok poe party fans i have Questions: what rooms have we been shown so far? i…

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ok poe party fans i have Questions:

  • what rooms have we been shown so far? i remember: the study, dining room, entry hall, attic, basement, some sort of upstairs bedroom, kitchen ?
  • how many place settings were there on the table? i remember someone had a vague diagram of the table so if someone could find that again it would be excellent :)


[obligatory ?

I posted this whiteboard sketch while obsessing about Chapter 1; not sure if that’s what you remembered, though:

14 place settings. 6 on each side; Lenore and Poe at the ends.

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thbrogan: I finally learned how to make .gifs, so here are some…

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I finally learned how to make .gifs, so here are some long overdue favorite moments from the music video I directed (and shot, lol) for @marykatewiles!

Video here.

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bahahahamilton: obama-taught-me: President Barack H. Obama…

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President Barack H. Obama II
44th President of the United States

the realest

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I love Poe Party because watching these four noodles gives me…

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I love Poe Party because watching these four noodles gives me the courage to follow my dreams.

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yeah no sorry hillary clinton is a murderer and rapist-defender she’s not like “literally any other politician” and it’s disgusting you would say that lol

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That “fact” about Clinton defending a child rapist and laughing about it, came about in May of 2016 this year. It’s a new lie which is part of a carefully orchestrated smear campaign that’s been running against her for the last 20 years because the thought of a woman in power scares certain powerful men shitless.

What is true about it, is that in 1975 Hillary Clinton (then
Hillary Rodham) was appointed to represent a man
charged with raping a 12-year-old girl. This was her job. And just in case you can’t wrap your head around how being a defense lawyer works then I’m sorry to tell you that lots of lawyers have had to defend people they have found to be monstrous. When people say in movies “you have the right to an attorney” they’re serious, everyone has that right, even child rapists. Hillary took the case reluctantly, which ended in a plea bargain for the defendant. He did not “get away with it”. He actually plead guilty. That’s what plea bargain means.

Hillary Clinton did not volunteer to be the defendant’s lawyer, she did
not laugh about the case’s outcome, she did not assert that the
complainant “made up the rape story,” she did not claim she knew the
defendant to be guilty, and she did not “free” the defendant.

Do some basic research before you support such claims. (x)

And just in case you’re too lazy to click the link, here’s a direct quote from Hillary and Gibson, the prosecution lawyer:

[Prosecuting attorney Mahlon Gibson] called me to tell me an indigent
prisoner accused of raping a twelve-year-old girl wanted a woman lawyer.
[Prosecutor Mahlon] Gibson had recommended that the criminal court
judge, Maupin Cummings, appoint me. I told Mahlon I really didn’t feel
comfortable taking on such a client, but Mahlon gently reminded me that I
couldn’t very well refuse the judge’s request.


Hillary told me she didn’t want to take that case, she made that very clear,” recalls prosecutor Gibson, who phoned her with the judge’s order.

And murder? If we’re talking about the decisions all politicians make, then by that logic you could turn around and say that Obama has murdered 116 innocent civilians because of drone strikes (x), George W Bush murdered over
110,937 civilians in the Iraq war alone. (x) People might well believe Bernie Sanders is the savior we’ve been denied, but you’re dreaming if you think he could have taken the office of the presidency and avoided bloodshed entirely. But since we’re presumably cherry picking about bloodshed on politicians hands, lets talk about The Authorization of Military Force Against Terrorists Act, passed on September 14th 2001. This act is responsible for the United State’s continued engagement in the Middle East over the last 15 years—And Bernie Sanders voted for it. And I love Bernie, I would have voted for him in a heartbeat. But when we’re talking about “murder” on the hands of politicians hands, we cannot cherry pick the facts we want to believe in and ignore the rest.

