Each morning we are invited to do CHAIR AROBICS
For a long time I didn’t bother
and then I was convinced, if they don’t do any good, they won’r do you any harm.
So I try and make this old body move in the right direction.
I do feel a little bit of strain so hope I am doing the right thing.
I’m sure some of the ladiies think it is dancing,
and it isn’t going to do them much good.
But there is nothing wrong with dancing to the music while sitting in the chair.

So now we have 2 physios coming a few days a week
Those of us who can stand have been invited to a new class.
Maybe we could call ourselves ADVANCED
I need to be careful or I will suffer muscle strain.

The advantage of being able to stand up is we get to use this incredible electric chair.
It massages different parts of the body depending which button you press.
I have only ever heard of a different ELECTRIC CHAIR.
I need to make very sure I don’t press the wrong buttons.

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