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Ruby-crowned kinglet (Regulus calendula)

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Tags: birds, , and in conclusion, but this, but it's there, rcki, again with the unconventional composition, center frame, negative space, i'm assuming uncropped?, i would totally have felt like I needed to crop that tightly, put a nice big rcki at a rule-of-thirds intersection, on the right b/c you want it to have room to fly, and probably the upper right, because I dunno, it just seems like the obvious conventional choice, this is actually the experience, this is birdwatching, before you raise the bins, or through the bins but at a bird that's distant, it's a little bird in its environment, it's all olive and gray and brown, until the bird disappears, you can find it, and then you appreciate it even more, why are you reading these tags, when you could be birdwatching?.

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