Fury Road: Obsessive Minutiae

Sunday, June 21st, 2015

Fury Road: Obsessive Minutiae:


Yes, I saw Fury Road for a 6th time last night. I don’t think I have seen any movie this many times. I’m serious. This is listerally the most times I’ve seen any movie ever. I’m not even worried about the ticket-takers recognizing me anymore.

And now it’s time for….Obsessive Minutiae! (not…

I love this so much. A worthy addition to a growing genre of commentary I didn’t realize I needed but is now my favorite thing. A few specific comments:

The tattoo the Organic Mechanic puts on the bloodbags is upside down when they’re standing up. That way it’s right side up when they’re hanging upside down. This was probably obvious to everyone but me.

Obvious in hindsight, but a cool thing I’d overlooked. Makes sense, and brings home what an awful existence Max has to look forward to. They’d probably keep blood bags alive, rather than draining them all at once, wouldn’t they? At least for a universal donor? I’d think the cost of capturing ferals would be greater than the cost of keeping them alive long enough for them to replenish their blood supply so they could donate again. On the other hand, maybe a free-range feral’s blood is more sought-after than the kind you get from a caged captive. And especially with Nux in such a hurry, maybe they would choose to treat the blood bag as a single-use disposable item. Ugh.

There is a tiny warpup standing by the “altar of wheels”–and said tiny warpup imitates Slit’s V8 salute omg (look quick!)

I’d noticed him sitting there, but not the V8 salute he does (at the end, right?). So cool!

Has anyone identified the badges and stuff (that’s a circuit board up near the top; please let it be from a Nokia phone) Joe has on his armor? I’d love to know about them.

The one I keep noticing is the ribbon with “500” hanging from it. Maybe a reference to a car race? We North American types have the Indianapolis and Daytona 500s, for example.

None of the three of them [Joe, Rictus, and Corpus] can breathe. Look: they’re all three hooked up to breathing apparatuses. Joe’s is the most elaborate, but they all three have tubes at their noses. Seriously.

I did notice that (also, Miss Giddy has an oxygen mask during the pursuit). At first I assumed that was a sign of their being messed up by the toxic environment. But since learning more about the Dome being a sealed environment with filtered air, I think it might be the case that the breathing gear on high-status individuals is meant as protection against the toxic air of the Wasteland. Not that supplemental oxygen would protect you from airborne dust… It emphasizes the desperation of the wives, and of Joe’s desire to get them back quickly and unharmed: They may be doing significant damage to their chances for healthy reproduction the longer they stay out.

Totally swear that Nux calls the Ace something else? Grue? Or am I mishearing “crew” or “you” or “move”?

Yeah, “crew” was what I was leaning toward there. It’s possible Nux either doesn’t know the members of the War Rig crew well enough to call out Ace by name, or just hasn’t had time to identify him in all the excitement. Not sure.

Check out the carrier truck during the second chase of the war-rig: the buzzard cars are on the carrier truck, along with all the other wrecked cars. It had been full of warboys, now it’s full of spoils and scavenging. Waste nothing. We can rebuild them.

I’d totally missed that. And with the body count, probably a lot fewer war boys to ferry at that point, too. I can imagine a whole secondary war boy culture of reserves, traveling on the (slower) carrier, hoping for their chance to move up and take a position on a pursuit vehicle, or even (unimaginable glory!) on the War Rig, the Doof Wagon, or the Gigahorse.

Speaking of the Doof Wagon, I have to mention something that bugged me when I was listening to all the Mad Max movie-review podcasts I could find: People who say, “OMG the flamethrower guitar guy was the BEST, but of course it’s over-the-top ridiculous and makes no sense.”

Excuse you; it makes perfect sense. They don’t have radio. Joe needs to issue commands, and like with the fife-and-drum and bugle calls of previous eras, the amplified music of the Doof Wagon serves as coded signals to the troops. You can see that in the scene when Joe is pulling back the pursuit because of the sand storm; the Imperator on the Gigahorse signals and shouts, and Coma has switched to playing different, down-tempo chords as the war party slows down.

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Some More Things I Love About Mad Max

Friday, June 19th, 2015


Cherish those little details

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I liked all this, but had a comment about this part:

On the subject of things that didn’t entirely make sense to me: in the bog there was mud. If there was mud, there must be water. So either it recently rained, or there is ground water somewhere. But no one seems to get excited about this.

That scene was immediately before the creepy place with all the crows (where there also was liquid on the ground). In the initial meeting with the Vuvalini they explain that that was the green place Furiosa remembered from her childhood, but: “the soil… we had to get out… we had no water… the water was filth… it was poisoned… it was sour… and then the crows came… we couldn’t grow anything…”

It’s true that we don’t see them getting excited about it at the time, before they get this information. But that could be explained, maybe, by the fact that they’re still trying to put distance between themselves and the pursuit at that point, so they don’t have time to stop and geek out about the mud.

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Notes from 7th

Friday, June 19th, 2015


The only white painted full life’s are war pups, otherwise apparently even imperator level war boys (full black and shiny greased heads) wear the white paint. The only ones wearing white on the Gigahorse is Immortan Joe and Nux, the rest were paintless and without tumors.

Good call whoever that was that pointed out when Furiosa says “redemption” they’re using shadows to paint her forehead black.

The only cars really able to catch up to the war rig going at full is the nux car and the interceptor, otherwise there were things like harpoons slowing the rig down. The rough riders were able to catch up as well.

Increasingly suspecting that Nux was highly ranked/regarded at least within war boy circles until the tumors started wrecking him. There are not that many cars with as many lances as his car has, not even in Furiosa’s convoy. I wonder if he’d had other lancers but they’d abandoned him, because there’s usually more than one per car.

