My final batch of (incorrect) Poe Party predictions

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

After a cut because possibly spoiler-y but let’s be honest mostly because I always turn out to be wrong. Concealment will save me embarrassment later.

None of the chapters so far have been named for “The Raven”, so I’m predicting that’s going to be the final chapter’s title.

We know from the podcast that in addition to playing Guy, Curt Mega was their “fight choreographer”, so I’m expecting some kind of choreographed climactic battle in Chapter 11. I think Poe will be central in that battle. Will he be fighting for his own life? Fighting to save the life/lives of others? Will Ernest use a knife? Will the pet rock/muffin be involved? No idea.

I’ve gone back and forth on dead Eddie. When we learned of Anne’s existence I initially thought that meant Eddie really was dead because we no longer needed him to be alive for Charlotte to have a secret accomplice. I’ve gone back on that now: I again think he’s alive. We need a strapping opponent so there can be that climactic battle with manly fisticuffs/knives/rock-muffins. Also, Anne doesn’t seem big enough to have overpowered Annabel on the bridge or known-to-her enough to have caused her to walk forward as if she knew him/her. Also, Krishanti looked _up_ at her killer as she was being strangled with the phone cord.


I loved the theory that all the deaths are fake, an elaborate prank the guests have foisted on Poe, and they’d all pop up alive again in the finale. Alas, I think we’ve come too far for that. At the same time, some resurrections may be in order. Besides Eddie, whom I suspect of being alive for important plot/antagonist reasons, bringing one or more characters back would help create the happy ending a comedy wants to have.

As much as I’d love endgame Wellenore to be a thing, I don’t expect HG to return. They laid enough groundwork with the time-travel references for it to happen, but I feel like it would undercut the story’s focus on Poe to bring HG back at this point. Hm. Except it’s Lenore’s story, too, and she deserves resolution. Okay: 10% chance of Wellenore, either via time travel or ghostly incorporeal HG. If it happens, 100% chance of precipitation on my side of the monitor.

I’m more hopeful for Annabel. The story has worked hard lately to set up Annapoe. Poe was distraught at her death; how carefully did he confirm it? He carried her back and laid her down just so on that divan; I’m nursing a hope that after the big battle there’s going to be a stirring and a faint “Edgar?” And then a shot of Poe’s realization-face, and not a dry eye in the house at the midnight screening.

That’s all I’ve got! Looking forward to being wrong one last time!

Oh, actually, one final prediction: There will be surprises I didn’t see coming _at all_, but that are perfect and awesome and oh-man-I-should-have-seen-that after the fact. And I’ll love it and it will be awesome.


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archiemcphee: Barcelona-based fashion designer Alassie of El…

Sunday, September 18th, 2016


Barcelona-based fashion designer Alassie of El Costurero Real creates delicate cloaks, capes, and scarves that look like diaphanous moth and butterfly and wings for an instant fairy transformation. Each pair of vibrantly-colored insect wings is made of muslin that’s so light and delicate it looks like chiffon. The edges of the wings are wired to help them keep their shape and make them easy to use while dancing. Build a human-sized cocoon and you’ll be ready to entertain friends at parties or stage impromptu street performances.

Visit the El Costurero Real Etsy shop to check out more of Alassie’s wings as well as all sorts of other fantasy, Victorian, and steampunk garments and accessories.

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