“For Fury Road’s fluid editing, Miller called upon his wife, Margaret Sixel, who had spent most of…”

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

“For Fury Road’s fluid editing, Miller called upon his wife, Margaret Sixel, who had spent most of her career editing documentaries and had never cut an action movie before. ‘We’ve got teenage sons, but I’m the one who goes to the action movies with them!’ laughed Miller. ‘So when I asked her to do Mad Max, she said, ‘Well, why me?’ And I said, ‘Because then it’s not going to look like other action movies.“
And it doesn’t. Compare the smart, iterative set pieces of Fury Road to one of the incoherent car chases in Spectre, for example, and you’ll see that Sixel prizes a sense of spatial relationships that has become all too rare in action movies. ‘She’s a real stickler for that,’ said Miller. ‘And it takes a lot of effort! It’s not just lining up all the best shots and stringing them together, and she’s very aware of that. She’s also looking for a thematic connection from one shot to the next. If it regressed the characters and their relationships, she’d be against that. And she has a very low boredom threshold, so there’s no repetition.’
That Sixel was able to whittle 480 hours of footage down into a movie that sings still astounds Miller. ‘It’s like working in the head of a great composer,’ he said. ‘Movies like this one — in particular this one, because it’s almost a silent movie — are like visual music. In the same way that a composer has to have a strong casual relationship from one note to the next, paying attention tempo and melodic line and overall structure, it’s exactly the same process that a film editor must have.’ Sixel, surely, is one of the greats.”

Director George Miller Explains Why His Mad Max: Fury Road Deserves These Oscar Nominations (via jag-lskardig)

so good on George Miller for giving credit to his wife and colleague. that said, FUCK YES women have ALWAYS edited for male directors without getting any recognition within the industry let alone any kind of mainstream acclaim. I mean, film editing isn’t really on the radar for most moviegoers/watchers so yeah, I don’t expect people to know this? But goddamn, even so many self-proclaimed film and cinema buffs fail to realize that so many of the “best” movies (mostly directed by men, natch) were edited by women. Does anyone remember that quote/anecdote about male directors discouraging their female film editors – or even actively sabotaging potential opportunities – because they didn’t want to lose the person who made sense of all their footage? 

(via ladyoflate)

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Aftermath of the age post

Friday, October 30th, 2015







Remember that post about the ages? Well, here it is, all nice and organized for your reference.
If you don’t see yourself on this list, congrats and my condolences, you’re in the average of 25! You’re an adult! Celebrate! (Or cry, your preference.)

The Higher Council (40+)
lies 54
Redshoesnblueskies 50
War-rig-ace 46
thebyrchentwigges 44
polecat-flyer 42
threnodycatkins 42
schwarmeri1 41

The Elders (30-40)
titaniumginger 38
ooksaidthelibrarian 36
bassfanimation 36
bulletfarming 35
sheliesshattered 35
wherethehipposdrome 34
warrpig 34
geekfather 34
we-are-the-stories 33
allthisandtea 33
philosophyofshh 33
encounter-bein 33
rogue-warboy 32
fangirlicizing 32
c0rc0dis 32
sqwace 31
ahimsa-bitches 31
twiggerzimmer 31
in throughthesunroof 30
singoalla 30
bluyjay 30
fearlesslyloyal 30

Warpups (20 and lower)
dyinghistoric 20
totally-lesbigay 19
wanderingnork 19
a-study-in-warboys 19
thelonglostwanderers 19
suxtoluvnux 19
wasteland-warchild 18
warboysadrift 18
nuxable-headcanons 18
what-a-nuxy-day 18
sokol-dyun 18
creepydudesinthedesert 17
rooks-moonbears 17
silenthillcoffeebeans 16
mad-max-wargirl 16
plickly 16
chrometeethandshinystories 15
phoenixthunderbirds 15
no-im-a-fucking-unicorn 13

@rossen-wolf 20
@ride-furious 18

@wastelandwip 34

So the 21-29 year olds don’t count? What does that make us, War Boy poop?

Also, @xenowhore is like 32 or something.