Hillary Clinton is not a monster. Hillary Clinton does messy jobs no one else is willing to do, and she does them well. But Hillary Clinton is also the person who showed up at Ground Zero following in the wake of
9/11 to witness the carnage for herself. Clinton who did not do it
for photo-ops as so many did, and took the time to talk to first
responders and to make sure they

were getting the resources and help they needed to carry on their work. Clinton who advocated for those same people to receive health care when it was revealed the Bush administration lied about the air around Ground Zero not being toxic to breathe, putting rescuers at further risk. Clinton who stood by people for years and made sure they were doing okay in the aftermath:

Gorman recalls being pleasantly surprised by Clinton’s commitment, both
in terms of her mastery of policy detail and on a personal level. “She
would call me on my cellphone to ask how I was doing, how my members
were doing,” he said. “One time I was pumping gas at a Texaco station,
it was Christmas Eve, and she wanted to know how things were going. When
a senator calls someone on my level, that’s impressive.”


But we don’t hear so much about that do we? We don’t hear about Hillary who has been campaigning for universal health care since 1993 (x). Hillary who has stood with Planned Parenthood for a long time and who remains their most stalwart advocate (x)

And the reason we don’t hear about them is because Hillary has endured a 20 year smear campaign against her, and this is important, because she is a woman who dares to show ambition (x). So when you believe the things you read without fact checking them, you are giving weight and precedence to even bigger lies which has its roots in female oppression. Which is disgusting.

Do I agree with everything she has ever said and done? No of course not. But on that same level I don’t agree with everything Bernie Sanders has ever said and done either. Do I believe she is the most qualified candidate to be the next President of the United States? Unequivocally.

I’m a foreigner in this country and cannot vote, but morally and with the utmost support for the hope of the betterment of this country #I’m with her.

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missgingerlee: soloontherocks: cutecreative: cocochampange: f…

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Watch: When Mitt Romney makes the same points as John Oliver, you know shit’s gone south.

this is ‘the villain helps the heroes take down a more evil villain’ trope come to life

*looks outside to see if pigs are flying*

if you told me a few years ago that I’d be reblogging a gifset of Mitt Romney, agreeing with every word he said, I would NOT have believed you.

4 years ago this is the last thing I ever thought I would put on my blog, me agreeing with Mittens over & over & now I don’t know what’s real life anymore.

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jakegyllcnhaal: You remember that after I had dinner at your…

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You remember that after I had dinner at your house, you told me that you loved me? Well, I didn’t really know what to say. But I know what to say now. I
have thought about you and I like you, and I like seeing you, and maybe I
feel the same way. So the next time you tell me you love me, if there
is a next time, I’ll say I love you too.

Brooklyn (2015) dir. John Crowley

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Pride and Prejudice Go

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An app that shows you where there’s a young man in possession of a good fortune who must be in want of a wife

On the radar: 

Gentleman with 5,000 pounds a year
Handsome tragic veteran
Dashing officer of good breeding
Gentleman with 10,000 pounds a year
Liberal-minded heir to a large estate

Your phone buzzes: 

Mr. Collins

Your mother runs into the room “the lure I placed on netherfield park has worked at last. There is a young man in possession of good fortune, one of the girls must surely catch him”



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captainswan618: I ship Wellenore they’re so adorable 😊😊😊 he’s just so awkward but she likes him…

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I ship Wellenore they’re so adorable 😊😊😊 he’s just so awkward but she likes him anyway ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

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What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump

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What It’s Like to Be a Female Reporter Covering Donald Trump

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Why Do I Love Poe Party?

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An easier question to answer would be Why Am I Writing an Essay on This When I Should Be Writing My Psychology Essay and that answer is Because I Want A Poster More Than An A on An Assignment That’s Only Worth Like 5% of My Final Grade. 

But I digress. 

Here is my Comprehensive List of Reasons Why I Love Poe Party and by comprehensive list of reasons I mean a fraction of the reasons but there are only so many hours in the day so bear with me



1. Brilliant Dialogue. 

As an amateur writer, I really appreciate well-written dialogue. Witty, rapid-fire, and realistic and true to the characters–– that’s what you see in Poe Party. Improvised lines, wordplays, puns, and references to other literary characters, authors, and works. 



