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More Poe Party GIFs!

Saturday, August 27th, 2016


Here’s some more GIFs I made today:



The middle one (Lenore grabbing Fyodor’s vodka) isn’t animating for me; did it maybe exceed tumblr’s 2MB size limit?

But palindrome Poe is awesome. :-)

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Why you should totally watch “Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party for Friends” (or, “Poe Party”)

Saturday, August 27th, 2016



  1. c´mon. It’s got a great name.
  2. it’s a fantasy-comedy-mystery story about a bunch of literary historical figures assisting to a dinner party in which, you guessed it, murders actually start to happen!
  3. E.A. Poe is the awkward host, and one of the cutest and quirkiest versions of him I’ve seen. 
  4. Lenore is his friend and roommate, and she’s a lively sort of person. She is also literally a ghost trying to help him impress her own good friend, Annabel Lee (yes, that Annabel Lee)
  5. the chemistry and contrast between the two main characters is absolutely gorgeous and enjoyable
  6. Annabel Lee is also very nice and played by Mary Kate Wiles. 
  7. the show will have 11 episodes (named ‘chapters’) in total, and they will air via their YouTube channel at 9am PTS every Monday till Halloween!
  8. the show includes, besides Poe, authors HG Wells (who’s got a sensible steampunkish vibe), cool Mary Shelley, drunkish Ernest Hemingway, posh Charlotte Brontë (played by Ashley Clements!), flamboyant Oscar Wilde, ignored Emily Dickinson, George Elliot in drag, vodka-lover Fyodor Dostoevsky, lively Mary Louise Alcott, and soon-to-appear Agatha Christie! 
  9. I’m also pretty sure that most of the actors’ names are well known within the YouTube community and they all do a wonderful job!
  10. also, it has Jim O’Heir (Jerry from Parks and Rec!) and Clayton Snyder (Ethan Craft from Lizzie McGuire!)
  11. the series is comedy gold and thrives in puns 
  12. it’s also got a wonderful recurring gag about ravens
  13. it’s from Shipwrecked productions, the same people behind Kissing in the Rain, which is amazing
  14. all characters are lovable and flawed and lovely
  15. it has lots and lots of heart, and it’s easy to see it’s made with care and love
  16. it’s overall wonderful and enjoyable and well-written and does magic with its budget 
  17. the aesthetic is also pretty great
  18. it has great pace. Chapter one was barely 10 min long and it contained SO MUCH
  19. if you’re into literature or books or parodies or murder mysteries or just amazing comedy please check it out!
  20. it all started like three years ago with a vlog (A Tell-Tale Vlog) about Edgar Allan Poe and Lenore and it escalated from that and I’m grateful it has!!! You can check out their beginnings in that link and you can watch the prologues to Poe Party here!
  21. srsly maybe i’m not a great seller but i love this series so much! i think a lot of people might enjoy it as well!! if you want you can check it out here!

I’d watch this :)

It doesn’t (yet) have the wider media coverage that helped push LBD up to 100K views per episode (at least for the “big” episodes), but in terms of inherent awesomeness I feel like PoeParty is at least as deserving of recognition. It’s going to have a shorter run than LBD, so there will be less time for a larger audience to find it, but I sincerely hope a larger audience *does* find it.

Spread the word!

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The Poe-stache Quiz: Part 2 – Bonus Lip-Reading Round!In three…

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

The Poe-stache Quiz: Part 2 – Bonus Lip-Reading Round!

In three of the gifs above (D, E, and J) Poe is not visibly speaking. In each of the other seven, though, he is saying a favorite line. (When it comes to Poe dialog, I am haunted by many lines. Many lines.) For this round of the quiz, supply the words he is speaking in each of those seven gifs. See the original post for links to source videos, or (better yet) practice your next-week-on-PoeParty lip-reading skills.

First to supply the correct words for all seven gifs receives (again) their choice of a commissioned Poe-related gifset. Good luck!

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actegratuit: Bird Plumage Photographs by Thomas Lohr

Saturday, August 27th, 2016


Bird Plumage Photographs by Thomas Lohr

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spiritofsailing: 12mR “Jenetta”

Saturday, August 27th, 2016


12mR “Jenetta”

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jaynaneeya replied to your photoset “Announcing… the Poe-stache Quiz! In honor of the premiere of…

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

replied to your photoset
“Announcing… the Poe-stache Quiz! In honor of the premiere of Edgar…”

1F, 2B, 3D, 4H, 5C, 6J, 7A, 8I, 9G, 10E

100% correct! Congratulations on being the winner in the Replies channel!

