flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy: For fuck’s sake, I get these kids in my workshops and they’re like, I…


For fuck’s sake, I get these kids in my workshops and they’re like, I don’t know how, I don’t have the equipment, I don’t…

And when they get that they don’t need the equipment, that no one’s ever gonna give them the foolproof solution to what they want to express, that’s when the best stuff comes out.

It seems silly that Vine was six seconds only. Until kids (c’mon you know it was almost all young people) started using that silly thing to make wild, wild and incredibly told stories. With no judgement over their heads and no snobbish expectations directed at them, they created an entirely new language of editing, which, by the way, big-name films are drawing inspiration from, thank you very much. Go watch The Big Short and tell me I’m wrong.

The language of movies changes with innovations, with, yes, GIMMICKS. Do you know why Citizen Kane is such a monumentally important work? It’s not because it’s such a profound and well-told story. It’s because of the camera angles. Somehow no one had really thought to put the camera down on the floor before Orson Welles did. 

Six seconds of footage only? That’s a mistake, a scrap, an unusable bit of nothing.

Camera on the floor? At a weird angle? Did someone drop it? Unusuable, spoiled footage. Or a weird gimmick.

What about ‘talkies’? Undignified and profane, ew.

What about youtube? Old youtube. What’s the point of putting videos online if the quality is so shitty you can barely watch them?

Gifs? Man, who thought looping a bit of video into an embeddable image made any sense when you can just watch the film itself. Oh, btw, Gifs used to be way smaller and have a limited palette. Why anyone bothered trying to do anything with that format is beyond me. Waste of time.

Computer graphics? Eeeeh, gimmick.

*throws hands up and stomps away, growling and spitting*

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