MAD MAX: Fury Road Blu-Ray







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Maximum Fury: Filming Fury Road Documentary
Mad Max: Fury on Four Wheels Documentary
The Road Warriors: Max and Furiosa Featurette
The Tools of the Wasteland Featurette
Fury Road: Crash & Smash Featurette          
Deleted Scenes

Deleted scenes? Deleted scenes!!!!

I can’t wait to watch all of these features so many times that my brain leaks out of my head <3



if this is what I think it is, oh joy

OK, but tell me there are commentary tracks. I’ll have several please!

seriously!  lets see – we need [translation: expect, desire, crave]:

-George Miller & Nico Lathouris on writing & dramaturgy – their process, at what stage what ideas came into play, the moments they discovered themes/metaphors/correlations they hadn’t realized before, and how they conceived Max & Furiosa’s transformations of each other.  MUST HAVE.  SECOND ONLY TO DIRECTOR TRACK IN VITAL IMPORTANCE.

-George Miller & Brendan McCarthy on co-writing & concept art development. I mean really.  Seriously.  Shouldn’t this be on there?

-Margaret Sixel.  And since she’s obviously exceedingly modest, I say we pair her with George to draw her out.  ….of course the adorable might kill us all, but it’ll be worth it don’t you think?

-George Miller on directing. [honestly the only track we can expect for sure, and by god isn’t that going to be fucking beautiful??]

-Eric Whipp clearly needs two commentary tracks – one for color timing & overall look design,

-…and one for roto [”Did her eyes. And his. …and her’s too.  Man those eyes were tough.  Eyes through wisps of hair? shoot me now. That eye was really red.  Doesn’t she have beautiful eyes? *sigh*, …did those eyes.  Yup, and those. Oh! almost forgot about the spit!” – two hours].

-Charlize & Tom must of course, have one that’s in-depth about the relationship development between Furiosa and Max, the work on the fight scene, fun playing with guns, and overall ‘how to act in 3 second bursts when you have no script, a co-lead who challenges you to bring everything to the table, and a zen master directing.’  Clearly this track will also include regular mentions of how their relationship evolved, because it sounds like a very interesting transformation.

-Charlize, Tom and their stunt doubles – An easter-egg on the fight choreography and 4 way stunt development – you have to mouse-click ‘beat down’ in morse code right when Furiosa starts whacking the rig to get the dust off.

-All the wives – that would be really fun to listen to because it would be sure to contain banter plus a ton on non-verbal character development.  And we’d get wife-backstory!!

-Charlize, Tom & Nick obviously have a ‘fun reunion reminiscence about the crazy of shooting in Namibia and between-takes fun’ track.

-George Seale & David Burr can give a whole new version of their 2 hour talk, cause I could listen to cinematography allll day.

-costume, hair & make-up trio commentary – designing the whole post-apoco LOOK

-THE CAR TEAM.  SERIOUSLY.  (though in my experience of commentaries, this kind of specialized props stuff can be super dry and go over my head, I’d still love to hear it.  and all you revheads would be in heaven!)

-THE EXPLOSIVES TEAM. (as with the car team, this would end up technical, but it would be so fun just to hear them enthuse about blowing shit up, wouldn’t it?)

-Junkie XL

-fight choreographers & stunt doubles!

….and that should about cover it, wouldn’t you say?

^^^ Only after all of these: Mark Sexton’s commentary on the Wives’ motivation and the ways in which the finished film diluted the creative vision of his storyboard work.

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