(I’m 31)

Joining @xenowhore in the “hey what about me” corner… Still 44 and damn proud of it too! (Also stay tuned for @wastelandelders to become a thing, will be reaching out to you other old people soon for input!)

I win!

I was going to correct it (being only 53), but then I realized it was because I’d followed the lead of the previous posters who were saying things like “23 in May”. So I’d reblogged with “54 in March”.

It’s fun to be back among the ranks of those who look forward to the joy of being older, and hence inflate, rather than deflate, their age.

Also, I believe @redshoesnblueskies said something like “fiftymumblemumble”, so there’s still hope there.

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that time we all watched that movie in that hotel room

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015


So, this happened months ago but I think it’s still a worthy tale.

I was going to a conference this summer that I knew a bunch of my friends from all over the country who are also Fury Road fans would all be at. It’s not a film-related conference, but we kept half-joking that we should organize a MMFR screening because so many of us liked the movie. Except it was one of those situations where everybody was saying “yeah, we should do that,” with nobody doing it, so I was like Okay mofos, you all are talking about it but I will actually do it.

Because of the location of the conference and the fact that it was a number of weeks after Fury Road had come out, it was determined that going out to a movie theater was not practical. But most of us were staying in the conference hotel, and it turned out someone who was a fan who lived in the host city of the conference had a projector, and someone else had speakers, and someone else who maybe had learned how to schmorrent exclusively for this purpose got a copy of the movie. And then it turned out that all of the people I’d be sharing my hotel room with weren’t getting in until the second night of the conference, which meant that on the first night I’d have a hotel room all to myself, and that just seemed like fate. So I Facebook messaged maybe a dozen people who I knew were fans to say that we were all watching MMFR in my hotel room that night after the last event of the conference, and I expected maybe half of them to show up.

Except…somehow the word spread and people kept asking me about it. And of course I was like, yeah, invite anyone you want, cause it’s not like I was going to tell people to not watch Fury Road. Except, clearly I now had an obligation to deliver.

So another superfan and I spent the dinner break figuring out the best angle to project from and painstakingly taping a hotel bedsheet to the ceiling of the room to use as a screen, and then worrying that it would fall down because it was a much nicer sheet than any I own and therefore heavy. (It stayed up.) And it turned out that another fan solved the problem with the projector I couldn’t figure out, and the person who was doing the conference A/V for us had a cable we were missing, and I found a workaround for the speakers initially not hooking up to the projector.

And then people started showing up and they…kept showing up. People were sitting on the beds and on the chair and on the floor and on each other’s laps, and at one point there were at least two people sitting on a bench in the corner watching the movie through the opposite side of the sheet from everybody else. And in case you’re wondering how many people you can cram into a hotel room to watch a movie on a sheet, the answer is somewhere between 22 and 25, and the reason I don’t know the exact number is that some people showed up after we started the movie and it was dark, and some of them were friends of friends so I still don’t know who they were.

And among the audience were people who had seen the movie multiple times in the theater like me, and people who were watching it for the very first time, and while I would not say that a hotel bedsheet is the ideal virgin viewing experience for MMFR, if that’s how I got you to watch the movie, then so be it. And people who had seen the movie cheered at the Doof Warrior reveal, and everybody cheered when Max handed Furiosa the rifle, and it was generally awesome. And I am still meeting people I don’t know who were like “Oh yeah, I was at that screening! Thanks for organizing that!”

The next morning the rest of my roommates showed up before housekeeping had made the rounds and were like, “…What happened in our room last night?”


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So I Heard You Like Timeloops – the Fury Road Groundhog Day AU tumblrfic/headcanon collection

Wednesday, September 9th, 2015



I have tried to collect the thread and cleaned it up slightly. If I’ve missed something you’ve written for this 60-car headcanon pileup, please point me to it. If you’re in there and you have an AO3 handle, please tell me and I will add you as co-author.


bonehandledknife redshoesnblueskies mazarinedrake bassfanimation @flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy, fuckyeahisawthat yohunny

fury roadFury Road Groundhog Day AUMMFRFury road fandom ladies and gentlemenSET COURSE FOR MAXIMUM DEVASTATIONFANG IIIITTTT


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fic wishes

Tuesday, September 8th, 2015












I randomly want to see groundhog day fic in Fury Road but have no idea what that would even look like.

oh my god, here’s an idea: the events of the movie are the final day in a Groundhog’s Day loop…FROM CHEEDO’S PERSPECTIVE. 

