He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself…

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He who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not become a monster.

And if you gaze long into an abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.

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Tbh I mostly hope that Eddie comes back because then he can get revenge like Edmond Dantes

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I hadn’t realized who his character was named after. That’s super interesting. Now I’m really curious to see if he does come back. I kind of suspect he won’t; having the victims hang around in ghost form somewhat undercuts the whole murder-mystery format. But it will be fascinating to see how it plays out either way.

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buggirl: Grab a jar and celebrate!

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Grab a jar and celebrate!

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the-eldest-woman-on: Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex With Mars And…

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Rho Ophiuchi Cloud Complex With Mars And Saturn
Taken by Bill Metallinos on April 12, 2016 @ Corfu, Greece

I’ve been enjoying the Mars/Saturn/Antares show during evening Pokémon sessions. Doesn’t look quite like this to the naked eye, but it’s cool knowing all this is up there.

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floralls: by  Steve Docwra

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by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra

by Steve Docwra



Steve Docwra

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I’m already so in love with poe party! Who had your favorite character introduction (if it’s happened yet)?

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As if I could even CHOOSE! They’re all so wonderful and specific and silly. You may have heard us talk about this on the podcast or some other something, but we shot those at the very end of the shoot (just the way it worked out, scheduling wise), and it was just one of the most wonderful experiences because we all stayed to watch everyone do their entrance, and we all laughed and laughed and laughed. I love that we did them last, because all of the actors had had the two weeks to really delve into these people, and that made their first impression so much more rich than if we had done it first in the schedule. It’s so, so fun, and I love how it plays in the episode.

I will say that the star of that scene IS THE FREAKING SCORE. The first time we heard it, I screamed. I LOVE how it changes for each character in subtle ways. It’s brilliant and Dylan Glatthorn is brilliant and we are so so lucky to have him. 

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marykatewiles: waiting-for-autumn: Who’s watching “ Edgar…

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Who’s watching “

Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party

”? I loved the first episode, it looks promising! And Ashley Clements and Mary Kate Wiles are in it! ..and Joey Richter and Lauren lopez… I’ll end up doing a card for every character probably.

Anyway, let me know what you think!


ALSO, NEVER DELETE MY ORIGINAL TEXT (since it’s becoming a habit apparentely) 

!!! Well isn’t this incredible.

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mademoisellelapiquante: Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in…

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Jenna Coleman as Queen Victoria in Victoria – 2016

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Favorite Poe Party Arrivals: Emily Dickinson

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Favorite Poe Party Arrivals: Emily Dickinson

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expressions-of-nature: by Dmitry Kupratsevich

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by Dmitry Kupratsevich

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stand-up-comic-gifs: He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all…

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He’s just mad because he can’t acquire all the apple juice that I’m acquiring. (x)

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meanderingnovember: Seeing the night out right with a little…

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Seeing the night out right with a little knitting, Chestnut Tea, and #PoeParty @shipwreckedcomedy! #evening #tea #knitstagram

Everyone deserves PoeParty with their tea.

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floralls: by  Danielle Nelson

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by Danielle Nelson

by Danielle Nelson

by Danielle Nelson

by Danielle Nelson


by  Danielle Nelson

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marykatewiles: enchantedstoriesandmore: Poe Party opening credits are legitimately Lenore doing…

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Poe Party opening credits are legitimately Lenore doing everything and Poe combing his mustache.

But I’m 100% Lenore would look at all of the dishes and say, 
“This is your mystery dinner thing, not mine.”

“It’s a murder mystery invite only casual dinner party slash-”

“Whatever, still you’re party, I’m just here to watch and look beautiful.”

Poe does everything except place the roast on the table! Come now, don’t take away Sean’s credit for cutting those onions so beautifully.

Ha! I thought I spotted his nimble fingers wielding that knife. Glad to know I wasn’t imagining things.

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Favorite Poe Party arrivals: H. G. Wells

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Favorite Poe Party arrivals: H. G. Wells

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typhlonectes: Chuck-Will’s-Widow (Antrostomus carolinensis),…

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(Antrostomus carolinensis),
Assateague Island National Seashore, MD, USA

Jenna Y.


Keep your ears
tuned to one of our night time resident birds calling its name,
“Chuck-wills-widow.” The “chuck” being emphasized first followed by the
“wills-widow.” The purpose of their call is to attract a mate and can be
heard during the hours of dusk and dawn. 

