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The Bird Photographer of the Year 2018 shortlist released

I just thought I’d share some beautiful photos from this award given by Nature Photographers and the British Trust for Ornithology, and the results will be announced in August. We open with a diving kingfisher snapped in Spain, moving on to an Alexandrine parakeet standing on a swallows nest. Next we have a snowy owl flying somewhere in Canada followed by a Red-billed oxpecker picking parasites off an impala in South Africa ’s Kruger National Park. We conclude with some amazing Dalmatian pelicans with a background of snowy peaks photographed at Lake Kerkini in Greece.


Image credit: 1: Mario Cea Sanchez 2: Georgina Steytler 3: Markus Varesvuo 4: Edmund Aylmer 5: Johan Siggesson

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