Thursday, February 3rd, 2022


I can’t stop thinking about Lenore and H.G. Wells since yesterday wben I finished Poe Party with my dad

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Friday, October 1st, 2021


Female Black-throated Blue Warbler
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Pier 1 Harbor View Lawn

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Monday, October 5th, 2020

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Tuesday, July 9th, 2019


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debunkshy: Clark’s GrebeUnion Reservoir, CO13 July 2018

Sunday, November 4th, 2018


Clark’s Grebe
Union Reservoir, CO
13 July 2018

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dreamyfilms:pride and prejudice (1995, dir. simon langton)

Wednesday, August 9th, 2017


pride and prejudice (1995, dir. simon langton)

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Death Penalty – Props 62 & 66

Wednesday, October 26th, 2016


Hey Californians, did you know that we’re voting on the death penalty in this election? (I didn’t realize it was on the ballot until I sat down and actually read all the measures, so I thought I’d mention it here.) Not only that, but we’re voting on it twice with Prop 62 and Prop 66 but each Measure does something drastically different!

– Repeals the death penalty in California
– Changes death penalty sentences into life imprisonment without possibility of parole sentences
– Applies retroactively to existing death sentences
(I’m voting YES on 62 because I think the death penalty is wrong and expensive.)

– Limits petitions for people with death penalty sentences (petitions = appeals)
– Gives prison officials more freedom to develop execution methods
– Basically, makes it easier to kill prisoners faster
(I’m voting NO on 66 because I think death penalty is wrong and expensive and lots of people have been exonerated from death row because of new evidence discovered during appeals.)

There are a lot of other important measures to vote on this year too – give yourself plenty of time to read thru everything!

Please share this post!

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“A willing suspension of disbelief is imperative when dealing with a murder mystery dinner party…”

Tuesday, August 30th, 2016

“A willing suspension of disbelief is imperative when dealing with a murder mystery dinner party peopled with dead literary figures, fictional characters, and a ghost who can conjure soup from thin air and maintain just enough corporeal integrity to hold a martini glass at a jaunty angle.”


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thefederalistfreestyle: The Next Best ‘Hamilton’ (New York…

Friday, April 8th, 2016


The Next Best ‘Hamilton’ (New York Times):

It used to be New Yorkers complained most about real estate, but lately the griping is about the scarcity of tickets for the hit musical “Hamilton.” (The show’s creator and star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, answers our By the Bookquestions this week.)

For those who may not get into the theater for a while, if ever, “Hamilton: The Revolution,” a lavishly illustrated new companion book, can help ease the pain. Its yellowed, rough-edged pages are redolent of the founding era, as is its serpentine subtitle: “Being the Complete Libretto of the Broadway Musical, With a True Account of Its Creation, and Concise Remarks on Hip-Hop, the Power of Stories, and the New America.”

The show’s lyrics are annotated by Miranda, who provides autobiographical and historical context, as well as lighthearted comments on his creative process. About the song “Aaron Burr, Sir,” Miranda writes: “I know every word that rhymes with Burr. It’s a long list. I tried to use all of them in this show.”

The book also includes photos from the production, interviews with many of the show’s actors and crew members, and excerpts from emails, like one Miranda wrote to his fellow librettist John Weidman in 2009: “I’m trying to turn Hamilton’s life into a hip-hop album. Inevitably, the more research I do, the more daunting the project seems.”

Miranda co-wrote the new book with Jeremy McCarter, a former theater critic and early champion of Miranda’s work who later worked at the Public Theater, where “Hamilton” premiered. McCarter writes in the introduction that though the phenomenon of “Hamilton” “looks seamless and effortless and inevitable, it was none of those things. . . . Thousands of choices and a fair bit of luck shaped the result. The same can be said of the 18th-­century Revolution: inevitable in retrospect, but unprecedented and all but impossible to imagine ahead of time.”

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yohunny-art: Ok but you know the Keeper of Seeds probably…

Wednesday, March 2nd, 2016


Ok but you know the Keeper of Seeds probably carried some extra seeds with her.

Congrats Mad Max: Fury Road and the team behind it on six(!) Oscars!

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Why hello there, fully funded webseries.!!!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Why hello there, fully funded webseries.


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seanpersaud: Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty

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Some Things Your Local Librarians Would Like You To Know

Sunday, September 6th, 2015


It is not a stupid question. Even if it is a stupid question, we have been thoroughly trained to answer your question without judgement or second-guessing. Besides, we’re mostly just glad you’re not asking us about the noise the printer is making again.

There are probably (at least) two desks in the library. One is where you check out books and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Circulation Clerk.” These people can answer your questions about damaged or missing books, fines, and how many forms of identification we’ll need if you want to get a library card but your mailing address is in Taiwan. The other one is closer to the books and computers and is mostly staffed by people wearing nametags that say “Librarian.” These people can answer your questions about spider extermination, how to rent property to the United States Postal Service, and the number of tropical island nations in which you could theoretically establish the first United States Embassy. We would love to answer these questions for you. It would be a nice change from the printer.

We probably own a 3D printer by now. 3D printers, are cool, right? Please, please come use our 3D printer, it’s so lonely.

We spent a lot of money to hire this woodworker to come and teach a class at the library which you can attend for free. You will probably be the only person between the ages of ten and fifty in attendance, but your presence will fill the librarian with an unnameable joy. They will float back to their manager in a daze. “A young person came to my program,” they will say. You will have made their entire job worthwhile.

Every time you ask us for a book, movie, or music recommendation, a baby librarian gets their first cardigan.