She broke the loop by helping Furiosa up onto Joe’s car. 

how many days did she spend trying to save angharad?, how many times did she make it to the green place?, fuuuuuuck i NEED to write this. (via mazarinedrake)




Oh my god THAT’s why she’s willing to sacrifice her crew, because she’s tried any variation of telling them, of asking their help, and there’s always somehow a weak link, they’re not good at secrets, at acting. They don’t even come away from the Citadel, or her crew is suddenly replaced by Joe, or she’s taken off the War Rig, or– In desperation she tries not telling them one time, and it’s gut-wrenching, but then she gets much further, and now she has to get them killed over and over again, punch Ace off of her running board like he’s one of the Wretched over and over again–

She only ever reaches the other Vuvalini once, on their final run, which is why it was so crushing when she found out that there were only a few left, and that her home was gone.  The run through we saw was the furthest she ever got, after hundreds of times watching her crew and the sisters die in different ways.  Maybe she even killed Max many times before, or left him to die in the desert.    


*claws at face*

And he never once told her his name.

#mad max: fury road#holy shit#like this is so good#and furiosa definitely has to be the one relieving it#its why when she asks max about angharad she keeps going#because she keeps a running tally in her head#how many lost#how many down#maybe its like the edge of tomorrow#every time she dies its resets if she doesnt hit a certain point time wise#and so sometimes she just spends literal days doing nothing#runs out into the desert and screams and kicks and cries#shoots joe in the face with a shotgun only that restarts things sooner#sets the citadel on fire#sometimes she just sleeps#days at a time#because who cares really#and then sometimes its days of the same thing over and over#she convinces max 100 times to let them back in the rig#sometimes shes so tired she cant remember which ones work and which ones dont#god this is amazing you people are the greatest fandom ever#just when i feel tired this shit renews me (fuckyeahisawthat)

Graphic descriptions of violence and a ton of angst under the cut and holy shit I should not be allowed to write:

Keep reading

Oh my goddddddddddddd ilu

*helplessly raises hands into the air*


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redshoesnblueskies: ninety6tears: I’m sure it’s been ranted on, but there better be a good special…

Thursday, September 3rd, 2015



I’m sure it’s been ranted on, but there better be a good special edition of MMFR in the works or I will burn down Warner Brothers.

#where’s my black and white isolated score cut?#and how could you not immortalize those excellent trailers on the dvd?#and of course no commentary#dis is bullshit#fury road (ninty6tears)

somehow? i suspect we’ll all be standing in line behind a mildly irked, smiling, gum-chewing, multi-award-toting Mr. George Miller….

I was kind of disappointed, because I really want those commentaries. But then I remembered what it was like when LOTR was coming out, and they double-dipped every time, and I bit every time, and it was okay, because:

  • Back in those days, young pups, we didn’t have easy access to clandestine crappy in-theater cammed copies, or (slightly later) high-res torrents, such that we saw it in theater and that was it until the release. So by the time the no-frills DVDs came out we were in an absolutely frenzy and happy to get our clutching claws on it and binge-watch for days.
  • And then, when the super-long bonus editions with the four separate commentary tracks and hours of extra featurettes showed up at Christmas it was an even bigger frenzy, and it didn’t even matter that we had the extra no-frills copy lying around. I think most of those I happily gifted to whomever showed an interest, which excited me, thinking about someone else getting to watch the movie.

So I’m okay with this. It turns out that there isn’t that much extra on this first blu-ray that you couldn’t get already with a little obsessive zeal on the net, but that’s just the way the world works now. The whole time I was watching the clandestine copy over the last few months I was comforted slightly by the fact that I’d already plunked down my money to pre-order the blu-ray. And then Amazon sent me a refund for $7 or so, because by the time of the release the price had dropped over what I’d paid earlier. Also, the blu-ray is somewhat higher res than the one I’d been watching, at least a little, and it’s so pretty. *swoons*

So I’ll wait for the jumbo Christmas (hopefully) edition, and happily pay for it again. Because I so want those commentary tracks and the black-and-white silent-movie version, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to.


