ladysaviours: my headcanon is that Capable is the only one of the Wives who actively thinks…


my headcanon is that Capable is the only one of the Wives who actively thinks about/wants to have kids (obviously it’s A Thing for all of them, given what they were expected to do, but after they retake the Citadel, she’s the only one who still actively hopes to be a mom.) so she helps take care of the Dag’s kid (with Cheedo’s help) when the Dag’s not feeling up to it, and since she takes up nursing she ends up with a little gaggle ot Wretched children dogging her heels everywhere she goes. eventually she becomes known as “Mother” to everyone because she’s got so many kids (some of them are orphans; some have lost track of their parents, or vice versa; some are former War Pups who are still small enough to need looking after.) none of them are her biological offspring, but that’s okay; she’s not looking for a husband anyway. some stick around for a little while and some stay until they’re grown up. either way, every child in the Citadel knows that if you need someone to take care of you, you go to Capable, and she has a pair of open arms for you. eventually she does have a biokid of her own (no one knows, or especially cares who the father is; it’s her kid) but it’s just the latest in her long, long line of descendants. they all refer to themselves as hers, and when they have children of their own, she becomes their grandmother as well. a few generations after the Wives, she’s become the First Mother or All-Mother: just about everyone in the Citadel can trace their family line back to a child who was frightened and alone and found a home with her. eventually, she becomes almost a mythical figure; expectant mothers pray to her for a healthy baby, and children who get lost in the desert tell stories about a red-haired woman who appears to lead them home.

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