2. In A Word: Cinematography. 
As a film minor, I have a deep love of cinematography, including camera angles, lighting, editing, and so on and so forth (I’m very early in my minor so I don’t know all the terms yet but you catch my drift). 
The setting, the old and very huge mansion, is reminiscent of the extremely influential 1921 German silent film Nosferatu (can I get an amen for that reference please and thank you yes I caught those similarities y’all ain’t slick) which is basically set in an enormous abandoned castle. Unlike Nosferatu, Poe Party manages to have incredible lighting–– just enough so we can see what they’re up to, but not so much that it ruins the creepy ambiance. So many props for the seamless editing and camera angles that don’t nauseate me. The costumes alone are enough to convince me this is really happening and not just a web series. 


3. The. Plot. For. Good. Ness’s. Sake. 
I want to be in that meeting the first time somebody was like, hey, what if Edgar Allan Poe tried to have a party? 
It’s such a unique and original idea. The twists aren’t predictable, the mystery isn’t easily solved, you leave us guessing, but you don’t overly frustrate us ahem Moffat I’m talking to you directly sir good heavens 
Nothing is extra, every moment matters and there’s nothing that doesn’t serve to move the plot forward in some way or another. I’m so excited to see the rest of it I can’t contain myself oh my good gracious.


4. The Characters. 
I love how all the relationships between the authors are portrayed with such accuracy, like I can totally see Poe having second thoughts about inviting Oscar, and I absolutely love Charlotte’s bitchiness towards Fyodor (but a bitchiness that’s not overdone, thank goodness). Honestly I could talk about Lenore and H.G. Wells’s relationship in a whole ‘nother little number but I won’t because if I did, I’m afraid this post would break tumblr.



I love the incorporation of every author’s story into the plot itself, and I love the little mannerisms each character has that just absolutely enhances the realism of the web series. I’ve watched the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and I’ve seen A Very Potter Musical two hundred times but I don’t have that feeling of only being able to see the characters the actors have played before, if that makes sense? Like, with some actors like Orlando Bloom, it’s hard to see past the Orlando. But with these guys, it’s like you become your character, truly. I forget that you’re all actors. And that’s amazing. Like, if I were ever to see a blooper reel of Poe Party, I would absolutely wig out that Joey Richter is not Ernest Hemingway 100% of his life and that Sinéad Persaud is alive and not a ghost. 


I’m serious, I think I would have some kind of a crisis. Y’all’re doing the Lord’s Work. [x]

5. The Mix of Humor and Horror. 
I’m currently trying to write a murder mystery that’s also a comedy, so this is giving me all kinds of inspiration to create my own stuff, which is amazing in and of itself and will be discussed later on in the list so I’m moving on to how well you all balance the mystery and the wit. It’s just enough mystery and murder that seeing Fyodor’s dead body made me jump out of my seat and everyone in the library stared at me thanks guys and that watching Agatha fall to the ground, dead, made me literally inhale sharply, and I cried over Mary Ann but not so much murder that I’m like what is this, Stranger Things come on. And the humor isn’t so much that I can’t take the murders seriously, but just enough that it keeps the whole mood light and airy and keeps the story moving and prevents stagnation. It’s the healthiest mix of funny and scary that I’ve seen in a long, long time. 



