Do you think we’re getting a second season of Poe Party?Or at least something else in the same universe?

Tuesday, October 4th, 2016

I haven’t heard anything specifically saying that. What I have seen are a number of hints about “the next thing” Shipwrecked is working on. I think I’ve heard that:

  • It will be significantly different in some ways, while being broadly similar in tone and inspiration. So I’m guessing that means a mix of intelligent comedy/snerk + shippiness. Maybe literary-inspired and/or period, but also maybe not? It’s all very much a mystery, including that it may or not be very much a mystery. :-)
  • Sinéad and Sean have started writing it.
  • They’d like to not have to crowdfund it. The hope is PoeParty will be seen as successful enough by people with big piles of money that those people will be able to be persuaded (which I wanted to write as “Persauded”, which I guess works too) to put some of that money into funding the next thing. As opposed to their saying, in effect, “Yeah, that looks neat. We don’t want to pay for that, but we’d be interested in hiring you to work on this different thing we have over here.” Which is what I understand Shipwrecked went through for a long time in trying to get Poe Party made, before they decided to do it themselves.

I may be misinformed and wrong about this. Or I may be more or less right, but things could still change going forward based on unforeseen events.

I’m trying to take each day, each chapter, as it comes. I feel lucky that this little thing I loved grew up to become this bigger thing I love even more. The only reason that happened is that some wonderfully talented people took risks and dedicated a big chunk of their lives to making it happen, and for myself I’m just trying to appreciate how special that is.

Whether or not that magic happens again, I’m just going to have to wait and see.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2016

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seanpersaud: Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty

Saturday, January 9th, 2016


Lenore is so over photo booths anyway. #poeparty

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One of my friends is getting her BFA in drawing this year and she’s having a small breakdown about whether she made the right choice etc etc. She has this real fondness for beetles/bugs/larvae and is sort of lamenting that she didn’t go into entomology. I described the path your career has taken (as I understand it) and her response was, “It just sounds like she got really lucky.” Is that a sentiment you agree with, or do you have recommendations to pass on to her?

Wednesday, August 27th, 2014

Saying I got to be where I am because I was lucky makes me feel kinda bad – I worked hard. It wasn’t like I was putting in the time hoping a famous YouTuber was going to “find” me – I was looking for any opportunity to publicize the Museum, to talk about the work we were doing. I was putting in 40+ hours a week at a museum while still working a job 35 hours. I cared.

 Instead of regretting or lamenting doing something you felt was right for you at the time, use your knowledge as a beneficial tool to get ahead. Seize opportunity. Put in the time to the thing your passionate about, don’t cut corners, don’t slack off, don’t wait for accolades to be your encouragement. Do it for you.

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