unacaritafeliz: what a great weekend on tumblr dot com where you’ll learn how all your faves are…

Sunday, February 19th, 2017


what a great weekend on tumblr dot com where you’ll learn how all your faves are problematic and not want to follow or like anything ever again.

now with bonus advertising featuring a red trucker hat with “make X great again” and a link to a report on optimizing your stock portfolio to profit during the coming time of ethnic cleansing.

really, @david? really?

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no, @staff, i will not take a selfie. you’ve burned me too many times before with silly pranks that…

Thursday, October 27th, 2016

no, @staff, i will not take a selfie. you’ve burned me too many times before with silly pranks that tattoo my blog with the evidence of my shameful gullibility.

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socialist-anxiety: socialist-anxiety: tumblr staff must not know that ad targeting is a thing i…

Sunday, October 23rd, 2016



tumblr staff must not know that ad targeting is a thing

i have an idea, let’s advertise real estate investment opportunities and brand new cars on a site full of broke children

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Can the fucking Ouija movie come and go already so I can stop being creeped out by their ads?

Friday, October 21st, 2016

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Um, @staff, do you qa your mobile app updates _at all_?

Tuesday, September 13th, 2016

Um, @staff, do you qa your mobile app updates _at all_?

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sigynbrynhildr: vega-antisocialite: grandenchanterfiona: Tumblr keeps playing music or sound even…

Monday, July 18th, 2016




Tumblr keeps playing music or sound even though I don’t click on anything and IDK why and it’s bugging me.

I know it’s tumblr cuz google shows what tab. 

Is there an ad or something that’s making the noise?

help what is this

You’ll have to mute the tab; its an ad and if u use adblock then the ad is invisible and u can’t mute it …… >.>

God that’s awful. Auto-play music when you load a web page is a deeply misguided usability choice. I guess on the scale of bad things going on in the world it’s pretty far down the list, but that’s only because the world at the moment is a bit of a dumpster fire. @staff, I am disappoint.

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paxamericana: ah so maybe that’s why this place increasingly…

Monday, July 18th, 2016


ah so maybe that’s why this place increasingly feels like it was written by the same dudes that make illegal russian gambling sites

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Archiving tumblr blogs

Friday, July 8th, 2016


We all know Yahoo owns Tumblr. And Yahoo has a … bad track record … when it comes to keeping things around. So it’s probably a good idea to think about how to make and keep copies of your Tumblr blog.

I’m in contact with ArchiveTeam, a group of irreverent archivists. If you let me know of particular Tumblr blogs that you think would be good to save, I’ll arrange for copies to be made. Feel free to respond via reblogs, replies, or direct messages. Or just join the #archiveteam channel on the EFnet IRC network, and mention them there.

(edit: Note that this won’t work for blogs that are visible only when logged in, sadly. Those, unless the posts are reblogged, are sadly likely to vanish.)

My approach to this has been to use an ifttt.com recipe to reblog my tumblr posts to my (self-hosted) pre-existing WordPress blog. If tumblr goes away unexpectedly I’ll still have that (and in the meantime it’s more easily searchable by me than the tumblr version, which was my original reason for doing it).

It might be a violation of tumblr’s TOS; not sure about that. I’m okay with that for now. Plenty of things tumblr has done have been violations of my own personal TOS. It’s an evolving relationship with room for give and take on both sides, is how I view it.

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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016

I have sometimes spent a moment smiling at a Funyuns sponsored post, mistaking it for frivolity from someone I actually follow.

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shanology: usobuki: chandri: staff: We recently learned that a third party had obtained access…

Friday, May 13th, 2016





We recently learned that a third party had obtained access to a set of Tumblr user email addresses with salted and hashed passwords from early 2013, prior to the acquisition of Tumblr by Yahoo. As soon as we became aware of this, our security team thoroughly investigated the matter. Our analysis gives us no reason to believe that this information was used to access Tumblr accounts. As a precaution, however, we will be requiring affected Tumblr users to set a new password.

For additional information on keeping your accounts secure, please visit our Account Security page.

If you’re wondering why you were forcibly logged out of Tumblr with no warning and required to reset your password today, see above.