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redshoesnblueskies: n3ongold3n answered your question “No black-and-white Fury Road on ‘this…

Sunday, August 30th, 2015


answered your question
“No black-and-white Fury Road on ‘this release’ of the bluray.

oh nooooo that sucks – you were so happy about the b/w version :/


(good of you to commiserate, ty :D)

Unless I’m misreading the reviews there won’t be commentary tracks in this release, either. Sigh. Some day…

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ladysaviours: my headcanon is that Capable is the only one of the Wives who actively thinks…

Friday, August 21st, 2015


my headcanon is that Capable is the only one of the Wives who actively thinks about/wants to have kids (obviously it’s A Thing for all of them, given what they were expected to do, but after they retake the Citadel, she’s the only one who still actively hopes to be a mom.) so she helps take care of the Dag’s kid (with Cheedo’s help) when the Dag’s not feeling up to it, and since she takes up nursing she ends up with a little gaggle ot Wretched children dogging her heels everywhere she goes. eventually she becomes known as “Mother” to everyone because she’s got so many kids (some of them are orphans; some have lost track of their parents, or vice versa; some are former War Pups who are still small enough to need looking after.) none of them are her biological offspring, but that’s okay; she’s not looking for a husband anyway. some stick around for a little while and some stay until they’re grown up. either way, every child in the Citadel knows that if you need someone to take care of you, you go to Capable, and she has a pair of open arms for you. eventually she does have a biokid of her own (no one knows, or especially cares who the father is; it’s her kid) but it’s just the latest in her long, long line of descendants. they all refer to themselves as hers, and when they have children of their own, she becomes their grandmother as well. a few generations after the Wives, she’s become the First Mother or All-Mother: just about everyone in the Citadel can trace their family line back to a child who was frightened and alone and found a home with her. eventually, she becomes almost a mythical figure; expectant mothers pray to her for a healthy baby, and children who get lost in the desert tell stories about a red-haired woman who appears to lead them home.

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Vuvalini History

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015


thehopefulbluestocking broke my heart a little today:

I want a scene where we see the Vuvalini laying things out and telling the Sisters who the pieces used to belong to and giving them a little Vuvalini history lesson as they choose.

Now I can’t write fanfic (my brain works in words but it doesn’t work in narrative fiction) but, still, this is breaking my heart a little and I keep seeing it all. I want someone to write real fic, but until then… (A lot of these deal with fiber work because I love how fiber arts, a traditionally “feminine” set of skills, have been reclaimed by women in such a big way in recent years. Also I wanted really worldwide names, but I think I’m still running too shallow.)

They’re unpacking all these things that they’ve carried for so long–because they might be useful someday, one way or another. It’s called a “wasteland” but you can’t afford to waste anything.

“Here, come here. Bradamante sewed up these pouches this way–you see, each one fits .45 shells perfectly. Exactly six in a pocket, one pocket on a side. She could reload without even looking. You almost couldn’t see her hands. That was her way. Fits you just like it did her.“ 

“Back when we were still in the Green Place, we had the last of the sheep with us. Maeve would tend them, along with Rachel sometimes, and they’d shear the sheep each spring. Luna and her aunties were the real spinners–I think Luna did most of the spinning Hippolyta didn’t want to do. Now. Lyta, which is what we always called her, couldn’t abide either spinning or being cold, so she’d always find some way to get someone to spin for her. That would be Luna. She made her spinning wheel from an old bicycle, as I recall. But Lyta, she’d knit quick enough when she needed something. I think she made this entire scarf in one afternoon. And it was summer, so imagine her trying it on to see if it’s long enough when the sun’s just blazing down…”

“Brigid was a smith–probably the best. She learned from her mother too. Iron or silver, didn’t matter, she could shape anything to suit her. Anything out of her forge was beautiful, bladed or jeweled. Here. She made these too. Oh, I can’t wear them to well these days.”

