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Monday, October 31st, 2016




Representation matters.

Daughter: Mom, why are you crying?

Mom: I got to vote for a woman for President.

Daughter: You’re gonna make me cry.

Older women had to go through so much. I’m so happy for them this election.

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fungusqueen: Little frog found by Sturtevant Falls

Monday, October 31st, 2016


Little frog found by Sturtevant Falls

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Here we are.

Monday, October 31st, 2016



Okay. Okay, I can do this. Okay. I’m not saying goodbye to Poe Party or anything because I hate goodbyes and also you can’t really say goodbye to a concept and also we have lots of things like bloopers and other Shipwrecked work to look forward to so I’m not going anywhere.

But I have so much to say but I also have work in the morning so this will have to be quick but you guys should know by now with me these posts are never quick

Last year, my friend @pansexual-link-larkin aka Daisy, showed me Her Thing: it was a web series called 12th Grade or Whatever. It’s a contemporary version of Twelfth Night which is Daisy’s favorite Shakespearean play. And let me tell you, Daisy loved this web series. She was obsessed with it. Still is. She made gifs all the time, she forced me to let me watch it with her so we’d understand all the jokes, and she posted theories about it constantly. 

And I looked at that and thought, Wow. I wonder what it’s like to have something that is so Yours, so For You

And then. 

We can all guess what happened next. 

When this dropped, I texted Daisy and I was so excited, I was incoherent. Finally, after weeks of mild depression and anxiety and panic attacks and ickiness, I had something that was not only My Thing, but was also a lot of other people’s Things too! So I had both a new obsession and a new community to share that obsession with. And that’s been the best part of this whole Thing, y’know? 

To put it another way. 

Most of my friends grew up with Harry Potter. But being Catholic, my parents weren’t too keen on the books until I was older. So I didn’t get to wait for it to update. I arrived late to the poe party, as it were. I couldn’t write any theories because everything was pretty much already canon, and even if I could’ve written theories, I wouldn’t have been able to because everything that I was thinking had already been said. The gifs had all already been made and re-made and made to death. And as for fanfiction, well, I just didn’t have enough umph to write anything that was actually original.

But then, Poe Party happened.

And I wrote my very first ever fanfiction based off of this. 

And I made my first gifs of this.

And I wrote my first fan theories about this.

And I got to watch this update, and wait with baited breath with a bunch of internet strangers who are all really cool and fun. 

And I got to write about this. I got to connect with the creators of this. I got to watch this firsthand, be at or near the front lines of it all. And it’s been like having my own Harry Potter. 

A lot of people have stories about how their favorite Things have brought them out of dark places, and I’ve said this before, but Poe Party is that Thing for me, and you’ll never know how much it has meant to me–– to all of us.

So on behalf of the whole fandom (if I may dare to even consider myself the voice of the fandom) I want to thank the entire Poe Party cast, crew, and little world for everything you have made and will make for us. And to have made it so quickly and so well and so wonderfully is truly amazing. I’m so proud of all of you and I love what you have made and I just ugh I have no words.

This is definitely not the end. We’ll all still share stuff and make stuff and it’ll be wonderful but I just wanted to give you guys a little finale post. 

also i was just watching the livestream and Mary Kate and Sarah gave me a shoutout and guys it made my whole life ugh i cry i love you guys okay i have to go now.

Much love.

Yes! We’ll continue to love and support Shipwrecked Comedy. Whether it be fan fiction, gif sets, cosplay or fan art! Heck I tell my friends to watch it all the time@

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therichandmighty: 9 Favorites | René Gruau

Monday, October 31st, 2016


9 FavoritesRené Gruau

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Sunday, October 30th, 2016

hungry Boy

AH! AH! AH!!!!


@ lies Do you know what…

It looks like a fledgling American crow (or a similar related species; there are a few different crows that are pretty similar).

When we first moved to our current home there was a pine tree in the front yard that crows nested in a few times, and you’d hear a lot of this in the spring and summer as the young ones were growing up and competing with each other for their parents’ attention when the adults returned with food.

