lauren: Golden hour this evening on the hill behind my folk’s…

Tuesday, December 29th, 2015


Golden hour this evening on the hill behind my folk’s house. So pretty.

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Who is the oldest

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015


My date of birth is 15/8/1923
Where I live there are many people well over 90
One lady is 100
and One gentleman is 103
I have no iodea who uses a computer

I somehow missed this when fvfarm posted it. Worse, I didn’t realize it was her birthday last month. What kind of poor excuse for a follower am I?

Happy birthday, fvfarm! :-)

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Do celebrities count towards “oldest person on Tumblr”?

Wednesday, March 18th, 2015

My personal standard is that they have to actually be doing stuff on Tumblr to count, but if they are, sure! For example, Jennifer Ehle (my Lizzy 5eva) has/had a Tumblr, but it was basically inactive by the time I found it, so I eventually eliminated her from contention for the prize. And anyway, she’s 7 years younger than I am. But back when I was actively going on about the “oldest person on Tumblr” thing I was desperate to find anyone remotely my age.

These days I know that a full 15% of Tumblr users are older than 60, including quasi-celebrity dduane, whom I follow and whose tumblr I heartily recommend.

The oldest active user on Tumblr that I’ve come across so far is fvfarm, a lovely (great?) grandmother who blogs from the elder-care facility where she lives in Australia. A while back she celebrated her 90th birthday. My birthday is coming up this weekend, though I’m just a baby compared to her.

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Sunday, March 8th, 2015


It is 4 years tomorrow morning since my husband died. My lovely daughter had died 20 years ago and we still feel the sadness of that for many reasons. The sorrow from losing my husband after 68 years of being together. We had our ups and downs as most marriages have but we survived all that, but I think that has taught me the real meaning of grief.

The not having him come through the door after his day at work. The longing to just feel his arms around me. The hug and kiss every morning. Many little things that really have no name, but I think the wondering could I have done better with lots of little things that causes my mind to go back over all sorts of minor events is always in my mind.

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Thursday, October 30th, 2014


In Australia we do not celebrate this day like they do in the US
Although it is becoming more popular.
Because the activirties girls do everything they can think of to keep the residents alert
They have all come dressed appropritaly this morning.
Rita who loves to dress up any day is a real witch, I have named her Gertie
Louise who is a lovely tall girl is also a witch but far more elegant.
Larraine looks as though a train hit her
Several girls have bats on their heads
It really is a great success.
We all must be so gratefull to these wondeful girls

I have sent a message to our manager to say how we appreciate the effort.

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Monday, July 21st, 2014


Who is cool, what does that really mean.
There are so many words that have far different meaning now to what they meant some years ago
One of the most used ones is GAY.
That used to mean that you were bright and happy, now has a far different meaning.
DEFAULT which was used on the computer to set certain things
is used to mean you had written a dud cheque.
I think “LIES” meant in in a complementary way.
If someone upsets me I am not too cool

I missed this when it was first posted; thank you to robinvenetia for pointing it out to me.

The answer is yes, I absolutely mean “cool” as a compliment when I refer to you as the coolest person on Tumblr.

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Tuesday, March 11th, 2014


Because I have got these arthritic knuckles on my fingers it has become necessary to have two rings cut off my fingers.
The wedding ring I got when we had been married 25 years,
that had not been removed from my finger for 46 years.
The other rings R & J sent us from the USA when we had our Golden wedding anniversary
and that is 21 years ago.
A real shame to have to have them removed and I really miss them today.
The plan now is to have them rejoined and put on a chain to wear around my neck

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Monday, March 10th, 2014


Each morning we are invited to do CHAIR AROBICS
For a long time I didn’t bother
and then I was convinced, if they don’t do any good, they won’r do you any harm.
So I try and make this old body move in the right direction.
I do feel a little bit of strain so hope I am doing the right thing.
I’m sure some of the ladiies think it is dancing,
and it isn’t going to do them much good.
But there is nothing wrong with dancing to the music while sitting in the chair.

So now we have 2 physios coming a few days a week
Those of us who can stand have been invited to a new class.
Maybe we could call ourselves ADVANCED
I need to be careful or I will suffer muscle strain.

The advantage of being able to stand up is we get to use this incredible electric chair.
It massages different parts of the body depending which button you press.
I have only ever heard of a different ELECTRIC CHAIR.
I need to make very sure I don’t press the wrong buttons.