“If you get any more sun you’re going to burn and then no one will be happy. Here, put this on. I stitched this up myself, but it was my mum who wove it. My auntie dyed it–her hands were a thousand colors. Now, stop that, don’t fuss. Your skin peels off if you burn and no one will be happy, least of all me.”

“Kahina did all the stitching on this. She slipped off and found a cache of thread–it was one night when we were all sleeping; no one was as quiet as she was, and none of us knows where she found the stuff–and carried it with her. We were on the move by then, though. When she got tired of driving, she’d ride pillion and work and never dropped a stitch. Your hair looks like it’s driving you mad with it all in your face like that. Here, this’ll fix that quick enough, keeps it right out of your eyes so you can see who’s coming up over that dune.” 

“Tarabai was the one kept these bones. She knew the names of the creatures. Or gave them names.” (A long silence.) “I went back for her bones. All her bones.”

“But then, wouldn’t you know it, Cuhtahlatah–” “You mean Colestah.” “No–are you sure? I thought it was Cuhtahlatah who–” “Oh yes, I was there, remember. You’re too young to remember. Don’t forget that.”

“It’s easy enough to weave up a bit like this. Here. We’ve still got some cord. You take that end and I’ll show you. I can’t tell you how because if I slow down I can’t do it. But you’ll see the pattern fast enough.”

It goes on, but it gets sadder as it goes. They start recounting deaths, not just what was done in life.

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So, they don’t appear to be carrying enough fuel to travel that many miles. So maybe the “160 days” comment assumes they will actually be traveling more slowly, scouting out the area ahead of them and only doing a small number of miles / day? Dunno. I’ve stopped trying to make sense of that line. But I hope it’s discussed on the DVD commentary.

Tuesday, July 28th, 2015

The issue with that is that slower doesn’t necessarily mean more fuel efficient, and since they’re on salt flats and can see for miles around and the surroundings have no discernible landmarks with which one could gauge position, going slowly while scouting just wouldn’t be practical or productive.

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Why Fury Road’s Heroes Are Better Than Ur Fav

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015



The thing about Fury Road is there are a lot of movies okay, a lot of movies where the main villain is some preposterously evil psychopath rapist zealot.

And in most of these movies, the main (male) hero is a toolbag. Just an utter toolbag. But we’re supposed to think he’s a stand-up guy because he’s not actively exploiting women 24/7 like that preposterously evil psychopath rapist zealot over on the other side of the film’s incredibly dubious moral line.

Firefly comes to mind, and its hero: Malcolm “It’s okay for me to call you a whore over and over because I haven’t actually physically punched, slapped or raped you” Reynolds

Guardians of the Galaxy comes to mind, and its hero: Peter “I can’t even remember the name of the woman I slept with last night and I forgot to get her home before leaving the planet in my space ship and stranding her but it’s okay because I’m not actively trying to destroy the universe” Quill

James Bond comes to mind.

Indiana Jones comes to mind.


All of them.

Fury Road is so refreshing because it doesn’t use Immortan Joe’s villainy as an excuse to brush off the milder sexism of the film’s male heroes.

Max Rockatansky is ZERO PERCENT sexist toolbag. He doesn’t leer at the half naked bathing wives when he first encounters them, not even for a millisecond, and not an any point later in the movie either. He never dismisses them as lesser. He never talks over them.  He never presumes that he knows better.

Nux has one single line in which he refers to the wives as “shiny” to one of his douchebag warboy pals back at the start of the film, when he still views them, and himself, as offerings that exist only to please Immortan Joe. But the moment he comes into actual direct communication with them he does a complete 180 and proceeds to behave in a completely respectful manner towards them. He is wholly respectful in how he looks at them, talks to them, and has physical contact with them.

I’ve already written posts about how Furiosa’s characterization avoids the more common (and sexist) female action hero tropes [X, X]. Plenty of blog posts and pro articles have explained at length the awesomeness of the various other female heroes in the film, so I won’t go into that here.

Point being:

In another film, Immortan Joe would have been presented as a freakish outlier, who mainly exists to make a male hero’s toolbaggery seem acceptable in comparison. After all – who’s going to notice a few sexist smudges on the hero’s shirt or the thin crust of misogyny caked to his shoes when he’s standing next to 80 metric tons of anthropomorphized rape sewage?

