Chapter 1: Soup has an epic entrance, but then only one person tries it, and only a few moments later sticks his face in it, which was uncalled for. (8/10)

Chapter 2: The word “soup” is said 13 times in this 6-minute episode. Granted, the talk is mostly negative, and multiple people accuse it of murder, but Lenore does say some nice things. Ernest insults Soup’s honor; a feud is born. (9/10)

Chapter 3: Most of the episode takes place in the dining room, but nobody even acknowledges the Soup. It does have the same number of lines as Emily, and at least it gets to feel like part of the group. (5/10)

Chapter 4: Everyone spends some time in the dining room with the Soup, but then all split up and leave, which would normally be bad, but Emily finds more Soup in the kitchen, tastes it, and declares it “pretty good.” She is a kind soul, Soup will love her forever, and the fact that she doesn’t immediately die implies that Soup did not murder Eddie. Meanwhile HG confirms that Soup could not have killed Louisa May Alcott even if she had tasted it without anyone seeing. An excellent episode for the Soup. (10/10)

Chapter 5: Nobody returns to the dining room, and the only one to visit the kitchen is Ernest, which happens offscreen, so we can only guess at how bitterly their feud is escalating. (0/10)

Chapter 6: Again, most of the action is in the Soupless study, but Soup and Emily bond by witnessing a murder in the kitchen together. (4/10)

Chapter 7: Everyone who’s still alive spends some time in the kitchen, but nobody acknowledges the Soup. Hardly anyone even acknowledges Soup’s dear Emily, whose death Soup is then forced to witness. A devastating episode. (2/10)

Chapter 8: The longest episode yet only has one short scene in the kitchen, in which the grieving Soup is completely ignored, and nothing in the dining room. (1/10)

Chapter 9: Nobody goes to the kitchen or dining room. Is the Soup a joke to you people? (0/10)

Chapter 10: Everyone finally returns to the dining room! Ernest and Soup have a fight offscreen. Soup has no arms but Ernest pulls a knife; Soup fights bravely but is really only saved by Charlotte’s scream. Lenore chastises Ernest for his lack of respect, but no one seems too concerned for Soup’s safety. Also Charlotte is revealed to be a murderer, despite stopping Ernest from murdering Soup. Nothing makes sense anymore. (6/10)

Chapter 11: Soup is once and for all absolved from any blame as all murders are explained. Most of the action occurs in the dining room, so Soup is part of the group again. Nobody directly acknowledges Soup, and Pet Rock, who was only introduced in Chapter 10, gets to be the hero, but at least Soup is included. Not the most satisfying conclusion, but it’s fine. (7/10)

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