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I liked all this, but had a comment about this part:

On the subject of things that didn’t entirely make sense to me: in the bog there was mud. If there was mud, there must be water. So either it recently rained, or there is ground water somewhere. But no one seems to get excited about this.

That scene was immediately before the creepy place with all the crows (where there also was liquid on the ground). In the initial meeting with the Vuvalini they explain that that was the green place Furiosa remembered from her childhood, but: “the soil… we had to get out… we had no water… the water was filth… it was poisoned… it was sour… and then the crows came… we couldn’t grow anything…”

It’s true that we don’t see them getting excited about it at the time, before they get this information. But that could be explained, maybe, by the fact that they’re still trying to put distance between themselves and the pursuit at that point, so they don’t have time to stop and geek out about the mud.

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