Hi! I looked and I am not sure what your ask policy is like but I figure, you can just delete it. I saw though that you were talking about Ace and I am full of feelings about him after seeing the film again today. When Furiousa is in her initial escape attempt, I noticed her eyes are really red, and it struck me(maybe I am reading into it) that she might feel a little guilty about what she is about to do to Ace. I mean she knows what she must do, and there is no going back BUT they’ve been

Thursday, June 25th, 2015

2/2 together a long time(I came to this conclusion after reading your
discussions about the two of them) so this seems a betrayal that hurts
more. I will vehemently agree that Furiousa made the right choice but I
like the little extra(possibly imaginary) depth to her character. Maybe
I’m wrong but I just had to get it out! Thanks for reading!!

My ask policy is ‘Yay! Somebody is talking to me!’

Also, YES. Absolutely. Let me talk to you about Furiosa and Ace. Things I see in that stretch of them interacting:

– She doesn’t look at him if she can avoid it
– this is clearly puzzling him. He ducks his head to the side to try to make eye contact, like ‘What is up with her?’ so I have to think they normally interact very differently
– She absolutely doesn’t lie to him. Like with making eye contact, I think she knows he would see right through her
– Even though there is no explanation and it makes no sense, and she’s acting kind of weird, he trusts her
– He’s clearly comfortable enough with her to make suggestions: “Should WE turn around and run them into our backup” even though she’s at the wheel
– They have a well-practiced move to defend the rig’s flank: all he says is “Ready!” and they move perfectly smoothly around eachother.
– She has tears in her eyes when the boys start dying
– she keeps looking into her mirrors, and I read that as her way of Witnessing them. She sacrifices them to her escape and that plainly pains her, but I think this is her way of acknowledging them, of honouring them, of Witnessing them in the best way she can
– The idea that Furiosa might be betraying Joe (and by extension him) doesn’t seem to occur to Ace for a really long time
– He is more concerned with getting answers out of her than moving aside and letting Nux take her out. This is personal. He needs to know.
even though she has about five guns and a knife within easy reach, all she does is punch him to get him out of the way
– Ace clearly survives and turns up at the Citadel and they work things out and become friendly again.

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Some trivia

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015




So, you probably know by now, I have somehow become the number one fangirl for the Ace in Fury Road.  

Found this in an interview with Miller:

“Security was also an issue, especially with so many actors and the
families of crew members who had joined the shoot. A former SAS soldier,
John Iles, headed a security team and moonlighted as a warrior named
Ace in the movie. “There were a number of burglaries and he was first
there,” Mitchell says. “John billeted himself near where the Wives were,
so if
anything happened, I had an emergency hotline to him to get down and help.”
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Omfg yes totally in my interests

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bonehandledknife: Is Ace the only War Boy to ever V8 at a…

Saturday, June 20th, 2015


Is Ace the only War Boy to ever V8 at a person who’s not Immortan Joe?

I think that’s the only time, yeah. I remembered him doing it (to Morsov), but didn’t realize it was unique in that respect. But I think you’re right.

One of the things I noticed during my (fourth) in-theater viewing this morning was how Morsov is the one who first calls attention to the signal flares from the Citadel, and how he’s the one who swings across on the swingy thing to rescue the lancer from the motorcycle. So Morsov really is pretty badass. Totally deserved that salute from Ace, whatever Slit says.

Another thing I noticed that I hadn’t before: There’s a young wretched girl/teen standing in the center of the platform when it’s lifted up after dropping off the War Rig in that early scene. The nasty hooded guys are pushing others off, but they leave her alone. So even without the description of how Nux got into the Citadel from the comic, it’s there in the movie: The idea that for a few individuals, there’s an opportunity to be let up.

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