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Needing a little extra murder in your Halloween season? Join us this Friday for a re-visit of Poe Party, but where we’re switching all the roles! Many familiar faces from the cast will be joining us, as well as a couple new ones. Livestreaming on our channel at 5:30 pm Pacific…something is bound to happen. 

Tonight’s the night! Join the four of us, along with Ashley Clements, Whitney Avalon, Blake Silver, Tom DeTrinis, Ryan Garcia, Tara Perry, Christopher Higgins, Dylan Saunders, Julia Cho, and Al Fallick on our channel for a terrifyingly good time!

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Tags: also, well, and in conclusion, who knows?, this sounds very very fun, props to the person who put PDT in the graphic, that's some A+ timezone accuracy there, maybe it was sean?, that's my guess, or maybe mk reminded him?, various people know, none of them seem at all likely to dig this deep into this particular tumblr account's tags, which is as it should be, this sounds fun.

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