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I’m sure it’s been ranted on, but there better be a good special edition of MMFR in the works or I will burn down Warner Brothers.

#where’s my black and white isolated score cut?#and how could you not immortalize those excellent trailers on the dvd?#and of course no commentary#dis is bullshit#fury road (ninty6tears)

somehow? i suspect we’ll all be standing in line behind a mildly irked, smiling, gum-chewing, multi-award-toting Mr. George Miller….

I was kind of disappointed, because I really want those commentaries. But then I remembered what it was like when LOTR was coming out, and they double-dipped every time, and I bit every time, and it was okay, because:

  • Back in those days, young pups, we didn’t have easy access to clandestine crappy in-theater cammed copies, or (slightly later) high-res torrents, such that we saw it in theater and that was it until the release. So by the time the no-frills DVDs came out we were in an absolutely frenzy and happy to get our clutching claws on it and binge-watch for days.
  • And then, when the super-long bonus editions with the four separate commentary tracks and hours of extra featurettes showed up at Christmas it was an even bigger frenzy, and it didn’t even matter that we had the extra no-frills copy lying around. I think most of those I happily gifted to whomever showed an interest, which excited me, thinking about someone else getting to watch the movie.

So I’m okay with this. It turns out that there isn’t that much extra on this first blu-ray that you couldn’t get already with a little obsessive zeal on the net, but that’s just the way the world works now. The whole time I was watching the clandestine copy over the last few months I was comforted slightly by the fact that I’d already plunked down my money to pre-order the blu-ray. And then Amazon sent me a refund for $7 or so, because by the time of the release the price had dropped over what I’d paid earlier. Also, the blu-ray is somewhat higher res than the one I’d been watching, at least a little, and it’s so pretty. *swoons*

So I’ll wait for the jumbo Christmas (hopefully) edition, and happily pay for it again. Because I so want those commentary tracks and the black-and-white silent-movie version, and it’s nice to have something to look forward to.


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