Day 65 of COVID-19 shelter-in-place

Thursday, May 21st, 2020


Wife cut her hair a little shorter yesterday. Today she said that using the clippers is slightly addictive. “You’re going to run out of hair!” I pointed out. She grinned malevolently and said “But I could cut your hair!” So now I’m slightly worried she will shave my head while I’m sleeping.

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On woodpeckers, Downy/Hairy and Nuttall’s should be fairly distinguishable as long as you get a decent look at the back, since (as I realize you know) the Nuttall’s has the horizontally striped “ladder-backed” look, while Downy/Hairy has a broad white stripe down the back. They’re also distinguishable by voice.

I talked more about this (so much more) in the on-line meeting of our local bird club a few weeks ago:

Today at 4 p.m. Pacific we’re having our next meeting. It’s on swallows and swifts! I’m really looking forward to it. Esteemed mutuals are especially encouraged to consider participating via Zoom or watching the YouTube livestream. (@echojar watched the woodpeckers one, but I was too distracted to notice them in the livestream comments until afterwards, for which I’m kicking myself.)

Details about the meeting here:

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Day 34 of COVID-19 shelter-in-place

Tuesday, April 21st, 2020


Wife and I did a very good job with Executive Function today!

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This has been a thing I’ve noticed with the online birdwatching classes we’ve started doing. It’s not just talking about birds. It’s talking about birds with other people who share that interest and being able to SEE EACH OTHER ENJOYING IT while we’re doing it.

Thursday at 4 Pacific we’re doing tanagers and orioles. It’s gonna be colorful.

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Teaching Birdwatching – Carpinteria BirdwatchersThese people…

Thursday, April 16th, 2020

Teaching Birdwatching – Carpinteria Birdwatchers

These people graciously participated in a panel discussion for the latest online meeting of Carpinteria Birdwatchers.

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Friday, April 3rd, 2020

Did you ever wake up and say, “I wish I could watch a very, very long discussion of ocean birds and birdwatching led by that odd blogger from Tumblr”?

Have I got news for you.

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psychick: art-is-art-is-art: This is legitimately the funniest fucking thing I have seen come out…

Monday, March 30th, 2020



This is legitimately the funniest fucking thing I have seen come out of this situation.

Fun fact: I hope to resume our local birdwatching group’s regular meetings (that have all had to be cancelled, and that I’m really missing) via Zoom+YouTube livestream, so I’ve been on a steep Zoom learning curve lately.

If you ever wanted to listen to me talk about birds for an hour and a half, you could totally ask to be included in the announcement with the link when it goes out. Just saying.

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At the August meeting of Carpinteria Birdwatchers we talked…

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019

At the August meeting of Carpinteria Birdwatchers we talked about extinction. I wanted to share this video about the effort to save endangered tree snails in Hawaii, but we ran out of time in the meeting so I’m putting a link to it here (and copying it to my Carp Without Cars blog) so attendees can see it.

Other links from the meeting:

The Last of Its Kind — Ed Yong’s piece from The Atlantic on the same topic

Planet of Weeds — David Quammen’s 1998 essay on mass extinction

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