Feelings summed up about the scene with Nux when the wives tie him up:

Saturday, July 11th, 2015



“You can tell like… that’s been in their minds for so long. Joe’s culture, the war and the consumption, and the greed. That’s what’s killed the world and even standing on the corpse of it these people ARE STILL DOING IT.

And Nux goes “But it wasn’t us! We’re born after it died!”
And the answer is just “IT’S PEOPLE LIKE YOU! It’s ALWAYS been people like you!” – wasteland-scraps just said it like it IS!

Late night chatting in the WITNESS skype group

#fuck this scene is so good#it’s too good to be true#Can we just get Miller to give every director and script writer in Hollywood a fucking movie writing lesson??#because I need more movies to go by these high AF standards and I know I ain’t getting them during my life time

I have such intense feelings about this movie and the cooperation and the finding allies and being within and part of and working against a toxic culture.

There were posts last night crossing my dash about “why are people making such a big deal over the war boys?” and the thing is you can’t just run. It’s not just about the wives because the wives wouldn’t be the wives without Immortan Joe (they would be women, they would be sisters) and Immortan Joe would not have the power base he does without the war boys.

This is not an ‘isolated’ story about running away but about a communal story of how to fight back, and you can’t create a story without defining the opponent.

And I say ‘opponent’ instead of ‘enemy’ because it’s not that black and white. While there are Joe’s in the world and Slits in the world, there are also Nux’s in the world. And you wonder, what if it’d been Slit who’d been exposed to the wives and put in a place to understand, to overhear, and to (in a place with enough room) reconceptualize what and who people are?

And I say ‘opponent’ instead of enemy because We Are War Boys. That, because of living in patriarchal society, because of surviving, most likely we’ve stopped being cinnamon rolls and lived to become a problematic fave. Just by living in society it’s so easy to pick up unconscious unknowing -isms. And how do you get around that?

Because you can’t by simply making smaller and smaller societies and being isolationist. You can’t by running away. You can’t by not making allies.

Granted, probably still needs to be pushed off the war rig if they’re being a problematic asshole.

(that same problematic asshole might be able to get the war rig out of the mud tho)

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