You know what would have been better than kicking me out and forcing a password change with no explanation, making your homepage look like a phishing site, Tumblr? SENDING OUT AN EMAIL OR SOMETHING.

Wow I’m glad that didn’t happen to me that’s shady as shit looking???


I’ve already been forced to reset my password just now, but I’ve also seen several people on my dash who have basically lost their blogs because they had those blogs tied to defunct e-mail addresses they no longer had access to – and tumblr is giving no option for resetting your password without access to the e-mail they send you

If you haven’t been hit with the password reset yet – and it seems to be rolling out in waves – this would be a really good time to be sure your e-mail preferences are up-to-date in your tumblr account. If you can’t access the reset e-mail when they send it to you, you’re locked out. 

Hopefully they’ll fix this or come up with a work-around, but in the meantime, be prepared.

This is the latest reminder that Tumblr has limited resources, of which they devote approximately zero to treating users like customers, or even like people worthy of normal human consideration. @staff does not view us as people. They view us as product, as business assets to be monetized. That’s it.

So they take actions like this, and do it largely unannounced and with no provision for those who have used Tumblr for months or even years without needing to enter access credentials (a use case common on Tumblr due to previous decisions made by @staff to benefit itself). So now many of those users (tens of thousands? hundreds of thousands? millions?) risk losing access to their blogs. Tumblr justifies this as necessary for “security”, but the fact that they’re willing to do this to so many proves that real security is way down their list of priorities.

Real security would mean users being able to retain access to the blogs and followers they’ve devoted so much effort to curating.

A better blogging platform, one that combines Tumblr’s features with decision-making that places a higher value on user security, is not an impossibility. It only requires the will to make it.

Tumblr’s original developers weren’t gods. They weren’t even particularly good developers. They were just in the right place at the right time, and did the best they could under the circumstances. But in their inexperience they took a dismissive attitude toward security that continues to haunt the site to this day.

As far as I know, Tumblr is still @david‘s baby. It’s an interesting expression, given that a lot of the shortcomings I see in how he runs the site are the kind of things actual parenthood might have taught him to avoid.

Becoming a parent gives you a sudden, intense realization of being completely responsible for a precious, helpless human being. There’s a sense of godlike power that is terrifying. It made me want to be more careful, more responsible.

When he founded Tumblr @david hadn’t had that experience, and apparently he still hasn’t learned that lesson. It shows in how he wields his godlike power over users, many of whom are not only figuratively but literally children. It’s kind of scary.

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nudityandnerdery: Yeah, Tumblr, sure, the one thing I felt should be top on your “To Do” list was…

Thursday, March 17th, 2016


Yeah, Tumblr, sure, the one thing I felt should be top on your “To Do” list was definitely attaching wacky alert noises to the messaging system, that’s totally a good use of the programming resources you have at your disposal, we of course wanted that more than getting replies back, like you have been promising us for months, good work @staff, excellent job @support, tell everyone they totally know what the users are into and take the rest of the month off.

I wondered what that sound was. Ugh.

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Staff, let’s talk

Friday, January 22nd, 2016







Tumblr, I have an idea. You’re desperate to monetize this
site. I get that. Running websites costs money, I know how the world works.

I am desperate for you to create a website I can use

I was on livejournal back in the day, and they had a thing
called “paid accounts.” The free account was always free, but the paid accounts
had special benefits.

If you offered paid accounts, I would buy one. I would give
them away for giveaways. I would give them to my friends as gifts. I had a paid
account back in my LJ days!

I think 25-30 dollars
a year is fair for the amount of entertainment I get off this site, considering
that tumblr, inc, does not make the content but serves as a vessel. That works
out to 2.50 a month at the high end, which is more money than you are making
off me currently because I use an ad blocker because we are at war. (Previous
to you taking replies away, I actually didn’t! Because again, I understand how
costs and money work) But also low enough that I think you’d be surprised how
many takers you’d get.

Let’s stop fucking with each other and just turn this into a
monetary exchange. I’m tired of the horseshit. You need money, I need a fucking
useable fandom website. Leave free tumblr accounts as they are, I don’t care.
But here’s what I want in a paid account.