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Saturday, January 18th, 2014



During my long lifetime I don’t think my ego has been so knocked as it has this week.
I have to wonder even if this is a reasonable event to write about.
So if you don’t want to listen to me moan, don’t read any more.

For quite some time there has been a minor ‘disagreement’ in the dining room

One thing I can say with complete confidence: The alternate dining location you are using just got 3000% cooler.

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reblog if you were born in 1985 or earlier

Sunday, November 17th, 2013











for science

This has depressingly few notes.

Gen X, represent.

considerably before 1985…


1984! A fine dystopic year!

1980! Makes remembering how old I am really easy.

On the nose!

1962. And I follow someone on Tumblr who was born in 1923.

Oh hello, I need to follow a 1923 person!! Can you share who it is?

That would be the lovely and awesome fvfarm.

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Friday, November 15th, 2013


About 3 or more years ago, when Ross and I were living in the Self Care section of the village, we came up to the dining room for a meal one day and he found that the fellow sitting at the same table had a connection with the area where he was stationed in the islands during the war.

Jack had been serving in small ships, he and his comrades would have been involved in a variety of work between islands, Ross was stationed where those ships would have called to be inspected, refuelled and maybe repaired. Even though they did not know each other then, they certainly believed their paths could have crossed.

It formed a link between them and they always had a chat. After Ross died Jack still continued to seek me out and have a few words.

The news today is that  Jack’s health is deteriorating and he has been moved to the High Care section where he will be attended to for whatever his needs are. It is quite sad, but we are all on the same pathway.

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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013


In the dining room there is a lovely television set which was provided by the auxiliary some time before I came to live here. At different times of the day it provides entertainment for the residents who want to sit and watch it.

There is an unwritten rule that the television is turned off during meal time. As a person who is not in the least interested in watching at all, if the thing is on when I arrive there, I automatically turn it off.

When I dared to turn it off one day as usual, two ladies, one a reasonably new arrival who probably was not aware of this rule and another here on respite leave for just a few weeks were not pleased and made their dissatisfaction obvious.

It certainly made me feel uncomfortable and real mean for turning it off.

What is the difference between me turning it off, or the nurse.

I’ve worked for many years as a programmer. One of the things I’ve learned is that senior programmers — that is, the most respected, experienced programmers — tend to take charge and do the right thing in situations where a junior programmer would merely offer a polite opinion and wait for consensus to emerge. Being willing to act in such a situation is almost the definition of what makes a senior programmer.

Senior programmers know when they are right and just deal with the situation. They don’t wait for consensus. Waiting for consensus wastes time.

Of course, there also are people who are pushy and just want to impose their will on others, and who take charge when it isn’t justified. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about being decisive and taking action when you know you are right, and you actually are correct about that.

Anyway, your story of turning off the television reminded me of that. You were being a senior programmer. Good for you.

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And This is what Her Nanna says: Attitude

Monday, August 19th, 2013

And This is what Her Nanna says: Attitude:


A lot of preparation went into the celebration for my big birthday.

It was a complete success and all credit goes to Ron and Janine, Ben and Leighanne and others who were so willing to help in any way.

Surely 90 is a landmark and should be celebrated.

Now I am taking stock of my life. How long…

“Actually we are all a little bit strange, but I have made the decision to look for the best in people and try to ignore their funny little ways.”

Pretty much sums it up.

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Saturday, August 10th, 2013


So I have reached the ripeold age of 90. WOW how did I live so long.

It is a huge effort to go through the years and recall so many things. I was the youngest of 7 children and now I am the only surviver. I have great respect for my mother for her caring for her family but  the word love was never mentioned.

Old photos show children well looked after but not many smiles.

I was fortunate to have a loving husbant, we did experience our ups and downs,like any marriage, but we had 68 years together and could still feel love for eachother.

There are so many happy experiences, but we  have also had our share of tragedy and sadness. Maybe we could have done better but we could have done a lot worse.

Happy birthday!

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Sunday, June 9th, 2013


I am amazed to see so many people are bothering to read what I write.

Ron and I think Lauren (yes she is my grand daughter) set this up for me some time ago.

I really use the page to express my feelings when someone irritates me. Living in the retirement village has many advantages. The staff  are trained to treat the residents with complete respect all the time. I really don’t know how they can continue to be so nice to some of the personalities of the residents.

I’m not talking about the ones with various stages of dementia but the idea that some think they are above others. When a person enters such a place they need to come with the attitude that this is not their home where they have reigned but you become one of a group all on level setting.

Some people have the idea they are special, well maybe they are but we are all special, we all have a story to tell and equally as important as the next.

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