In Fury Road, Immortan Joe is presented as patient 0 of a toxic masculinity epidemic. He’s infected an entire culture with his misogynist, dehumanizing spores. The male heroes are either immune to his influence, or (in Nux’s case) are cured of it through the aid of strong feminist medicine. Either way, by the time we get 1/3 of the way through the film there’s not a single trace of his sexism in either of their systems. 

They’re clean.

I’m reblogging myself because I feel like this post didn’t get enough attention the last time around. 

Tiny corrections re: Nux. 1) he refers to the wives/sisters as shiny not to a douchebag warboy pal but to Max (though you could say he’s relating to Max as a peer at that point, which is pretty much true), and 2) he doesn’t transform the moment he comes into direct communication with them; they brawl by the rig (granted; could be argued not to be communication), but also later have the (admittedly brief) argument before they throw him off the rig, after which he’s still game for incapacitating/killing Furiosa to return them to Joe. He only joins Team Equality later, after he’s hit rock bottom.

Pedantic impulse satisfied. Please continue with the excellent commentary. Thanks.

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The Mountains Are The Same – MM:FR fanfic series

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015




So you know that thing bonehandledknife and I have been working on like timezone-challenged demons?

We’ve started posting it

This series started as ficcification of the ‘Furiosa teaches her War Boys headdaps’ thread where we gleefully flung headcanons at eachother, and then it grew waaaaaay out of hand. Like, still working on it and no idea where it’ll stop. Come see! Subscribe to the series! Tell us what you think! 

Aaand part 3 is up. Tagged with ‘In-universe implied blasphemy’ and ‘Buckle Up Kids We’re Going To The Feels Place’, just so you know what you’re getting in to.

Plus – bonus, @otomega let us use the really cool artwork they made!

The Mountains Are The Same, Part 3: Cordelette by bonehandledknife (ladywinter), Primarybufferpanel (ArwenLune)

‘Cordelette: A long loop of accessory cord used to tie into multiple anchor points.’

 Ace didn’t know if the Boss realised. Realised that when you claimed a thing, it could lay claim on you in return, if it dared.


In their bones, War Boys understand reverence. They understand from the moment of birth when they are taken from the Organic Mechanic’s ledges and presented to the Altar of Wheels, when the names of the remembered Witnessed are spoken into a small ear, and the story of He Who Has Saved Them is told.

As their bones grow, the stories and names are repeated to make their foundation strong; they know in their organic axles that Immortan Joe is their Redeemer, and his Imperators are uncountably blessed, a holy court.

When they Commune with the Imperators who’ve chosen them for crew, they sip the offered rotgut and murmur thanks.

“My arm will lance our enemies, Imperator.”

“I will drive them upended, Imperator.”

“I will honor you, Imperator.”

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primarybufferpanel: bonehandledknife replied to your post:we-are-the-stories replied to your…

Tuesday, July 21st, 2015


bonehandledknife replied to your post:we-are-the-stories replied to your post:Hey I just…

SURPRISE, you’re a bnf #jazzhands!

This makes a lot more sense now I know you’re actually George Miller. I mean you talk to me, so obviously that makes me a BNF.

(I honestly just want to see Furiosa testing the hydraulics in her arm by doing jazz hands)

Apropos of not much, did you happen to see in the concept art how at one point there was going to be a tiny internal combustion engine and fuel tank on her prosthetic? That is, it was going to be guzzoline-powered? I think I’m happy that didn’t make it to the end, because it would have had to be one of those whiny little engines like model cars and planes had when I was a kid, and it would have been annoying to have the sound of that in the movie.

Anyway, jazz hands made me think of that.

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If Max Rockatansky was your boyfriend, he would never ask if the symbolic black scarf you gifted him is a male imperator scarf or a female one.

Friday, July 17th, 2015

And he would definitely wear it while proposing you go on a fiery road trip of redemption. 

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MAD MAX: Fury Road Blu-Ray

Friday, July 17th, 2015







From JB Hi-Fi:


Maximum Fury: Filming Fury Road Documentary
Mad Max: Fury on Four Wheels Documentary
The Road Warriors: Max and Furiosa Featurette
The Tools of the Wasteland Featurette
Fury Road: Crash & Smash Featurette          
Deleted Scenes

Deleted scenes? Deleted scenes!!!!