The chuck-will’s-widow is in
the nightjar family is a group of birds noted
for its loud distinctive calls. In contrast, the bird is hard to spot.
Master of camouflage, this bird is a ground dweller, and nester.  It
has reddish brown feathers to blend into the forest floor. At night, it
perches on low tree limbs. You may see a glimpse of its eyes gleaming
orange from a reflecting flashlight, car light or moonlight.

(via: Assateague Island National Seashore)

Photograph: Dick Daniels/Wikimedia Commons

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cjforpresident: lenore is so done with this

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lenore is so done with this

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Ridiculously long spoiler-filled discussion of PoeParty chapter 1 (”The Bells”) after a…

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Ridiculously long spoiler-filled discussion of PoeParty chapter 1 (”The Bells”) after a cut.

Apologies in advance. I’ve watched it like 8 times. It’s a love thing.

Part 1: The Goodness


I know everyone connected with making it has been saying this forever. And I wanted so much to believe them. But there were also the inevitable fannish concerns. Like…

I showed the trailer to some non-ATTV-watchers last week, and seeing it through their eyes, comparing it to trailers of big-budget creations, the trailer had some rough edges. It was just a little less professional than what you’d expect with popcorn before a movie. “Amuse me,” the audience-member says through their popcorn, and the Makers of Trailers (a separate speciality, as I understand) give them wonders, 60-second thrill rides that have been focus-grouped and polished to a high sheen. The PoeParty trailer couldn’t be that. It was cute and fun and I loved it, but watching it with not-yet-fans, their response was along the lines of, okay, yeah, that’s cool. You go watch that. I could feel them thinking: looks like a fun project by a group of friends, but kind of amateurish and we-can-put-on-a-show-in-the-barn-and-I’ll-make-the-costumes. So there was a small part of me that was worried that maybe when I saw it I might see it the same way.

A different worry was this: Maybe it would be too professional. That is, maybe the bigness of it, the expansion of the world, would mean the magic of those characters would get lost. I mentioned this concern during a hangout I got to do with the creators as a Kickstarter perk. I told them how much I love these characters, how the relationship between Poe and Lenore is so special and works so well, but I don’t quite know why it works so well, so I don’t know what might mess it up. Would it still be there?

Sean reassured me. We care about these characters as much as our fans do, he said. We think you’ll recognize them.

He was so right. From the first moments of “The Bells” that Lenore/Poe relationship was right there. PoeParty is beautiful and professional-looking and the writing is awesome and it’s hilarious and all these new characters show up and orbit around them; it’s super-sized compared to ATTV. But at the heart are the same two characters, doing what they do. It’s like they never left.

Part 2: Favorite moments/ride-through

Rambling commentary about what I noticed/liked. (Last warning: detailed spoilers ahead.)

Opening titles

Poe’s getting ready combing the Poe-stache (which apparently takes a very long time). I love the raised knife that is revealed to be chopping onions. But I was momentarily confused: Is that Lenore raising the knife when you first see it? Because my obsessive fannish eye thinks it looks more like Sean’s arm holding the knife. During the onion-chopping, too. But then when the plate of food is slid into frame it looks more like Lenore’s hand. (I don’t think Sean wears nail polish.) Also, boy, that’s some serious meat and potatoes on that plate. Now I’m hungry. (But no onions.) But then we go back to Poe combing the ‘stache. So I don’t know who was doing the onion-chopping. Maybe it was Poe, and after the chopping he needed to comb his stache some more. I suppose that makes sense. I’m probably over-thinking it.

Name cards: I didn’t catch it the first time, but on subsequent viewing I noticed that unlike all the other shots, where the character is superimposed as the card is placed on the table, Emily isn’t visible, and her card is being removed from the table. Heh. I love the recurring “Emily isn’t there” gag. I’ve always been shy. I relate to Emily a lot.

Written & Created By Sean Persaud & Sinéad Persaud

It’s not a revelation that they created the characters and wrote the script. But just seeing it there, with that creator/show-runner-type credit, gave me a thrill.

Poe & Lenore waiting

Already mentioned above. I love that we start with just the two of them. Lenore bored, Poe anxious, Lenore drinking her wine-boilermaker, Poe’s eyebrow reaction. No dialogue, but it’s so them. And in the absence of dialogue the sound design really shines: The ticking clock (in time with the episode title’s appearance; nice), the clink of Lenore’s shot glass going into the wine, her swallowing.

And then they start talking, and like I said, it’s Poe. And Lenore. And I just… I have a lot of feelings about it.

