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Is Ace the only War Boy to ever V8 at a person who’s not Immortan Joe?

I think that’s the only time, yeah. I remembered him doing it (to Morsov), but didn’t realize it was unique in that respect. But I think you’re right.

One of the things I noticed during my (fourth) in-theater viewing this morning was how Morsov is the one who first calls attention to the signal flares from the Citadel, and how he’s the one who swings across on the swingy thing to rescue the lancer from the motorcycle. So Morsov really is pretty badass. Totally deserved that salute from Ace, whatever Slit says.

Another thing I noticed that I hadn’t before: There’s a young wretched girl/teen standing in the center of the platform when it’s lifted up after dropping off the War Rig in that early scene. The nasty hooded guys are pushing others off, but they leave her alone. So even without the description of how Nux got into the Citadel from the comic, it’s there in the movie: The idea that for a few individuals, there’s an opportunity to be let up.

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