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slit : 0 war pup : 1

The fact that War Boys picking up War Pups has become such a thing.  Over a half second of footage of this happening and we’re all up a wall about it.  Amazing.  Good job Cinematographers.  Shiny.

I imagine as the fan base collectively reached their on-average third viewing, and as the concept of hordes of shirtless men handling childcare sunk in, the sound of exploding ovaries just echoed from horizon to horizon :)

Ya know the Boys were prolly just pickin up Pups just to move em out the way. I mean it’s a hell of a lot faster to just pick up a kid than it is waitin for them to climb down. Trust me, I has a lil War Pup a my own. Easier to carry him around like a sack of potatoes than waitin for him to keep up ;)

i also love that we all have just casually seen this movie 3+ times. 
and they’re still gentle with them….  some of the boys probably even enjoy dealing with them. they’re kinda like for-real puppies. 

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