seanpersaud: Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty


Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty

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Tags: closer..., yeah, but still, so, but, sometimes it doesn't, we've officially reached that stage, where I feel the need, to start actively policing my own level of anticipation, because I don't want to create unreasonable expectations, in my own head, there are a lot of pieces in place, for these people whose previous work I've loved, to be able to do a really good job, that reflects not only their innate talent, but also their hard work in developing their craft, since the time when they originated these characters, and I know that even tho it's not magic, it also kind of is, in that sometimes the magic happens, so we'll see, but I wish them luck, and can't wait to see, tamping down of expectations begins.

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