One of my friends is getting her BFA in drawing this year and she’s having a small breakdown about whether she made the right choice etc etc. She has this real fondness for beetles/bugs/larvae and is sort of lamenting that she didn’t go into entomology. I described the path your career has taken (as I understand it) and her response was, “It just sounds like she got really lucky.” Is that a sentiment you agree with, or do you have recommendations to pass on to her?

Saying I got to be where I am because I was lucky makes me feel kinda bad – I worked hard. It wasn’t like I was putting in the time hoping a famous YouTuber was going to “find” me – I was looking for any opportunity to publicize the Museum, to talk about the work we were doing. I was putting in 40+ hours a week at a museum while still working a job 35 hours. I cared.

 Instead of regretting or lamenting doing something you felt was right for you at the time, use your knowledge as a beneficial tool to get ahead. Seize opportunity. Put in the time to the thing your passionate about, don’t cut corners, don’t slack off, don’t wait for accolades to be your encouragement. Do it for you.

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Tags: i also got really lucky career-wise, and also would say that I worked really hard, i don't think the two are mutually exclusive, you need to work your ass off to even be in the path of good luck, and then sometimes the magic happens, sometimes it doesn't, because: magic, equally (more?) important: enjoy the journey, because more than the destination, it's the life you end up actually living, thus endeth today's tag sermon.

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