  • I want replies back. No ‘we’ll get around to it’ no ‘replies
    are coming.’ I want them back the day you run my Paypal. You have the code, don’t
    even tell me you can’t turn it on for a particular blog, because you did the
    exact thing with messaging. 
  • I want to be able to upload videos direct to tumblr that are
    longer than 6 damn seconds. Give me some storage space. 
  • Custom themes or some bullshit, I don’t actually care about
    this but other people might
  • No ads for paid users

I would LIKE:

  • To create a button where I can decide to make a post
    rebloggable or not when I create it.
  • To have a quick dropdown when I ask a question so I can ask
    it from a sideblog.
  • Fanmail back

Now, I am not a great fool, and realize there will be GREAT
HUE AND CRY if you try to establish this. I don’t care. And you shouldn’t
either. First of all, there’s great hue and cry every time you do literally
anything. Secondly, the people who will complain the loudest are very likely
already using an adblocker, because we are on the internet and savvy to it, and
you are not making money on them anyhow.

And please don’t insult me, tumblr, by telling me it’s about
‘the love of the site’ or some crap. The changes you’ve implemented are
designed to make this more of a look-reblog-move on site where things go viral
and advertising can easily be slipped in, versus a conversational place. But I am
telling you, ‘I will give you money to stop fucking with me’

Let me give you money. And stop fucking with me. 

@staff. Cash for services. We’ll both be happy.

In the optimistic event that someone actually takes a look, here’s my list.

As a paying user I would NEED:

  • Replies back. Actual replies. At minimum, exactly like they were. I would happily accept them larger though, say the size of a question reply box or an Ask.
  • A Tumblr-side blacklist tied to my account that filters on the server end so the content I don’t want to see never hits my dash. That blacklist filters on mobile as well.
  • Better communication about things happening on the development side. By which I mean any communication at all.
  • No ads for paid users.

As a paying user I would LIKE:

  • An increase in post limits.
  • Post-level control over what is or isn’t rebloggable.
  • Some quality of life improvements offered by Xkit (like say tag bundles), if only because there’s no reason they don’t already exist I mean come on.
  • A way to organize the Ask Box, my god, please.

I’m not hard to please, I’m really not. You want money, I want to stay here. I fail to believe there’s not some way to make both our dreams come true.

I agree with all of the above, and would gladly pay for a membership if these features were available to users. Please start just asking for our money instead of sabotaging the social media aspects of your social media network to try and sell my content to advertisers.

Agreed. I’d be one of the first to hand over my dough. HOWEVER – my paid site should work on my phone and tablet too. I shouldn’t have to pay more than once.

One of the first purchases I ever made with my shiny new debit card was to upgrade my LJ account. It was worth every penny. 

I am 100% in agreement on all of these points.  

@staff are you listening? Have credit card. Will pay for actual proper functionality.

@staff and @david are not listening. Or they are, but their bandwidth is teency, and they are also listening to a lot of other things besides this particular subset of justifiable user outrage.

They made the site exactly the way they wanted it when it didn’t even exist yet, and it made them rich. So at this point they’re good. They also have the ego gratification of “What I wanted was hugely financially successful for me personally, so clearly I am a super-genius and whatever I want is provably the correct thing to do.” Which makes this post a boulder being pushed up a very steep psychological hill.

But still. Worth a shot.

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crystalsoulslayer: Replies better be pretty damn nice when they come back. We should be able to put…

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016


Replies better be pretty damn nice when they come back. We should be able to put gifs in them. There should be a much higher character limit. If you type a wish into it, the wish should come true.

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browngirl: we need replies back. every time one of my mutuals makes a post im forced to either just…

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016


we need replies back. every time one of my mutuals makes a post im forced to either just like it (which seems lazy and might make them think i didnt actually read the post) or reblog and comment (which seems too public and might make them uncomfortable) or privately message them (which seems too private and might make them uncomfortable) 

This is so true. Replies were a rich and nuanced communication channel between me and the people I follow. Besides the excellent points made by @browngirl, there’s also this: With replies, I had the full range of textual communication available to me (there was a character limit, but plenty of room to be expressive). So I could reply with things like:

  • !
  • ????
  • omg
  • squeeee!!
  • *hugs*
  • so sorry
  • *sigh*
  • yay!!!

…and so on. Now, though, I can only reply with one unvarying response: <3

It’s not the same. And @david is an asshat.

