flutish replied to your post:I just got a sponsored post in my dash for “8…Maybe get a VPN…

Maybe get a VPN for a random country? All I get are ads for silly phone games (or empty boxes). The moment I’m in the US though… all the creepiness descends. Doesn’t fix the problem with their APPROACH, but may be a temporary individual fix.

Huh. Interesting idea.

I’ve got decent ad-blocking options on the desktop (I’d temporarily disabled AdBlock on Tumblr for some other reason I can’t remember and then forgot to turn it back on, which is why I saw this one). My bigger peeve is when I’m using the mobile app, where my ability to do things like route through a VPN would probably be trickier.

But, honestly, I’ve been beaten down. I’ve become pretty good at instantly recognizing a horror movie sponsored post and just scrolling past it before it has a chance to freak me out. It still bothers me that Tumblr does it, but they’re clearly not going to change at this point.

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