I am amazed to see so many people are bothering to read what I write.

Ron and I think Lauren (yes she is my grand daughter) set this up for me some time ago.

I really use the page to express my feelings when someone irritates me. Living in the retirement village has many advantages. The staff  are trained to treat the residents with complete respect all the time. I really don’t know how they can continue to be so nice to some of the personalities of the residents.

I’m not talking about the ones with various stages of dementia but the idea that some think they are above others. When a person enters such a place they need to come with the attitude that this is not their home where they have reigned but you become one of a group all on level setting.

Some people have the idea they are special, well maybe they are but we are all special, we all have a story to tell and equally as important as the next.

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