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ladyherenya: allthingslinguistic: linustorvalds: now that we don’t have replies I’ve been…

Thursday, December 24th, 2015




now that we don’t have replies I’ve been thinking abt how the type of communication differs between asks, replies, IM, and reblog commentary.

you might reply to a post with “omg”, but sending an ask with “omg that post” is unnecessary and is probably never sent. reblogs with “omg” are looked down upon and rarely used anymore, while in IM you might message the person with maybe more information than simply “omg” if you know them already or if you’re mutuals.

idk, it’s interesting to me bc I’m also a linguistics major aside from CS.

@allthingslinguistic what do you think? is this even worth pointing out?

The closest I could get would be to reblog with omg in the tags, I think. But that’s a stronger omg than simply replying with omg, because you’re also amplifying the audience who sees it – and this is especially relevant with replies because they only show (showed, I guess, RIP) on original posts from mutuals/people you’ve been following for a while, which may be precisely the more personal posts that you wouldn’t want to reblog. 

More broadly, it’s interesting to see how the tools that we use influence how we speak to each other. I think that’s why people get so upset when @staff changes something or when other social networking sites change things about their communication: it’s like someone has reached into the conversations you’ve been having with people and altered how you’re having them. 

I mean, this would be ridiculous in offline communication: “No, I’m sorry, you’re not allowed to make jazzhands or say the word “groovy” anymore, but we’ve introduced this great new elbow zig-zag which you’re going to LOVE!!!” It’s not that I have anything against new options, but even if people weren’t really using jazzhands or groovy as much as we used to, we’ve gotten used to having the potential of them for our conversations. (I’m not sure that replies were actually falling into disuse, but tumblr seems to have thought they wouldn’t be missed.)

I think the new tumblr IM is cool since it expands the communicative options available to us, but losing replies is just that – a loss. And it reminds me that tumblr isn’t really my own space, it’s a space that I occupy at the whims of an organization which can mould my communication however it sees fit. Maybe it thinks it’s helping me, but if you sneak into my house and rearrange my bookshelves, I’m still going to be confused and angry even if the new organization is “better” by some objective standard. I’ve kind of gotten used to the fact that tech companies sometimes rearrange my digital furniture, but I still don’t think they’re careful enough about it. (If anything, I was hoping we were getting a smoother way of replying to replies, like a properly-integrated version of the xkit feature). 

As it stands, well, it’s like someone telling me I can’t whisper anymore. It’s not censorship – I can still express any thoughts I want, I just have to say them at a different volume. But that doesn’t mean I don’t still feel like a part of my conversational repertoire isn’t what it used to be. 

The way I feel about replies reminds me of the way I used to feel about writing on someone’s Facebook wall, mainly when the person was someone I didn’t talk to very often or didn’t know very well.

Because there’s a chance other people will read your comment, it’s clearly not a private conversation. And because it isn’t the ideal method for having a long conversation (as was the case before commenting directly on FB posts was introduced), it means your comment isn’t expecting to spark a huge discussion. In fact, it isn’t necessarily expecting any response at all. 

That feels less intense than sending someone a private message, especially when it comes to contacting people I didn’t know so well. Of course, sending a message isn’t necessarily super-intense in the first place, but leaving comments in public spaces feels comparatively less intense. Even if just by a tiny bit. 

It feels like approaching someone in public and having a brief, casual conversation that could be – and likely would be – overheard. Whereas sending a private message is more akin to going up to someone and saying “hey, can I talk to you privately?”    It’s a different type of communication and it has a different dynamic.

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ussawesome: hideous-fish: staff: You asked for it. Here it…

Tuesday, November 10th, 2015




You asked for it. Here it comes. Messaging. Real, threaded, instant messaging. It’s in the latest Android and iOS apps, and on the web.

Yep: Now you can talk to a Tumblr.

This is a big launch, and it’s going to take a few weeks to get it out to everyone (we need to make sure our servers can handle the weight of your discourse). If you don’t have it now, you’ll have it soon.

Q: So, how can I tell if I have messaging?

A: Great question. If you see this smiley balloon hanging out on your screen…

…you’ve got messaging. If you message someone, they’ll get messaging. Eventually, messaging will cover the earth.

