Do celebrities count towards “oldest person on Tumblr”?

My personal standard is that they have to actually be doing stuff on Tumblr to count, but if they are, sure! For example, Jennifer Ehle (my Lizzy 5eva) has/had a Tumblr, but it was basically inactive by the time I found it, so I eventually eliminated her from contention for the prize. And anyway, she’s 7 years younger than I am. But back when I was actively going on about the “oldest person on Tumblr” thing I was desperate to find anyone remotely my age.

These days I know that a full 15% of Tumblr users are older than 60, including quasi-celebrity dduane, whom I follow and whose tumblr I heartily recommend.

The oldest active user on Tumblr that I’ve come across so far is fvfarm, a lovely (great?) grandmother who blogs from the elder-care facility where she lives in Australia. A while back she celebrated her 90th birthday. My birthday is coming up this weekend, though I’m just a baby compared to her.

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