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Meet Your Climate-Science Skeptics

Friday, August 5th, 2011

From Kate’s ClimateSight blog: Who are the Skeptics?

…there is a remarkable level of scientific consensus on the reality and severity of human-caused global warming. However, most members of the public are unaware of this consensus – a topic which we will focus on in the next installment. Anyone with an Internet connection or a newspaper subscription will be able to tell you that many scientists think global warming is natural or nonexistent. As we know, these scientists are in the vast minority, but they have enjoyed widespread media coverage. Let’s look at three of the most prominent skeptics, and examine what they’re saying.

Those who claim there is an absence of scientific consensus on global warming have an obligation to actually look at the credentials and track-record of the scientists on both “sides” of the controversy. When you do that, it quickly becomes apparent that on the one hand, we have apples. On the other, oranges. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you your oranges.

(Un)funny Videos

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

Someone in my google+ stream thought the following video was “OMG, way too funny”:

I watched it and could only think, OMG, that mom is a sadist, and I feel really, really sorry for that little boy.

Fortunately, another person I follow online pointed the way to this item, which helped cleanse my palate: