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So you know that thing bonehandledknife and I have been working on like timezone-challenged demons?

We’ve started posting it

This series started as ficcification of the ‘Furiosa teaches her War Boys headdaps’ thread where we gleefully flung headcanons at eachother, and then it grew waaaaaay out of hand. Like, still working on it and no idea where it’ll stop. Come see! Subscribe to the series! Tell us what you think! 

Aaand part 3 is up. Tagged with ‘In-universe implied blasphemy’ and ‘Buckle Up Kids We’re Going To The Feels Place’, just so you know what you’re getting in to.

Plus – bonus, @otomega let us use the really cool artwork they made!

The Mountains Are The Same, Part 3: Cordelette by bonehandledknife (ladywinter), Primarybufferpanel (ArwenLune)

‘Cordelette: A long loop of accessory cord used to tie into multiple anchor points.’

 Ace didn’t know if the Boss realised. Realised that when you claimed a thing, it could lay claim on you in return, if it dared.


In their bones, War Boys understand reverence. They understand from the moment of birth when they are taken from the Organic Mechanic’s ledges and presented to the Altar of Wheels, when the names of the remembered Witnessed are spoken into a small ear, and the story of He Who Has Saved Them is told.

As their bones grow, the stories and names are repeated to make their foundation strong; they know in their organic axles that Immortan Joe is their Redeemer, and his Imperators are uncountably blessed, a holy court.

When they Commune with the Imperators who’ve chosen them for crew, they sip the offered rotgut and murmur thanks.

“My arm will lance our enemies, Imperator.”

“I will drive them upended, Imperator.”

“I will honor you, Imperator.”

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