Q: What if I have other Q’s? What if I have A’s, even?

A: Well dang, we’d love to hear any feedback or questions you have about this thing. What works well? What kind of doesn’t? What kind of features do you want to see? Those are some of the Q’s that could use your A’s. Our support team is listening (and they’ve already put together an FAQ).  

but this is not the same this as the ‘reply’ function. Reply allowed people to:

– respond specifically to one post, directly in reference to that post, in a simple way that didn’t spread semi-personal/private posts all over the dashes of our followers’ followers

– start a tangential but public discussion spawned off the ‘reply to the reply’ that didn’t spam people’s dashes with the same image/bulky media post/bulky text OP over and over

an IM/chat function accomplishes neither of those, and does not in any way replace ‘reply’ function.

why is this happening

Fucking @david, man.

Marco Arment (Tumblr’s first developer) wrote about this in The One-Person Product. Basically, what makes Tumblr great is the same thing that makes it aggravating: The product vision is driven by a single person, someone who’s young, self-taught, and has no problem disregarding other people’s opinions.

I suspect this is a factor in why Tumblr has both Community Guidelines that explicitly call people who post gore and shock content “dicks”, but still puts sponsored posts for horror movies in users’ dashboards: Because David personally thinks those people are dicks, and has no problem saying so, but he (paradoxically) also thinks horror movies are fine, and lacks the maturity to recognize that his experience of them isn’t universal.

The site itself, just like the individual blogs on it, turns out to be a huge exercise in individual expression. David didn’t use the Reply feature himself, so he decided it wasn’t important. He wanted a messaging feature instead, so that’s what we’re getting.

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foxnewsofficial: david: wizardries: Can Tumblr make it so we can reply to people’s posts…

Monday, November 9th, 2015




Can Tumblr make it so we can reply to people’s posts again? 

Yes! Replies were admittedly way too limited and barely used. (Only a few thousand blogs a month were even receiving them.) They’re down for upgrades but will be back and much improved! Thanks for your patience. 🐬

just because some nerds didn’t get any replies doesn’t mean we, the popular kids, should be punished

Maybe the thing I’ve been missing in @david’s reply is the significance of the word “receiving”. Maybe he means there’s some metric they have that says that while many people were _leaving_ replies, only a few thousand people were ever bothering to actually _read_ them. Because you’d have to look at notifications, or at the notes on a post, to see the replies, and most people weren’t doing that?

Nope, p. sure that doesn’t work either. David’s statement is either just flat wrong, either because he’s accidentally misconstruing the asker’s question or misspoke in his answer, or he’s just lying, and doing so in a weirdly obvious way.

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flutish replied to your post:I just got a sponsored post in my dash for “8…Maybe get a VPN…

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

Maybe get a VPN for a random country? All I get are ads for silly phone games (or empty boxes). The moment I’m in the US though… all the creepiness descends. Doesn’t fix the problem with their APPROACH, but may be a temporary individual fix.

Huh. Interesting idea.

I’ve got decent ad-blocking options on the desktop (I’d temporarily disabled AdBlock on Tumblr for some other reason I can’t remember and then forgot to turn it back on, which is why I saw this one). My bigger peeve is when I’m using the mobile app, where my ability to do things like route through a VPN would probably be trickier.

But, honestly, I’ve been beaten down. I’ve become pretty good at instantly recognizing a horror movie sponsored post and just scrolling past it before it has a chance to freak me out. It still bothers me that Tumblr does it, but they’re clearly not going to change at this point.

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I just got a sponsored post in my dash for “8 films to die for”.Which 1) is horror, and 2) pretty…

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015

I just got a sponsored post in my dash for “8 films to die for”.

Which 1) is horror, and 2) pretty icky horror of the type I very much object to having show up in my dash in animated-gif form, but 3) has (I’m pretty sure) MK’s face in it, which, as you certainly know if you follow me, is something I’m very much in favor of seeing in my dash.

So: You get off easy this time, @foxhorror, but only because you got lucky. Don’t count on it next time.

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My dash showing how @yulinkuang is awesome and @david is a dick.

Monday, October 5th, 2015

My dash showing how @yulinkuang is awesome and @david is a dick.

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