Somewhere in the library, there is a form. If you fill out this form with your name and library card number and the details of the thing you are looking for, we will find you the thing. Sometimes the answer is “the thing is in Great Britain and they will not send it to us,” but more often the thing will just appear on hold for you, and one day you will pick up a copy of that out-of-print book you never thought you would read and maybe you will say, “Wow, the library is amazing,” and the librarian’s heart will glow. 

Please bring back book #2. The rest of its series misses it very much.

Five dollars is not a large library fine. Believe me, before I started working in libraries, I too wondered how someone could sleep at night, knowing they owed money to the library. When we laugh as you sheepishly apologize for your $2.50 in overdue fees, we are not mocking you, we are thinking of the ten people we sent to debt collection already today.

We really don’t care why you’re checking out Fifty Shades of Grey. Maybe you have a specifically-themed ironic bachelorette party to plan. Maybe you’re working on a thesis paper about mainstream media’s depiction of female sexuality. Maybe you just got curious. We will give you the benefit of the doubt. 

Whatever you’re smoking in the family restroom, please stop.

Somewhere on the library’s website, buried under “Links” or “Research” or “On-line Resources,” is a page that a librarian spent a month’s worth of work on. It contains many links to websites you thought everyone knew about, and one to a page that you could never have imagined existed that perfectly solves a problem you never expected to be resolved. 

Imagine the kind of person who would think to themselves, “Library school sounds like a thing I should do.” For the most part, you are imagining the kind of person who is now a librarian. We want very much to help you, but we’re not entirely sure how to do that unless you ask. You are not bothering us. Please, come and say hi.

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Feelings summed up about the scene with Nux when the wives tie him up:

Saturday, July 11th, 2015



“You can tell like… that’s been in their minds for so long. Joe’s culture, the war and the consumption, and the greed. That’s what’s killed the world and even standing on the corpse of it these people ARE STILL DOING IT.

And Nux goes “But it wasn’t us! We’re born after it died!”
And the answer is just “IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU! It’s ALWAYS been people like you!” – wasteland-scraps just said it like it IS!

Late night chatting in the WITNESS skype group

#fuck this scene is so good#it’s too good to be true#Can we just get Miller to give every director and script writer in Hollywood a fucking movie writing lesson??#because I need more movies to go by these high AF standards and I know I ain’t getting them during my life time

I have such intense feelings about this movie and the cooperation and the finding allies and being within and part of and working against a toxic culture.

There were posts last night crossing my dash about “why are people making such a big deal over the war boys?” and the thing is you can’t just run. It’s not just about the wives because the wives wouldn’t be the wives without Immortan Joe (they would be women, they would be sisters) and Immortan Joe would not have the power base he does without the war boys.

This is not an ‘isolated’ story about running away but about a communal story of how to fight back, and you can’t create a story without defining the opponent.

And I say ‘opponent’ instead of ‘enemy’ because it’s not that black and white. While there are Joe’s in the world and Slits in the world, there are also Nux’s in the world. And you wonder, what if it’d been Slit who’d been exposed to the wives and put in a place to understand, to overhear, and to (in a place with enough room) reconceptualize what and who people are?

And I say ‘opponent’ instead of enemy because We Are War Boys. That, because of living in patriarchal society, because of surviving, most likely we’ve stopped being cinnamon rolls and lived to become a problematic fave. Just by living in society it’s so easy to pick up unconscious unknowing -isms. And how do you get around that?

Because you can’t by simply making smaller and smaller societies and being isolationist. You can’t by running away. You can’t by not making allies.

Granted, probably still needs to be pushed off the war rig if they’re being a problematic asshole.

(that same problematic asshole might be able to get the war rig out of the mud tho)

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nospockdasgay: pizoxuat: Remember how it was really great that Fury Road didn’t feel the need to…

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015



Remember how it was really great that Fury Road didn’t feel the need to show you the wives being sexually assaulted and abused?  That you trusted their experiences without having to wallow in scenes graphically showing you what happened?

Yeah, the Furiosa comic book didn’t go that direction.


Oh man. Things of note for people who get triggered. ^^^

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dramadork884:angrycockroach:this is important!I want to see a…

Tuesday, March 10th, 2015



this is important!

I want to see a video of Ben Stiller giving the phone back 

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Why I love tumblr

Thursday, June 5th, 2014


As I sit here in the mall food court following about six hours of prep and minute writing at our quarterly board meeting, I’m relaxing by scrolling through tumblr. And what I really love is that unlike the other places on the internet where I have to see all kinds of stuff that I don’t care about or would rather not have to see, tumblr is all things I appreciate. It’s like I have this group of museums that are all places I love and I get to see all the stuff they curate and nothing else. It’s awesome. I don’t have to do a ton of extra work determining that the link someone is sharing is reputable or if it’s bs, I trust the people I follow to share interesting and enlightening content.

So thanks to the people I follow for being great curators of stuff and for broadening my understanding and compassion.

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“When Game of Thrones started audiences didn’t really take to…

Friday, March 28th, 2014

“When Game of Thrones started audiences didn’t really take to Sansa. And I would read the reviews and that was a very sad time for me. I am a very sensitive person. But then season three came along and everything changed. That was the best. I’ve become very defensive of my character.

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George R.R. Martin Has a Detailed Plan For Keeping the Game of Thrones TV Show From Catching Up To Him

Friday, March 21st, 2014

George R.R. Martin Has a Detailed Plan For Keeping the Game of Thrones TV Show From Catching Up To Him:


George has always been smart. It’ll work.

I enjoyed this interview a lot. Also, I may have just burned through all the GoT season 4 trailers and whatnot on HBO GO.

April is Coming.

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Sunday, March 16th, 2014

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