As the fledglings grow they will often push one another out of the nest, and the ejected babies sometimes end up in a wildlife rehab center. It looks like maybe the OP of that post is someone who works in such a place.

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eowynsithilien: get to know me meme • [3/15] films• Mad Max:…

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


get to know me meme • [3/15] films
Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

“Angharad used to call bullets anti-seeds. Plant one and watch something die.”

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charliebowater: Not so much a portrait, but rather a nod to…

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


Not so much a portrait, but rather a nod to Mia Wasikowska in Crimson Peak. Some more lunch break(s) work :) 

I looooove painterly styles but my brain was screaming at me the entire time ‘RENDER IT! RENDER IT!!!!’

PS & Cintiq 22HD

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the-garden-of-delights: Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe…

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


Tom Hiddleston as Sir Thomas Sharpe and Jessica Chastain as Lady Lucille Sharpe on the set of Crimson Peak (2014).

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Cutest bird? (To the human eye and aesthetically speaking, of course.)

Sunday, October 30th, 2016

I thought long and hard about this…. it’s very tough… I had to eliminate baby birds from this because that makes it too hard (it would be baby emus though, prbably… or quail.. or…)

ahem, anyway. I had to settle on the african pygmy falcon. Everyone thinks it’s a babby but it is not. It is a full sized birb.

Enjoy more pygmy falcon goodness.

tiny fluffmonsters, itty bitty fuzzy beasties, squishy teeny killer toes.

Photo credits:


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travelbinge: By Ravivora Isle of Skye, Scotland

Sunday, October 30th, 2016


By Ravivora

Isle of Skye, Scotland

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Sunday, October 30th, 2016

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steepravine: Tiny Mushrooms On Mossy Fencepost (Mendocino,…

Saturday, October 29th, 2016


Tiny Mushrooms On Mossy Fencepost

(Mendocino, California – 2/2016)

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Saturday, October 29th, 2016

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Saturday, October 29th, 2016



Spookiest duo in town (I’m working on the whole cast but this is all I got so far)

I’m obsessed with this!!!! I want this frammmmed!

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flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy: For fuck’s sake, I get these kids in my workshops and they’re like, I…

Saturday, October 29th, 2016


For fuck’s sake, I get these kids in my workshops and they’re like, I don’t know how, I don’t have the equipment, I don’t…

And when they get that they don’t need the equipment, that no one’s ever gonna give them the foolproof solution to what they want to express, that’s when the best stuff comes out.

It seems silly that Vine was six seconds only. Until kids (c’mon you know it was almost all young people) started using that silly thing to make wild, wild and incredibly told stories. With no judgement over their heads and no snobbish expectations directed at them, they created an entirely new language of editing, which, by the way, big-name films are drawing inspiration from, thank you very much. Go watch The Big Short and tell me I’m wrong.

The language of movies changes with innovations, with, yes, GIMMICKS. Do you know why Citizen Kane is such a monumentally important work? It’s not because it’s such a profound and well-told story. It’s because of the camera angles. Somehow no one had really thought to put the camera down on the floor before Orson Welles did. 

Six seconds of footage only? That’s a mistake, a scrap, an unusable bit of nothing.

Camera on the floor? At a weird angle? Did someone drop it? Unusuable, spoiled footage. Or a weird gimmick.

What about ‘talkies’? Undignified and profane, ew.

What about youtube? Old youtube. What’s the point of putting videos online if the quality is so shitty you can barely watch them?

Gifs? Man, who thought looping a bit of video into an embeddable image made any sense when you can just watch the film itself. Oh, btw, Gifs used to be way smaller and have a limited palette. Why anyone bothered trying to do anything with that format is beyond me. Waste of time.

Computer graphics? Eeeeh, gimmick.

*throws hands up and stomps away, growling and spitting*

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sashayed: salthegarbageking: sashayed: listen………not to be dramatic but Vine was the greatest…

Saturday, October 29th, 2016




listen………not to be dramatic but Vine was the greatest narrative innovation since the written word & getting rid of it is a crime

I dunno, motion pictures were a pretty big deal.

