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I’m inclined to think this is a dark-eyed junco singing. At least that’s what I’d think if I heard that where I live, and I think DEJUs should also live where you made this recording. But it’s possible there’s some other species I don’t know that sounds similar.

Nope. I was wrong, wrong, wrong. It’s a chipping sparrow. Which I have heard, and even have heard in the eastern Sierra not far from Great Basin National Park, so I should have known better. But I don’t hear them a lot, and I was being lazy. Apologies.

How I figured it out: I actually looked at the video, and realized I could see the bird. Not particularly well, but well enough to be pretty sure it wasn’t a dark-eyed junco. So I tried playing the recording for Merlin Sound ID, which initially had no suggestions, but when I updated the location of the recording to Nevada it immediately suggested chipping sparrow.

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