I can’t wait to watch all of these features so many times that my brain leaks out of my head <3



if this is what I think it is, oh joy

OK, but tell me there are commentary tracks. I’ll have several please!

seriously!  lets see – we need [translation: expect, desire, crave]:

-George Miller & Nico Lathouris on writing & dramaturgy – their process, at what stage what ideas came into play, the moments they discovered themes/metaphors/correlations they hadn’t realized before, and how they conceived Max & Furiosa’s transformations of each other.  MUST HAVE.  SECOND ONLY TO DIRECTOR TRACK IN VITAL IMPORTANCE.

-George Miller & Brendan McCarthy on co-writing & concept art development. I mean really.  Seriously.  Shouldn’t this be on there?

-Margaret Sixel.  And since she’s obviously exceedingly modest, I say we pair her with George to draw her out.  ….of course the adorable might kill us all, but it’ll be worth it don’t you think?

-George Miller on directing. [honestly the only track we can expect for sure, and by god isn’t that going to be fucking beautiful??]

-Eric Whipp clearly needs two commentary tracks – one for color timing & overall look design,

-…and one for roto [”Did her eyes. And his. …and her’s too.  Man those eyes were tough.  Eyes through wisps of hair? shoot me now. That eye was really red.  Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes? *sigh*, …did those eyes.  Yup, and those. Oh! almost forgot about the spit!” – two hours].

-Charlize & Tom must of course, have one that’s in-depth about the relationship development between Furiosa and Max, the work on the fight scene, fun playing with guns, and overall ‘how to act in 3 second bursts when you have no script, a co-lead who challenges you to bring everything to the table, and a zen master directing.’  Clearly this track will also include regular mentions of how their relationship evolved, because it sounds like a very interesting transformation.

-Charlize, Tom and their stunt doubles – An easter-egg on the fight choreography and 4 way stunt development – you have to mouse-click ‘beat down’ in morse code right when Furiosa starts whacking the rig to get the dust off.

-All the wives – that would be really fun to listen to because it would be sure to contain banter plus a ton on non-verbal character development.  And we’d get wife-backstory!!

-Charlize, Tom & Nick obviously have a ‘fun reunion reminiscence about the crazy of shooting in Namibia and between-takes fun’ track.

-George Seale & David Burr can give a whole new version of their 2 hour talk, cause I could listen to cinematography allll day.

-costume, hair & make-up trio commentary – designing the whole post-apoco LOOK

-THE CAR TEAM.  SERIOUSLY.  (though in my experience of commentaries, this kind of specialized props stuff can be super dry and go over my head, I’d still love to hear it.  and all you revheads would be in heaven!)

-THE EXPLOSIVES TEAM. (as with the car team, this would end up technical, but it would be so fun just to hear them enthuse about blowing shit up, wouldn’t it?)

-Junkie XL

-fight choreographers & stunt doubles!

….and that should about cover it, wouldn’t you say?

^^^ Only after all of these: Mark Sexton’s commentary on the Wives’ motivation and the ways in which the finished film diluted the creative vision of his storyboard work.

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Thursday, July 16th, 2015



Okay, I’m posting this now before I forget it… I saw Mad Max: Fury Road for the second time last night and I don’t get one thing: why does Max take off one of Nux’s shoes before he grabs him and carries him to the war rig?!?


  • Slit while trying to move Max to the back of Nux’s car falls off.
  • Max almost falls off as well, but loses his shoe instead.
  • (Unseen by the audience) Slit finds Max’s shoe.
  • Max takes Nux’s shoe to replace the shoe he lost.
  • Slit tries to get Imortan Joe’s attention by showing him that he has “The blood-bags boot”. It is ineffective.
  • Nux tries to impress Imortan Joe, kill Furiosa and reclaim the wives all while having one shoe. It is ineffective.
  • Nux helps the War Rig crew get out of the mud.
  • Max kills the Bullet Eater and his crew off-screen.
  • Max returns with the Bullet Eater’s weapons, ammo, supplies and finally, a boot, which he gives to Nux.
  • Nux and Max once again have two boots.

