Notes from 7th

Friday, June 19th, 2015


The only white painted full life’s are war pups, otherwise apparently even imperator level war boys (full black and shiny greased heads) wear the white paint. The only ones wearing white on the Gigahorse is Immortan Joe and Nux, the rest were paintless and without tumors.

Good call whoever that was that pointed out when Furiosa says “redemption” they’re using shadows to paint her forehead black.

The only cars really able to catch up to the war rig going at full is the nux car and the interceptor, otherwise there were things like harpoons slowing the rig down. The rough riders were able to catch up as well.

Increasingly suspecting that Nux was highly ranked/regarded at least within war boy circles until the tumors started wrecking him. There are not that many cars with as many lances as his car has, not even in Furiosa’s convoy. I wonder if he’d had other lancers but they’d abandoned him, because there’s usually more than one per car.

Lances are rare (thus valuable) but guns are even more so. That’s why Ace had to get Furiosa out of the drivers seat to shoot up one of the spikey cars, nobody else had one. The most they had were lances and blow torches.

Now think about how many guns Furiosa had access to.

Fairly sure at this point that the direct gaze is a near direct consequence of center framing but it has amazing implications for gaze, voyeurism, and humanization. Will be posting more on this during the weekend, unless I get sidetracked by horror movie v fugitive movie visual tropes.

Not only were the wives not generally framed for objectification but there were many times when they were posed so that their bodies were shapeless lumps or was hidden by props like car doors and seat backs.

Max is such a tank, Nux may be way taller but his arms are so puny in comparison. But then Rictus is on a whole other level of ridiculous size, he was able to toss Max around like a doll. I really wanna see Furiosa fight Rictus though, because apparently she’s the only one Rictus can’t get past to get at the wives. The beat down must be epic.

Random headcanon that the bone on the knife is from Furiosa’s mother.

This movie is such a feast I swear. I managed to get video of several moments I wanted to talk about tho, welp, now my phone has no more space.

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