Friday, October 29th, 2021


Chapter 1: Soup has an epic entrance, but then only one person tries it, and only a few moments later sticks his face in it, which was uncalled for. (8/10)

Chapter 2: The word “soup” is said 13 times in this 6-minute episode. Granted, the talk is mostly negative, and multiple people accuse it of murder, but Lenore does say some nice things. Ernest insults Soup’s honor; a feud is born. (9/10)

Chapter 3: Most of the episode takes place in the dining room, but nobody even acknowledges the Soup. It does have the same number of lines as Emily, and at least it gets to feel like part of the group. (5/10)

Chapter 4: Everyone spends some time in the dining room with the Soup, but then all split up and leave, which would normally be bad, but Emily finds more Soup in the kitchen, tastes it, and declares it “pretty good.” She is a kind soul, Soup will love her forever, and the fact that she doesn’t immediately die implies that Soup did not murder Eddie. Meanwhile HG confirms that Soup could not have killed Louisa May Alcott even if she had tasted it without anyone seeing. An excellent episode for the Soup. (10/10)

Chapter 5: Nobody returns to the dining room, and the only one to visit the kitchen is Ernest, which happens offscreen, so we can only guess at how bitterly their feud is escalating. (0/10)

Chapter 6: Again, most of the action is in the Soupless study, but Soup and Emily bond by witnessing a murder in the kitchen together. (4/10)

Chapter 7: Everyone who’s still alive spends some time in the kitchen, but nobody acknowledges the Soup. Hardly anyone even acknowledges Soup’s dear Emily, whose death Soup is then forced to witness. A devastating episode. (2/10)

Chapter 8: The longest episode yet only has one short scene in the kitchen, in which the grieving Soup is completely ignored, and nothing in the dining room. (1/10)

Chapter 9: Nobody goes to the kitchen or dining room. Is the Soup a joke to you people? (0/10)

Chapter 10: Everyone finally returns to the dining room! Ernest and Soup have a fight offscreen. Soup has no arms but Ernest pulls a knife; Soup fights bravely but is really only saved by Charlotte’s scream. Lenore chastises Ernest for his lack of respect, but no one seems too concerned for Soup’s safety. Also Charlotte is revealed to be a murderer, despite stopping Ernest from murdering Soup. Nothing makes sense anymore. (6/10)

Chapter 11: Soup is once and for all absolved from any blame as all murders are explained. Most of the action occurs in the dining room, so Soup is part of the group again. Nobody directly acknowledges Soup, and Pet Rock, who was only introduced in Chapter 10, gets to be the hero, but at least Soup is included. Not the most satisfying conclusion, but it’s fine. (7/10)

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Thursday, August 12th, 2021


The proud thrill of seeing a smaller-scale artist you’ve loved and supported for years making an important appearance in an Oscar-winning film is a wonderful feeling. I’ve watched Mank all the way through once, but I’ve watched this scene at least a dozen times, and it gives me the same giddy feeling every time. I can hardly wait for Mank 2: Tommy’s Story when we’ll finally get to learn exactly what Ethel meant by “always”.

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Monday, December 30th, 2019

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fungusqueen:The rains have left so many tiny beautiful things in my backyard. I found a monarch…

Wednesday, February 8th, 2017


The rains have left so many tiny beautiful things in my backyard. I found a monarch butterfly chrysalis, lady bugs, lots of cute raindrops on clovers, mosses, and some mushrooms I didn’t think grew in my area. 

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mostlythemarsh: For You

Sunday, July 10th, 2016


For You

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dwightyoumonkeyslut: some more characters from everyone’s…

Thursday, March 24th, 2016


some more characters from everyone’s favorite webseries-to-be!

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Annotated Guide to the Unnamed Vuvalini

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015


For your cosplay/fanart/fic/generally keeping track of them needs.



You know Keeper and Maddie and Valkyrie… but do you recall
The least famous Vuvalini of alllllllllll

Left to right in this screencap, (casting as near as I can figure from BTS pictures and squinting a lot at headshots where they’re washed and wearing makeup):

V1 (Gillian Jones) – “There’s something in the eyes.” Dark grey hair always in braids, yellow hood and aviator style goggles. Survives to the end and drives Gigahorse back to the Citadel, LIKE A BOSS


V2 (Antoinette Kellermann) – “The men. Who are they?” Wavy white hair and round goggles. Third to “die” when the War Boys pull the roof off the Rig’s cab. LOOK, IT’S JUST A LITTLE CONCUSSION, SHE’S GONNA WALK IT OFF


V3 (Melita Jurisic) – “One man, one bullet”. Hair in braids in the first Vuvalini scene and then confusingly down afterward. Round goggles, splashes of red in her outfit. Takes a thunderstick in the back cab but BOUNCES BACK FUCK YEAH AND SHE OFFICIALLY DEFINITELY LIVES TO THE END


V4 (Joy Smithers) – “But if you came from the west…” Aviator style goggles and leather hood. Has to reload powder and lead shot every time she kills a man, which is a pretty good reason to only use one bullet per man. Thrown off the rig by Rictus BUT SHE’S NOT DEAD I REFUSE


V3 and V4 are v. married and I’m not going to budge on this. 


And as you already know, Valkyrie and Maddie (Christina Koch, probably, by process of elimination) aren’t dead either. 


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