The thing I like most is how small changes are already creeping into the narrative: the elision of Slit having pulled off Max’s boot, the merging of the People Eater’s and Bullet Farmer’s names.

The Max mythos has a life of its own. I bet survivors tell it around campfires after the Fall.

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witness-me-warboy-nux: Ok so as Nux flips the War Rig, and the Doof Wagon crashes into it from…

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015


Ok so as Nux flips the War Rig, and the Doof Wagon crashes into it from behind, Doof’s guitar gets flung towards the screen. Tied to the bungee cord on the neck of the guitar, there’s this bright red piece of cloth. Like the same red as Doof’s union suit. 

Is it part of his suit? As he was rescued from the wagon before the crash, did he rip off a sleeve or something to tie to his beloved guitar? Or was that there the whole time, cos if so it’s only really noticeable in the crash. If it wasn’t always there.. was that Doof’s way of saying goodbye? Like I would assume he couldn’t bring his guitar too, it would take too long to unhook both him and it from the bungee cords. 

I don’t know. Was the cloth always tied to it? Someone with access to some good screen caps or something, can you help?

Yeah, there’s a piece of red cloth already tied to the bungee near the guitar’s neck when Max is climbing forward behind Coma a few minutes before that. It’s not as obvious and colorful-looking as it is in the final shot of the guitar, but it’s there.

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The Mediocre Chair

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015




EDIT: Based on this post  written by hellonorik

It wasn’t so bad when his legs stopped working. He could still work the turrets, still throw a thunderstick, still go out in a blaze of historic glory with the rest of his brothers. But when the lumps and bumps made his good arm go all tingly and limp, Nails knew he was going to die soft, the gates of Valhalla forever closed to him.

The war drums sounded. Nails tried to ignore how his heart beat in time with them, adrenaline coursing through his veins in preparation for a battle he wouldn’t fight, couldn’t even witness. He closed his eyes and accepted the darkness. There would be no shiny chrome eternity for him.

Someone flicked the side of his head. Nails opened his eyes, blinking from the glare of the harsh light. His driver, Chuck, was standing over him.

“Wake up ya lazy smeg! Can’tcha hear the drums? We gotta go do war!” 

Nails wanted to tell him to go away, remind him that he was no good, far too soft now to do war, but Chuck was already sliding strong arms under his and hauling him to his feet. Stint was there too, mad grin on his face. The war drums always got the gunner worked up into a frenzy. 

The two war boys got on either side of Nails and together the they made their way to the vehicle bay.

“We made you a spot, a lookout post, special on the side of the rig,” Stint was saying, nodding his head with ever word. “Calling it the mediocre chair on account of you always being so mediocre. Remember when you dropped that thundestick and almost took out the war rig? Thought Furiosa was going to turn you into boots.” 

He did remember, but now…

“And that time when you tripped and pushed Rown right into that buzzard car? Kid’s still picking metal out of his teeth.” Chuck was shaking his head, smiling. “You’re a real crap war boy, Nails, but you’re our crap war boy and we’ll get you to Valhalla yet.” 

Nails felt his heart do something funny in his chest, like the lumps and bumps were grabbing hold of it and squeezing. If they were, he didn’t care. They were war boys, kami-crazy war boys, and they would grab the sun together or die trying.

EDIT: wasteland-scraps will surely want to see this!

Oh my. 

You guys ;_;

I don’t usually reblog fic but oh holy v8, y’all…!

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Fixing Furiosa: The Improved Mad Max Comic

Wednesday, July 15th, 2015

Fixing Furiosa: The Improved Mad Max Comic:


This! Is! Brilliant! This is the Furiosa comic I wanted!

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mumblingsage: A Nonexhaustive List of Interesting (slash-emotionally-devastating) moments I’ve…

Monday, July 13th, 2015


A Nonexhaustive List of Interesting (slash-emotionally-devastating) moments I’ve noticed about the Five/Sisters/Wives, plus a few notes for War Rig Family generally:

(read! reblog! disagree with my interpretations! add your own!)

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