The arrivals

They’d talked in the podcast about how the arrivals were one of the last things they shot, how it was this special time on-set when they’d had this great experience over the ten days and now they all gathered around (even the ones who’d already wrapped) watching the monitor as each of the actors gave a final performance, introducing their character to the audience but also saying goodbye, in a way. So I was looking forward to seeing that, and it didn’t disappoint.

There are those moments on film that creators talk about trying to capture. You have the writing and the preproduction, and then the production with umpteen people running around doing their thing, and it’s all a sort of prayer that in those precious few seconds of action the magic will happen and you’ll be able to capture it. And I feel like you can see it in the arrivals. The performances feel special. There’s a lot of emotion bubbling just under the surface. And I’m a sucker for that thing Sinéad does with her face, so having her standing there reacting during the intros was perfect.

I loved HG’s enthusiasm about his microwave, and LOL’d at Poe’s, “It’s not a real thing.” I loved Emily, and Lenore’s makeover suggestions. George Eliot was a character I hadn’t really responded to in the trailer, but I loved her once I got to see her in action. And Fyodor! He was just on this whole different level.

They were all wonderful.

The dinner table scene was great, but I’m running out of superlatives so I’m going to skip ahead.

Part 3: The Mystery

So, who killed Eddie?

Poe is an obvious suspect, with his unrequited love for Annabel and barely suppressed hatred of his rival. I can’t believe he’d be able to pull off something that dastardly, though.

Ernest seems quite suspicious to me, what with that switchblade and talk of killing wild boars. He’d probably kill someone just for the manly experience of it. He was on the wrong side of the table to have stabbed Eddie during the blackout, though:


George was on the wrong side of the table as well, but I noticed she was slumped way down in her seat when the lights came up. Maybe she was cowering in fear, but maybe she was actually returning to her chair after slipping under the table and dispatching Eddie. Not sure what her motive would have been. Bumping off one of the male guests to free up a male character to play in the murder mystery game? Seems like a stretch.

HG gave a really strange look to Annabel when she sat next to him. He almost seemed startled. Did he recognize her? Do they have history? Or perhaps he was overcome by her beauty – enough to want to harm her boyfriend, maybe. He’s on the wrong side of the table, but I could imagine him having some device that could dish out lethal force at a distance. There’s also his quiet announcement, “I know who did it” (granted, about the game, not the actual murder, but still, he knows too much). I’m keeping my eye on him.

Emily seems like the kind of person who would never kill anyone – which is exactly the kind of impression a killer might try to create. There was that quaver in her voice when she introduced herself at the door – “I write poems like you, though. We’re actually a lot alike.” Quiet, shut away, I can imagine her being filled with intense emotions. Maybe she killed Eddie in a misguided attempt to help Poe, the man she is secretly in love with. She knows she can never be with him, but perhaps she can get a glimpse of happiness if she makes it so he can be with the woman he loves. It’s kind of a twisted attitude, but loneliness drives people in strange directions.

Fyodor was sitting next to Eddie, which certainly gave him opportunity. But I can’t figure out a motive.

Oscar was also next to Eddie, but also lacks a clear motive. His “When will someone be murrrderrrred?” makes me wonder, though. Maybe he’d kill someone, or at least someone as dull as a singing banker, just to make the party more interesting. That business with Oscar touching Fyodor’s leg while the lights were out seems suspicious, too: How did that actually happen, with Eddie seated between them? I think that might turn out to be significant. 

Lenore could have done it. She knows Poe’s pining for Annabel; maybe she used her supernatural ghost powers to off her friend’s boring beau just so she wouldn’t have to listen to Poe whingeing about it all the time.

Annabel wouldn’t have done it – she’s in love with Eddie. And her perpetually vague disposition makes her seem an unlikely person to plan and carry out anything as sophisticated as a silent murder in a darkened room full of strangers. Unless that’s all a ruse – maybe she’s actually the quiet mastermind behind the whole thing. Did Eddie have a will? Did he recently update it to leave everything to Annabel? Did she bring him to the party as her +1 knowing that Poe would be the obvious suspect, expecting that he would end up taking the fall, thus relieving her of both the tiresome chore of pretending to be in love with too-perfect Eddie and the constant annoyance of Poe’s raven-borne love poems?

Bottom line: It’s still too murky for me to make out. I need more evidence. Honestly, though, I’m out of my depth. What I really need is someone experienced at things like this to shed some light. Maybe next week.

I can’t wait.

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spoutziki-art: Caspar David Friedrich

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Caspar David Friedrich

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