@jaynaneeya joins Ask-Box winner @aeternamente and Honorable Mention winner @anonsally (who was the first to submit an entry and got all but one pair right working only from memory, without rewatching the videos, which I found particularly impressive). All three of you win a custom Poe gifset of your choosing. Let me know what ideas you have for that and we’ll take it from there.

Congratulations to all of you! And congratulations to all of us for being winners of the best prize of all: Getting to watch the rest of PoeParty in the weeks ahead.

Huzzah for the Poe-stache! Long may it bristle!

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Announcing… the Poe-stache Quiz!In honor of the premiere of…

Saturday, August 27th, 2016

Announcing… the Poe-stache Quiz!

In honor of the premiere of Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party, I bring you a contest that focuses on one of his most-beloved features.

Rules: Match each of the lettered Poe-staches above with its numbered source video below. First person to match them all wins a custom Poe gifset of their choosing prepared by me.

One entry per user. Please submit your entry via a reply to this post or in a message or ask sent to me, @lies. In the event I can’t determine who won (because multiple winning entries arrive via different channels and aren’t timestamped), or just because I feel like it, I reserve the right to declare multiple winners.

Good luck!

Source videos:

  1. Oct 7, 2013: A Tell Tale Vlog – Ep. 1: OH, HELLO
  2. Oct 31, 2013: Socially Awkward Edgar Allan Poe: Girl Scout Cookies  
  3. Nov 4, 2013: Socially Awkward Edgar Allan Poe: DRAW MY LIFE  
  4. Jan 24, 2014: Socially Awkward Poe – A TELL TALE BIRTHDAY – feat. Annabelle Lee (Mary Kate Wiles)  
  5. Mar 31, 2014: Kissing in the Rain – Ep. 4: Edgar & Annabel – Mary Kate Wiles & Sean Persaud 
  6. Jul 2, 2014: A Very Shipwrecked VidCon | 2014 | Maxwell Glick, Mary Kate Wiles, Sinead Persaud, Sean Persaud
  7. Jan 20, 2015: Socially Awkward Poe | A Tell Tale Invitation
  8. Feb 2, 2016: Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party – Kickstarter Video!
  9. May 7, 2016: Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Prologue 1: Twain’s Lament
  10. Aug 22, 2016: Edgar Allan Poe’s Murder Mystery Dinner Party Chapter 1: The Bells

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a small announcement

Saturday, August 27th, 2016


you may have noticed my recent obsessive interest in a certain webseries. (really. whatever could you mean?)

i’m just here to let you know that i will NOT be posting any original Poe-related gifsets today OR tomorrow. i’m giving you a break. there will, however, be a SPECIAL Poe-related gifset coming Saturday, Aug 27, 2016, at precisely 9 a.m. Pacific (UTC -7). i make a point of mentioning the date and time because this special gifset comes with a CONTEST in which you are invited to participate. there will be a PRIZE. also, time may be a factor.

thank you. that is all.

Reblogging as a reminder: The Special Contest Post goes up in an hour.

Also, I’m planning a follow-up post with its own Bonus-Round Contest for 9 pm Pacific today as an accommodation for people who live in time zones where 9 am Pacific falls at an inconvenient hour.

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charliebowater: primalheart: charliebowater: “Though my soul…

Saturday, August 27th, 2016




“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.”

A little doodle for one the most beautiful lines from any poem, The Old Astronomer.

This is not a little doodle. This. THIS. This is fucking MAGIC. You have captured pure wonder and whimsy and romance and bliss and that almost melancholy wholeness when you look up at the sky and just feel the smallness of your being and the grandness of the universe. All this captured with a lover’s eye. We cannot see her face but I feel the tender passionate ardour for this petite but mighty creature in the world. While at the same time I feel the bittersweet swoon of wanting to be gazed upon myself with such whole and overwhemling admiration and love. It is goddamn masterful.

I am fucking following your tumblr charliebowater you are amazing.


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celinesbirds: Oak Titmouse, Baeolophus inornatus Oceano…

Friday, August 26th, 2016


Oak Titmouse, Baeolophus inornatus

Oceano Campground, CA


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marykatewiles: It’s time again for MK’s Corner! As you all…

Friday, August 26th, 2016


It’s time again for MK’s Corner! As you all (hopefully) know, Poe Party is here and we are in for a fun couple of months. I talk pretty candidly in this episode about the importance of watching/sharing it if you want to support Shipwrecked and the things that we do. It’s my longest installment of MK’s Corner yet! Hope you enjoy!

In response to something MK mentions about trying to spread the word…

I previously mentioned showing the poeparty trailer to some cohabitants, and being a little anxious by their failure to be particularly impressed. To follow up: We watched the The Bells together Monday night, and they (both of them) laughed throughout, and mentioned to me the next day that they were looking forward to watching the next episode. Which I was totally unprepared for, and made me have a moment.

