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#i remember the first time i saw this shot#and i groaned internally#and thought if he gets the heroic close up and she doesn’t i will find out where george miller lives and punch him on the nose#and then she gets the heroic close up shot which is him literally looking up at her#actually so many moments in this movie where it’s like you thought i was gonna surrender to that sexist trope BUT I DIDN’T#bonus points for making him pretty and her bloodied#a+++#mad max fury road#tagline: let’s invert everything!#(even sand and water omg don’t start me on that)  (ecouter-bien)

This moment not only refuses to give him the hero shot – this is him giving that shot away with his flick of his eyes to Furiosa.  That look to her …it’s not pride in her, that would be a touch condescending wouldn’t it – it’s…more like an acknowledgment that this is her place, her moment, her creation.  The success of this ‘free the citadel’ mission didn’t hinge on him – he could have died and they would still have succeeded.  It hinged on her – her actions, her being there and her long history of forging relationships there makes or breaks this moment.

This is Furiosa’s victory, and he is content.

Once again, Max has zero investemnt in dominance – a character trait constant throughout the movie.

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Tags: well, here we are, fury road, 100% yes with this analysis, the way the movie inverted/subverted trope-y action-movie expectations, I spent that whole first viewing off-balance, I basically surrendered about 30 seconds in, and just watched the rest of the way with my mouth hanging open, and came out saying, what WAS that?, and.

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