Okay, I’m posting this now before I forget it… I saw Mad Max: Fury Road for the second time last night and I don’t get one thing: why does Max take off one of Nux’s shoes before he grabs him and carries him to the war rig?!?


  • Slit while trying to move Max to the back of Nux’s car falls off.
  • Max almost falls off as well, but loses his shoe instead.
  • (Unseen by the audience) Slit finds Max’s shoe.
  • Max takes Nux’s shoe to replace the shoe he lost.
  • Slit tries to get Imortan Joe’s attention by showing him that he has “The blood-bags boot”. It is ineffective.
  • Nux tries to impress Imortan Joe, kill Furiosa and reclaim the wives all while having one shoe. It is ineffective.
  • Nux helps the War Rig crew get out of the mud.
  • Max kills the Bullet Eater and his crew off-screen.
  • Max returns with the Bullet Eater’s weapons, ammo, supplies and finally, a boot, which he gives to Nux.
  • Nux and Max once again have two boots.

The thing I like most is how small changes are already creeping into the narrative: the elision of Slit having pulled off Max’s boot, the merging of the People Eater’s and Bullet Farmer’s names.

The Max mythos has a life of its own. I bet survivors tell it around campfires after the Fall.

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