Because going back to LBD I’ve become this person who’s obsessed with literary webseries and smallish creations and tiny but doughty fandoms, but I don’t always get a lot of validation for that IRL from the housemates. They’re into their own (different) things, and they put up with my going on about whatever the latest interest is, but it’s not like they go out of their way to share it. Which is fine, b/c, you know:

But PoeParty apparently has broken through. And having watched it for probably the 20th time with lunch today and enjoying it more than ever, of course it’s obvious why. Because it’s that good.

But anyway. Wanted to share that.

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superblyboring: robotlyra: Me: *watching* What the hell is the…

Friday, August 26th, 2016



Me: *watching* What the hell is the point of th- OH MY GOD

I thought this caption was being over the top, but… they aren’t wrong

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The Immense Journey

Friday, August 26th, 2016


I read a bunch of books while I was on vacation. I have written up notes on all of them, and I’m going to post most of those as one big post, but I wanted to break this one out into a post of its own. This book feels significant.

The Immense Journey, by Loren Eiseley

I picked this up based on an Internet recommendation I happened across, and when I started to read it I was startled to realize that it is nearly sixty years old. This makes some difference to how you read it, since Eiseley discusses a number of scientific controversies and left me wondering whether they have since been resolved. I don’t think we have arrived at a universally agreed-upon explanation for how life got started on earth–that is, how the planet went from being made entirely of non-living matter to having at least one living organism on it. To be honest, I hadn’t much thought about this question. I think I assumed it had something to do with electricity, perhaps a lightning bolt or something, although one moment’s thought will reveal that we have lightning today and it never animates inanimate matter. This seems like a much more basic and mysterious question than how species evolved, even though I do find that very interesting, and once you start thinking along these lines it’s funny that creationists don’t focus on it more, rather than saying things like “I’ve never seen an animal turn into another animal.”

In any case, Eiseley’s essays are a fascinating mix of in-the-weeds science writing and belle-lettristic essaying. There is some evolutionary history presented in story form–“How Flowers Changed the World” is the best example of that—-and there’s some musing about theories of human evolution. That was the least effective element for me, largely because I was so unfamiliar with the terms of the debate regarding, e.g., how long ago the last Ice Age was, or what the “man of the future” was imagined to look like. And there is some very sturdy and serious philosophical writing about the implications of the science under discussion. His sentence and paragraph construction is flawless. I have half a mind to go track down his complete works right now. Nowadays there is plenty of science journalism, some of it excellent, but this feels unique. It’s expert, lyrical, urgent, and filled with wonder, all at once. I might need to reread it.

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edtsar: thebuttkingpost: sixpenceee: The Osiria Rose has a…

Friday, August 26th, 2016




The Osiria Rose has a exquisite colour combination. The petals are blood-red on the inside and pure silvery-white on the outside.

That lazy deck of cards only did half the job

The only rose I ever want to receive

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literarywebseriescenter: Watch the literary inspired webseries…

Friday, August 26th, 2016


Watch the literary inspired webseries : Poe Party. It is wonderful!!! All your favourite authors solving a crime

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Friday, August 26th, 2016



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What Proxima b Tells Us About the Election, and Other Totally Serious Thoughts on Our Galactic Neighbor

Friday, August 26th, 2016


Outside the Personal Space universe, in what we fondly call real life, scientists have discovered a planet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the closest star to our Sun.

As a scifi writer, that’s awesome! Most of what we do is take the coolest facts and warp them to our benefit, and this makes that easy. Every fourteen-year-old who invents a fictional star empire puts the first outpost at Proxima Centauri.


We writers are not scientists. Scientists are paid to doubt themselves and collect more data. You should find a scientist, and give them a hug. But writers are just paid to get excited about stuff. The unlikelihood of a fun idea does not diminish our enthusiasm for it.

And we are excited, because finding this planet so nearby was unlikely! It is Earth-sized, and in its star’s habitable zone. Thousands of exoplanets have been discovered, yet only dozens could possibly hold liquid water, and most of those are dead rocks that we sorted into the the cosmic “maybe pile” to make ourselves feel better. The universe is a barren place, and like your grouchy grandma, it doesn’t give a crap about making things comfortable for you.

Keep reading

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missmuggle: “WE ARE NOT THINGS” My piece for furyroadfanzine…

Friday, August 26th, 2016



My piece for furyroadfanzine and the no text one, BECAUSE I SPENT A LOT OF TIME DRAWING ALL OF THEM

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hitku: by Craig Kosak

Friday, August 26th, 2016


by Craig Kosak

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phantastrophe: Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California |…

Thursday, August 25th, 2016


Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, California | Photographer: Steve Rengers

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