6. In Another Word: Inspirational. 
I’m also acting in my friend’s webseries, and seeing other people do this gives me the inspiration I need to perform well on camera, which is not something I’m used to. It gives me inspiration to write, which I don’t do often enough, but to write without judgment, the way the writers portrayed in Poe Party probably did. This web series gives me the courage I need to put myself out in the fiction writing sphere again, because I see these writers and I’m reminded that they were human. As an english major, studying all these people, it’s like the community deifies them. It’s refreshing to watch them get humanized and to see that they were people like me, with fears and flaws and failures, even if that’s not what we remember them for. [stares off into the middle distance]



7. Warning: Super Cheesy Personal Reason 
Okay, so I didn’t want to write about this for the contest cause I don’t want to use mental illness as like a sympathy weapon just to get a poster. I’m being real for a second, poster or not, I think it’s important for you guys to know that you’re really helping me cope with some stuff. I got out of a borderline abusive relationship months ago and I’m still dealing with a lot of depression and anxiety surrounding it. I’m in therapy, but what really helps is having something to look forward to, something to keep me going throughout the day. You guys might not think what you’re doing is having that large of an effect, but I’m telling you, you’re really helping people like me just get through the day-to-day struggle. When I’m in a Bad Place, and I can’t think of a reason to get up out of bed, I can either: A) think about all the writers in Poe Party that dealt with the same stuff I am and overcame it through their writing, or B) think about how it’s almost Monday or it is Monday and Poe Party will update, or C) think about how I can connect directly with the creators and actors I admire by posting about Poe Party on tumblr which is absolutely incredible to me, you have no idea. 



8. Connecting With You.
Warning: this is also cheesy, but I just think it’s fantastic that we can post about Poe Party, and have the creators or the actors actually respond to what we do and pay attention to what we’re saying. It feels like I belong to a community that I can rely on when the community I’m living in doesn’t deliver, if that makes sense. You guys have created this space for us to flock to and talk about something that we love and can share with each other, and that’s magic

9. We’re All Nerds. 
I hope you don’t mind my saying, but we’re all nerds in the best way and I feel like I’ve found nerds that are using their nerdiness to bring joy and heaven to other nerds like me, who are in turn perpetuating that nerdy joy in a safe space. I love not having to worry about being made fun of for loving the bejesus out of Emily Dickinson, because hey so does everyone else in this community I mean just look at Sarah Grace Hart come on


So that kinda goes along with the previous reason, but I thought it had to be restated. [x]

Anyway. I really can’t avoid work anymore. Thank you for reading this enormous thing. Have a great day, spread love, and I’ll watch y’all on Monday. #ILovePoeParty



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floralls: by Kristina Mackeeva

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by Kristina Mackeeva

by Kristina Mackeeva

by Kristina Mackeeva

by Kristina Mackeeva


by Kristina Mackeeva

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amnhnyc: It’s time for a time-tested #TrilobiteTuesday! Whenever…

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It’s time for a time-tested #TrilobiteTuesday! Whenever the trilobites of British Columbia are considered, images of the historic Burgess Shale and its world-renowned treasure trove of Middle Cambrian material naturally and rightfully spring to mind. That outcrop of the Stephen formation stands as perhaps the most studied and lauded invertebrate fauna in paleontological history. However, this rugged, mountain-strewn province along Canada’s Pacific Coast should also be recognized for a number of intriguing Lower and Upper Cambrian. Magnificent Olenellus and Wanneria  (pictured) specimens emerge from the area’s oldest fossil-bearing rock—the Rosella and Eager formations.
Meet many more trilobites on the Museum website. 

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songsof-forever: Our principal shared this quote with us today…

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Our principal shared this quote with us today and I love it a lot.

The photo I took at the Tahune Forest in Tasmania, with trees that are hundreds of years old. It was incredible to walk around and think of all this that has existed since the world was created and that it would still be around for me to see. I hope I can be as resilient as these trees, and to teach our kids that they can be resilient too is a great privilege.

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it may interest you to know that I have also spiked myself with track shoes… although not while goofing around but while running. also i’ve done that multiple times. I guess I just run in a way where the bottom of my shoe often come in contact with my legs??? I don’t understand how physics works???

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I’m pretty sure I’ve done it at least one other time, too. But that’s the only one I remember, probably because I felt so embarrassed at having done it.

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Put the dumbest injury you’ve ever gotten in the tags

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