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Thursday, August 24th, 2017


The Minutes from my Meeting with @thestateonmtv:

–Upon meeting Louis, Belize knew Louis would break Prior’s heart. Instantly smelled out all of Louis’ weaknesses. Louis tries to dismiss it as anti-semitism, jealousy, whatever, but for all Louis’ selfishness and self-involvement he has NO  self-awareness. Prior and Belize are both Noticers, Belize is an even sharper judge of character than Prior and he sized Louis up in a moment.

–When Louis accuses Belize of still being in love with Prior, Belize is pissed off not because of the implication that he’s pining, not even that Louis assumed something so big, but because it’s almost questioning the authenticity of their friendship. Like yes he and Prior really do love each other without sex or the need for sex.

Louis doesn’t understand that because he doesn’t have good relationships with his exes.

–Also Prior is clearly Louis’ first serious relationship.

–If the positions were reversed, Prior would have stayed with Louis and even enlisted Belize’s help and Belize would help, more for Prior than for Louis but he wouldn’t let that show. Louis would be difficult and try to push Prior away but Prior would stay. 

–Prior is connected to the gay community and has a lot of rich social bonds even if Belize is the only one we see. Louis, sadly, is too inhibited to seek out the connections that would free him. For all of Louis’ political bluster, he has one foot out the door in terms of self-acceptance.

–Louis’ parents are the kind of frigid “progressives” who are “fine” with having a gay son but not really. Louis would put even *more* shame and guilt on top of that, because he’s all shame and guilt. And AIDS would complicate whatever tenuous acceptance they reached.

–On the other hand Prior doesn’t have blood family, he has lineage. And more importantly he has chosen family and community.

–James McArdle tried to frame Louis’ leaving as, like, Prior was his goddess and he couldn’t watch his goddess die, which I thought was a very generous interpretation. Maybe he needed to frame it that way as an actor playing his character but Louis’ aversion is clear. AIDS is visceral and Louis is all theoretical. He can’t handle illness, full stop.

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