Wednesday, March 23rd, 2022



Fun fact: The date is based on Shatner’s RL birthday, which he and I share. He turned 91 yesterday, while I turned 60.

Happy belated birthday to us, your local nonagenarian/sexagenarian mischief makers.

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hi! so i saw your post about how youre the oldest person here and i want to ask you what’s your earliest memory?

Wednesday, February 9th, 2022

Noting for the record that after jokingly going on for a time about being the oldest person on tumblr I subsequently found several who are older. The oldest I’ve ever come across is @fvfarm, who has not posted in a few years, but who was still going strong at the age of 94 the last time I had an update.

@dduane is active, and according to Wikipedia is 69, with a birthday coming up in May, which makes her just a few months less than 10 whole years older than me.

But that aside…

My earliest memory is of being driven by my mom past a preschool that she told me I would begin attending in a few days. I would have been 3 or 4 at the time, which would put it somewhere around 1965 or 1966.

Thanks for asking! What’s your earliest memory?

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Many happy returns to @fvfarm, who turns 97 today!She hasn’t updated her tumblr in a while, but her…

Saturday, August 15th, 2020

Many happy returns to @fvfarm, who turns 97 today!

She hasn’t updated her tumblr in a while, but her granddaughter was kind enough to message me yesterday to tell me she’s still going strong and talks with her every week. Her granddaughter also sent me this recent photo.

Happy birthday, Tumblr Nana!

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I miss the days when I felt Tumblr-old. These days I feel like we’re all the exact same age. Every…

Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

I miss the days when I felt Tumblr-old. These days I feel like we’re all the exact same age. Every day is our birthday. Every day is the day after our birthday.

I visit @fvfarm’s Tumblr every so often. Listen to your parents and grandparents, your children and grandchildren. Appreciate it when they grace you with their attention.

Eat your vegetables. Maybe later there’ll be cake.

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witch-of-the-west-country replied to your post “Who’s the oldest person on Tumblr?” …

Sunday, August 19th, 2018

replied to your post “Who’s the oldest person on Tumblr?”

Are you still alive and on tumblr? I searched “oldest person on tumblr” and got taken back to my own account and it was like looking into a scary mirror. I am 45 this year so evidently not the oldest but it would be nice to hear that you are not dead

Not nearly as nice as it is for ME to hear it! 😀

Just went back and read through my #oldest-person-on-tumblr tag.The oldest active tumblr user I’ve found so far was @fvfarm. I miss seeing her updates; it’s been several years since she posted. I believe she was 90 at that time. I’m holding out hope that she’s still going strong, but has simply decided (sensibly) that she has better things to do.

@dduane still taps the keys here on a regular basis. She’s a decade older than I am. And I’m sure there are many more.

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Do celebrities count towards “oldest person on Tumblr”?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

My personal standard is that they have to actually be doing stuff on Tumblr to count, but if they are, sure! For example, Jennifer Ehle (my Lizzy 5eva) has/had a Tumblr, but it was basically inactive by the time I found it, so I eventually eliminated her from contention for the prize. And anyway, she’s 7 years younger than I am. But back when I was actively going on about the “oldest person on Tumblr” thing I was desperate to find anyone remotely my age.

These days I know that a full 15% of Tumblr users are older than 60, including quasi-celebrity dduane, whom I follow and whose tumblr I heartily recommend.

The oldest active user on Tumblr that I’ve come across so far is fvfarm, a lovely (great?) grandmother who blogs from the elder-care facility where she lives in Australia. A while back she celebrated her 90th birthday. My birthday is coming up this weekend, though I’m just a baby compared to her.

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Who’s the oldest person on Tumblr?

Tuesday, October 21st, 2014

Who’s the oldest person on Tumblr?:



It was a joke at first. But I’m getting kind of worried. I’m 50, which really does not feel anything like as old as it sounds. But it would make me feel better if I could find someone on Tumblr who was older than I am. Heck, I’d be stoked to find someone in their 40s.

