matterofawesome: lies could you help me with this? I’m trying…


lies could you help me with this? I’m trying to identify this fellow who serenades me in the morning but as you know I know zero about actual bird sounds because I’m way too urban for my own good. 

We’re in luck, because while I’m pretty good with the birds around where I live, I’m not expert enough to be that good in other parts of the world. But in this case I think I recognize that as a bird that’s common near both of us.

I think it’s probably a male House Finch (Haemorhous mexicanus). The song is a little different from the version of it I’m used to hearing in Southern California, but it’s reasonably close, and it’s normal for birds to have different regional “accents”. When I listen to the samples of House Finch songs in my Sibley app, there are some that sound quite similar to your recording.

House Finches are common and widespread throughout most of North America, and they’re particularly abundant in urban/suburban habitats.

One of the first apartments my wife and I lived in had a vacant lot next to it with a big patch of wild radish growing just outside our window. The House Finches _loved_ it, and I remember lying in bed listening to them singing. I like their song a lot.

Interestingly enough, if you listen to the Shipwrecked Podcast, a recent episode includes a House Finch singing in the background. So it sounds like Sinead and her roomies have them around too. :-)

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