Lances are rare (thus valuable) but guns are even more so. That’s why Ace had to get Furiosa out of the drivers seat to shoot up one of the spikey cars, nobody else had one. The most they had were lances and blow torches.

Now think about how many guns Furiosa had access to.

Fairly sure at this point that the direct gaze is a near direct consequence of center framing but it has amazing implications for gaze, voyeurism, and humanization. Will be posting more on this during the weekend, unless I get sidetracked by horror movie v fugitive movie visual tropes.

Not only were the wives not generally framed for objectification but there were many times when they were posed so that their bodies were shapeless lumps or was hidden by props like car doors and seat backs.

Max is such a tank, Nux may be way taller but his arms are so puny in comparison. But then Rictus is on a whole other level of ridiculous size, he was able to toss Max around like a doll. I really wanna see Furiosa fight Rictus though, because apparently she’s the only one Rictus can’t get past to get at the wives. The beat down must be epic.

Random headcanon that the bone on the knife is from Furiosa’s mother.

This movie is such a feast I swear. I managed to get video of several moments I wanted to talk about tho, welp, now my phone has no more space.

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On writing and PTSD

Wednesday, June 17th, 2015



So there was a kerfuffle the other day on the mad max kink meme about this, and I figure I might have some ethos to speak on this issue, maybe, so here, in other words, is my useless two cents.

First, I kind of agree with the requester who kicked the shit off by asking for some sort of trigger warning.  But not because I am a frail flower that will be triggered by someone’s silly fic.  Because, you see, I don’t care to read ‘photorealistic ptsd’ fic in the same way that my sister, a doctor, doesn’t care to watch medical shows on TV, or my Army buddy friends can’t watch war movies.

They’re not triggered, they’re PISSED OFF at inaccuracies. How many rounds that pistol ACTUALLY holds. That’s not a real hand signal. House would be sued for malpractice and fired as an insurance liability.  That’s not how hospital consults WORK. Etc, etc.  Their clear knowledge of the real world situation jars with the Hollywood fantasy/myth and they simply are not entertained.

I’m not likely to be triggered reading a fic about PTSD. I’m really likely not to be entertained by it. So I’d like, since fandoms as I’ve said before, are COMMUNITIES, to have some heads up and be able to select things I think I will enjoy, and avoid things I think I will not enjoy.

It’s really that simple. It’s not about censorship or some bullshit SJW I AM OFFENDED, it’s just…yeah I would choose not to read that and I’d like to have that choice.

OKAY onto the PTSDpicking. 

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Thank you for this insightful post! I particularly agree with this bit:

“* Second, that’s…not how PTSD flashbacks work? This is NOT me calling Miller out, because I don’t think he intends Max to have any sort of defined disorder. But in the interests of fanfiction and PTSD I’d like to bring to the floor that despite what Hollywood has told you, Godzilla isn’t real, and PTSD hallucinations don’t work like that.  In fact, if I had to diagnose Max, I’d probably put ‘psychosis’ higher on the list than PTSD.”

Indeed, the text of the film supports this. The Organic Mechanic (although clearly not a qualified psychiatrist) tattoos “psychotic” on Max’s back. The way his visions speak to Max and accuse him, and the way he describes them in the opening narration “Here they come…worming their way etc.” sounds much more like psychosis (to me) than a flashback.

I also agree that they are a simple visual storytelling device. The viewer learns instantly that Max is near-crippled by guilt about his perceived failures, which is important dramatically for his character arc. We see multiple people in his visions during the attempted flight from the Citadel, but Glory is the one that returns throughout the film because she is the one that positions Max’s character in a way that it is easily understood.

We know she is not his literal child from canon (Glory may be an invention of his brain) but the fact that a young female child is the one that keeps returning to accuse him, helps the audience read his actions throughout the film towards Furiosa, the Wives, (and childlike Nux) as protective (parental even) rather than possessive. If Max kept seeing visions of his dead wife instead, would we read his evolving relationship with the adult women (and Furiosa in particular) differently? Maybe I would.

The visions of Glory/past trauma are also used for his dramatic arc in the way that they disappear when Max is conscious and actively engaged in helping Furiosa, but Glory returns as soon as Max stays behind when the women set off across the salt. Glory disappears again when everyone links up, but comes back during the final chase when Max is separated from Furiosa and on top of the War Rig, and in fact “saves” him by causing him to raise his hand to block the dart that would otherwise have gone into his head.

Miller abandoned the idea of making the people thrown from vehicles look realistic (he made the Visual Effects crew watch real footage of people in high speed crashes) because a person ‘starfished’ flying through the air looks wrong to eyes accustomed to cinema visuals of stuntmen being able to control the way they fall. Reality looks fake because the images we are used to seeing in movies tell us otherwise. Same with Max’s visions: they are an accessible way for the viewer to understand the character’s emotional journey, not a medically accurate portrayal of mental disability.

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bassfanimation: According to Charlize Theron, Furiosa never refers to the women by their names…

Tuesday, June 16th, 2015


According to Charlize Theron, Furiosa never refers to the women by their names because she doesn’t want to know their names, because that means forming attachments, which is futile in the world they live in.

Me reading more into this: Furiosa is used to losing people and the fewer attachments she makes, the better protected she is from pain.  BUT SHE ASKS MAX FOR HIS NAME, AND HE TELLS HER AT THE END, IT’S THE LAST THING HE TELLS HER.  

Ughhhhh, these characters are killing me.

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Wednesday, March 26th, 2014






I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: to see the kitr tag constantly filling up with new fics and creations is bringing me so much joy. I have read each fic and I love a lot of them, and most of all I love that I’m a…

The KiTR fanception experience: loving each layer until it all turns to gibberish. Then loving the gibberish.

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