Searching on the tag…

Got you beat! born in the 50’s … you young whipper snapper

Haha. Yes, I’ve found a few since I posted that. Thank you (and dduane, and fvfarm, and others) for making me feel young! :-)

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Fannish Age Survey: RESULTS!

Monday, May 5th, 2014




A few days ago, I ran a poll asking people who are part of fandom their age. 5,026 people responded. Here’s what I learned:

The average age of people in fandom is 26 years old. 

However, because there are more people above that average than below it, the data is going to be somewhat skewed so the median age is more accurate in this case. The median age of people in fandom is 24 years old.

My youngest respondent was 11 years old, and my oldest was 74 years old. The most common age of respondents was 20 years old.

The distribution was interesting as well. There are as many fannish people who are 47-50 as there are fannish people under 15. But what does the distribution look like overall? I made some graphs under the cut to help illustrate this.

Read More

Interesting fandom demographics data.  The distribution is about the same as centrumlumina’s age results from their AO3 census.  Both surveys recruited on Tumblr via word of mouth and thus are (as the authors note) not representative samples.  But it’s still quite interesting!

Cool! There are even graphs of the age distribution!

Interesting if you click through and look at the details, it shows:

  • 5026 survey respondents
  • 111 respondents 50+ years of age (woo! Tumblr elderly represent!)
  • That means about 2.2% of Tumblr’s users are 50 and above

That made me want to estimate how many 50+ Tumblr users there might be overall. For that, I’d need to know how many active Tumblr users there actually are, which Tumblr doesn’t reveal.

At the time of the Yahoo acquisition a year ago, Peter Kafka wrote that their announced “300 million unique monthly visitors” figure might translate to something around 30 million to 50 million active users who interact regularly with the Tumblr dashboard. If the response rate in this survey holds for the active Tumblr user population generally, that would mean an estimated 663,000 to 1.1 million active Tumblr users over 50.

That’s… more than I would have expected. I guess it brings home the fact that the part of Tumblr I interact with is just one teency little part of a few teency little fandoms. And that Tumblr itself does a really good job of letting users organize themselves into tiny niches in which they share their most passionate interests with a self-selected group of fellow obsessives.

I realize that’s nothing new. Compuserve forum participants were doing the same thing on a much smaller scale back in the 1980s. But it’s still kind of cool to think that there might be as many as a million Tumblr users over 50.

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Tatty Molly: Age

Saturday, August 10th, 2013

Tatty Molly: Age:


Just did a search for “the oldest person on Tumblr”, fearing that I was really an oldie in a world of young ‘uns. Not that I care so much – well yeah, I do actually. There is nothing worse than joining a great new party and finding that everyone there is young enough to be your kid.. *awkward*

Tumblr elders fist-pump.

The oldest user on Tumblr I’ve found so far is fvfarm, who’s 90. She’s a lovely woman, and I feel lucky to follow her.

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To the person who submitted the post about Sherlock

Friday, February 15th, 2013


I know it wasn’t posted through a tumblr account, but I have a lot of people in my inbox asking if you do have a tumblr account as they would like to follow you. 

So send me a message if you do and would like me to put the word out!

Thank you for posting this. I would like very much to know what a 74-year-old Tumblr user thinks about things.

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colettecapricious: Shut The Fuck Up Straight People: I don’t ship them. “THESE TWO ARE CANON…

Friday, February 15th, 2013


Shut The Fuck Up Straight People: I don’t ship them.


Thank you!

I am a gay male. Likely I’m one of the oldest users on tumblr. I’m 74. Yes, young readers seventy four. I have been with my partner Carl for 47 years now.

Please know that while we both know technology very well, we are also trying very…

Wish I could find this guy and follow his blog!

Sigh. You and me both.

I got this response from the operator of the shutthefuckupstraightpeople blog:

To be honest, I don’t know who it was. 

It wasn’t posted using a tumblr account so, unfortunately, I don’t have a way to get in contact with him.

