About 3 or more years ago, when Ross and I were living in the Self Care section of the village, we came up to the dining room for a meal one day and he found that the fellow sitting at the same table had a connection with the area where he was stationed in the islands during the war.

Jack had been serving in small ships, he and his comrades would have been involved in a variety of work between islands, Ross was stationed where those ships would have called to be inspected, refuelled and maybe repaired. Even though they did not know each other then, they certainly believed their paths could have crossed.

It formed a link between them and they always had a chat. After Ross died Jack still continued to seek me out and have a few words.

The news today is that  Jack’s health is deteriorating and he has been moved to the High Care section where he will be attended to for whatever his needs are. It is quite sad, but we are all on the same pathway.

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