kimbureh: maybe not the best kind of rolemodel ehanyways I’m…

Monday, July 20th, 2015


maybe not the best kind of rolemodel eh

anyways I’m still figuring out how to color this kind of outlines hrmmmmm

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puckish-saint: Mad Max: Fury Road (Part 6/x) – War pups [2]

Monday, July 20th, 2015


Mad Max: Fury Road (Part 6/x) – War pups [2]

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flamethrowing-hurdy-gurdy: Things are being drawn. Since I’ve…

Saturday, July 4th, 2015


Things are being drawn. Since I’ve been too low to draw at all recently and everything’s rusty I decided to go easy on myself and just try copying a still from the film. Warm-up, like.

But say, is it just me or does that tiny, tiny pup have scars on his arm?

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snarling-through-our-smiles: lies: Lifted up No, no, but…

Tuesday, June 30th, 2015



Lifted up

No, no, but look. The War Pups are clearly accustomed to being picked up. You don’t just hold your arms out like that all casually unless you KNOW you’re going to get picked up. They’re USED to it by now, used to just holding out their arms and being held by the nearest War Boy.

So clearly the War Boys are capable of the kind of gentleness and emotional warmth that makes them totally cool with picking up small children, and these War Pups are raised with some semblance of emotional tenderness, and then Joe just FUCKS IT ALL UP WITH HIS BRAINWASHING (sobs)

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Lifted up

Wednesday, June 24th, 2015

Lifted up

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roguewarboy: sickmonkey1027: nothing-nice-to-say: sickmonkey10…

Saturday, June 20th, 2015






slit : 0 war pup : 1

The fact that War Boys picking up War Pups has become such a thing.  Over a half second of footage of this happening and we’re all up a wall about it.  Amazing.  Good job Cinematographers.  Shiny.

I imagine as the fan base collectively reached their on-average third viewing, and as the concept of hordes of shirtless men handling childcare sunk in, the sound of exploding ovaries just echoed from horizon to horizon :)

Ya know the Boys were prolly just pickin up Pups just to move em out the way. I mean it’s a hell of a lot faster to just pick up a kid than it is waitin for them to climb down. Trust me, I has a lil War Pup a my own. Easier to carry him around like a sack of potatoes than waitin for him to keep up ;)

i also love that we all have just casually seen this movie 3+ times. 
and they’re still gentle with them….  some of the boys probably even enjoy dealing with them. they’re kinda like for-real puppies. 

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Apparently there’s another scene where some war boy lifts up one of the pups but I can’t find it help???

Thursday, June 18th, 2015

lord forgive me for the disastrous quality but it’s right here when they are lowering the Doof Wagon while preparing the war party


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there’s a generation of War Pups …

Thursday, June 18th, 2015








7000 days = about 19.4 years. According to the comics, Joe gives his wives three chances to give him a male heir with no deformities. Let’s say that Furiosa got tossed in 3 years, and it took her 3-6 years to climb the ranks.

That still leaves a group of maybe 13 year old and younger War Pups who’d only ever known of Furiosa as Imperator. 

Nux spoke of Joe like he’d barely ever seen him, or only from a distance, maybe through binoculars.  There were two other Imperators near Joe.

What if these other Imperators were as distant and aloof? Are they also black thumbs, or do they simply delegate, or only come out for war?

We know Furiosa probably modified her War Rig herself (see: kill switches and hidden weaponry), which means she HAS to have been in the shop and garages. We know from the film that the War Pups are in the background everywhere. We know there’s no way Furiosa could have been cruel to these children given the systematic way we’re shown her empathy; we also know that there’s a systemic pattern of cruelty, deprivation, and put-downs in the general War Boy culture (’mediocre’, being un-witnessed, witheld water and general human needs, the quick way that Nux blooms under the least bit of kindness).

So think about this generation of War Boys who knows in their hindbrains that the safest place to be (both physically and emotionally) is around their Imperator. Their’s because it’s the Imperator that they see the most, in the shop. The Imperator that Joe trusts on his most dangerous runs. The Imperator that is spoken of by older War Boys like Slit with fear and awe.

Is it any wonder the way they say her name?

furiosa: den mother of the apocalypse

you know, considering that, her takeover isn’t so much a coup as a natural succession. she’s the highest ranked warrior with loyal followers.

And it didn’t even occur to her. She didn’t even want it. Didn’t realize that if she went back to the Citadel that her face would be enough.

And even more: Max realized. Went out first so that everyone else were safe, and somehow knew that they needed to see her. (Though maybe it was one of the others? Or at least, he agreed enough to implement it.)

this is fantastic, but do we know that Furiosa was ever a wife? Is that something they tell us in the comic? She’s got a deformity and I was under the impression that Joe only took 100% healthy women as wives. I’d been thinking her mother might have been a wife.

Furiosa’s mother died “on the third day,” which I assume was meant to insinuate she died on the journey back to the Citadel. In the comic, Furiosa is a little cagey about saying what happened to her arm, but she implies that something happened, not that she was born that way. So I think either she was supposed to be a wife and cut off her own arm to stop it, or she was a wife and then cut of her own arm to get out of it.

Miller is on record as saying it was a battle that took off her arm, an epic one. Theron confirmed that it was really cool in the same interview set, they also got other character speculations.

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