kimbureh: maybe not the best kind of rolemodel ehanyways I’m…


maybe not the best kind of rolemodel eh

anyways I’m still figuring out how to color this kind of outlines hrmmmmm

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Tags: it's kind of amazing, fury road, war pups, how the war pups are these completely peripheral characters, who arguably are only there as part of making the world more believable, because if you have war boys, you kind of have to have them come from somewhere, so: war pups, but then they incorporated them so believably, albeit quietly and unobtrusively, having them there at the citadel, hanging out in the war boy spaces, doing war pup things, _believable_ war pup things, that they become this whole fantastic part of the world, and for creative fans, they're just catnip, and so we get art like this, that is so evocative of a part of the world, that is only shown on the margins, and hinted at, in canon.

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