Followers of mine who are (inexplicably) willing to assist in my quest to find the Oldest Person on Tumblr, what can I do? Things I can think of:

  • Going back to shutthefuckupstraightpeople and asking if he’d be willing to post a PSA on his blog asking this guy to delurk.
  • Reading back through all 6K+ (and rising) comments on the original post, especially the early ones, on the theory he may have liked or reblogged it.
  • Searching through the tags for the various fandoms he referenced, looking for a clue to his identity.
  • Posting an (off-topic) post to the tags of the fandoms he mentioned in his original post, to see if he or anyone who’s heard of him will respond.

Each of these ideas has problems. But so far I can’t think of anything else to try. Suggestions?

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I don’t ship them.

Thursday, February 14th, 2013



Thank you!

I am a gay male. Likely I’m one of the oldest users on tumblr. I’m 74. Yes, young readers seventy four. I have been with my partner Carl for 47 years now.

Please know that while we both know technology very well, we are also trying very hard to remember, and use correctly, the new dialogue that has grown. So, if any words appear here that are not considered correct…it is not because I refuse to use them. It’s because I haven’t heard them. Or seen them. Or am emotional enough while writing this that I simply use “old fart” words.

We have both been through it all. The hiding because it was illegal, the fear and pain of the loss of fifteen different friends and acquaintances from A.I.D.S. The times when you literally (not virtually) could not walk the streets without meeting someone that had a sign, or a pamphlet that declared A.I.D.S was God’s way of “ridding the earth” of homosexuality. We lived through the burning of homes, and clubs, and bars. We lived through the beating deaths. I lived through a beating that nearly lost me my right eye and left me completely deaf in the right ear. Carl lost several jobs because “he must be…” or “we know.” We lived through hatred that was terrifying and sickening and unimaginable to some today.

The hatred is still there. The overt and the subtle. Things are, however better (it’s a terrible word, I know). Carl and I married. We debated making it very public, but decided on a personal ceremony. The photos are filled with our friends who are 90 and…well…have a few pages stuck together, to new friends who are young enough to be our grandchildren.

Carl and I are in a variety of fandoms. Yes, we are trekkies-we bought our first color television just for Star Trek. Now Carl loves Supernatural (and thinks it’s gone so far down the crapper that they’ve actually made Naomi an Alien). I like Teen Wolf and we both watch Sherlock.

The opening statement made by the anon is so, so true. And to us, it is a new form of hatred. I read fanfic and write it. Carl and I both enjoy all forms of fanworks.

Here’s the kicker… Neither of us is a Sherlock/John shipper. We both see Sherlock and John as two men who have a very unique and incredibly strong friendship. Here’s the irony: I have been called a homophobe for not shipping Sherlock and John. I received hate messages in my (now deleted) Sherlock blog when I answered ‘do you ship Johnlock?’ with the single word ‘no’. It was oddly amusing: “Homophobe”, “die cis scum!”, “go kill yourself”, “you must be a lonely, fat, hag”.

When straight people go out of their way to “prove” that John and Sherlock (and other fandom characters) are gay, and do so with the cry of “if you don’t ship it, you hate gays!” It is an ironic form of hatred and, in a way, homophobia: These straight people are so determined to show that they aren’t homophobic, that they fail to see how damaging their fetishization and “look at how accepting I am!” is. That, queers can actually see a friendship between John and Sherlock (and any other fandom characters). That seeing a friendship, and not shipping John and Sherlock is simply that… Seeing a friendship.

When you demand, dear straight people, that others ship Johnlock, and demand that if you don’t “ship” you are homophobic… You are the one that is showing intolerance and hate: Your quest to prove that you’re on “our side” only proves your ignorance, your desperation to been seen as an ally, and the fact that you don’t actually see queer issues, or respect those that are queer.

You only want to see two guys have hot (or painfully bad, and painfu,l considering the how…painfully it is written the majority of the time) sex.


Read it; learn things. 

I must find him. It is my quest.

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