Jesus Christ it’s the twitter of video, get over it. There were some quality yuks and good uses made of the format but it was ultimately a fad and all fads come to an end. 

This really is an exaggeration of the highest degree.

You really think people would make videos in which there was such a time constraint for that long without getting tired of the gimmick? I don’t see it.

“X is not significant / it’s merely the Y of Z” delivered by the previous generation to its successor is an old/weak/sad/funny/ironic/perpetual argument.

TO: previous generation
FR: succeeding generation
RE: significance

It’s not about you.

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mostlythemarsh: Down, Down, Down

Saturday, October 29th, 2016


Down, Down, Down

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the-eldest-woman-on: Classic

Saturday, October 29th, 2016



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I’m gonna ask you because I’m too lazy to google and also because you’ll enjoy answering. When’s the last ep of Poe Party and can I reasonably manage to see all the previous ones before then?

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

The last episode is this coming Monday, October 31, at 9 am Pacific (4 pm UTC, I believe). It is very much possible, and highly recommended, to watch all the show so far before then.

There have been 10 episodes of about 7-20 minutes’ length each. Warnings for (mostly comic/cartoon-y) live-action depiction of murder. is the canonical starting point for the show itself, with the playlist.

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My final batch of (incorrect) Poe Party predictions

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

After a cut because possibly spoiler-y but let’s be honest mostly because I always turn out to be wrong. Concealment will save me embarrassment later.

None of the chapters so far have been named for “The Raven”, so I’m predicting that’s going to be the final chapter’s title.

We know from the podcast that in addition to playing Guy, Curt Mega was their “fight choreographer”, so I’m expecting some kind of choreographed climactic battle in Chapter 11. I think Poe will be central in that battle. Will he be fighting for his own life? Fighting to save the life/lives of others? Will Ernest use a knife? Will the pet rock/muffin be involved? No idea.

I’ve gone back and forth on dead Eddie. When we learned of Anne’s existence I initially thought that meant Eddie really was dead because we no longer needed him to be alive for Charlotte to have a secret accomplice. I’ve gone back on that now: I again think he’s alive. We need a strapping opponent so there can be that climactic battle with manly fisticuffs/knives/rock-muffins. Also, Anne doesn’t seem big enough to have overpowered Annabel on the bridge or known-to-her enough to have caused her to walk forward as if she knew him/her. Also, Krishanti looked _up_ at her killer as she was being strangled with the phone cord.


I loved the theory that all the deaths are fake, an elaborate prank the guests have foisted on Poe, and they’d all pop up alive again in the finale. Alas, I think we’ve come too far for that. At the same time, some resurrections may be in order. Besides Eddie, whom I suspect of being alive for important plot/antagonist reasons, bringing one or more characters back would help create the happy ending a comedy wants to have.

As much as I’d love endgame Wellenore to be a thing, I don’t expect HG to return. They laid enough groundwork with the time-travel references for it to happen, but I feel like it would undercut the story’s focus on Poe to bring HG back at this point. Hm. Except it’s Lenore’s story, too, and she deserves resolution. Okay: 10% chance of Wellenore, either via time travel or ghostly incorporeal HG. If it happens, 100% chance of precipitation on my side of the monitor.

I’m more hopeful for Annabel. The story has worked hard lately to set up Annapoe. Poe was distraught at her death; how carefully did he confirm it? He carried her back and laid her down just so on that divan; I’m nursing a hope that after the big battle there’s going to be a stirring and a faint “Edgar?” And then a shot of Poe’s realization-face, and not a dry eye in the house at the midnight screening.

That’s all I’ve got! Looking forward to being wrong one last time!

Oh, actually, one final prediction: There will be surprises I didn’t see coming _at all_, but that are perfect and awesome and oh-man-I-should-have-seen-that after the fact. And I’ll love it and it will be awesome.


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