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Marvel movies have completely eliminated the concept of practical effects from the movie-watching public’s consciousness

Not just practical effects just like. Basic set design lol

How… How do they think sci-fi was done before CGI?

Really badly? Do you remember sci-fi before CGI? It was shit. And don’t say Star Wars because they went back and fixed that with CGI later.

*big sigh* *puts head in hands* heathens who’ve never watched pre-MCU sci-fi movies OR the unedited Star Wars movies, my beloathed

So first of all, most people agree that the majority of the “CGI fixes” in the Star Wars original trilogy (excluding minor visual/sound effects like lightsaber colors and blaster sounds) are unececssary, extremely conspicuous, and/or bad. This is not news to literally anyone older than about 20 who has consumed Star Wars content on any level. There are quite literally two very famous ‘despecialized’ fan projects explicitly dedicated to un-doing all of the shitty “fixed” CGI effects while simultaneously restoring the OT in HD.

And yes, I do, in fact, remember sci-fi special effects before CGI was the foundational cornerstone of moviemaking. It was not, in fact, shit:

Also, ironically I can show you by….*gasp* using fucking Star Wars, of all things. Welcome to the Tatooine pod race set of The Phantom Menace, which was not, as popularly believed, CGI’d but was instead a fully-built miniature set:

Yes, they built the entire set as a minature, built life-sized pod racers for the actors, then spliced the two together using digital effects. Yes, they did such a fantastic job that people think the entire set and scene sequence was basically completely CGI’d to this day. You’re fucking welcome for undervaluing the time, effort, and talents of set designers by implying that set design and practical effects inherently mean things will look like shit.

CGI also ages really poorly. What you think looks incredibly realistic now is going to look terrible in a few years. Just look at the original vs remastered Star Trek. They “restored” Star Trek around 2006 and replaced a lot of the practical effects with CGI, and maybe it looked ok in 2006, but it looks so bad and fake now.

You can see a video comparison for one episode here:

In the 60s they built a whole model of the Enterprise, complete with blinking lights and beautifully sculpted/painted details. It looks stunning! Then they replaced it with that horribly smooth and fake looking cgi ship.

Just look at this beauty

You can see the model at the Air and Space Museum in DC

Unfortunately the remastered version is the only version available to stream, but you can still find DVDs with the original effect.

made in 1968 and still stunning 2001 A Space


the designers worked with engineers at NASA to make realistic futuristic special effects using models and matte paintings no computer effects at all! – and incidentally inspired David Bowie to write Space Oddity, later performed in space by astronaut Chris Hadfield

The CGI of the original Jurassic Park may not be aging well (though arguably still better than some), but the practical effects will always look stunning. 

I want to talk fantasy.

This shot was achieved with splicing and green screen.

This wild-looking shot (and similar manipulations) was famously achieved by having a professional juggler in a duplicate of Bowie’s jacket and gloves sitting behind him, basically with Bowie in his lap, doing the handwork while Bowie kept his arms behind the juggler. You may have seen a game based on this on Whose Line Is It Anyway.

This? Wires! Splicing! THE CGI TO DO THIS DIDN’T EXIST YET! (The juggler is hidden under the cape. If there’s a scene where he’s wearing a cape, that’s actually probably why.)

And this? This heartstopping shot?

This does appear to be from the version with CGI—


The shot itself hasn’t changed. The lift itself was done with wires and Bowie was given some propulsion with an air cannon so he could make that turn at speed. A minor amount of CGI was used in the 30th anniversary to “touch up” the work done in 1986, and one of the things they did was to remove a shadow on the wall from one of the wires.

How about this?

You don’t know it, but you’re looking at a practical effect. In real life, the Ruby Slippers are almost orange. That luxe, rich ruby color showed up on the film as black when the shoes were the correct color, so the costumers adjusted the actual costume to give the color they wanted.




And this? This is where it would’ve been useful to have CGI. Margaret Hamilton got really badly burned on the steam doing one of her entrance/exits, and ended up in the hospital. THIS is what you use CGI for.

You come into my house and insult practical effects?

I’ll just finish off by reminding you THIS IS ONE, TOO.

That last one, iirc, was there was a double in a sepia-toned costume, and the interior door and wall there was painted brown, so when it was lit and shot it all appeared to still be in the sepia tone of the Kansas scenes, and part of why Dorothy stepped back out of the frame was so the double and Judy Garland (in the proper blue-and-white costume) could swap.

More respect for practical effects please. We need to bring it back (unionize CGI).

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yesterdaysprint: Des Moines Tribune, Iowa, October 12, 1918

Monday, October 26th, 2020


Des Moines Tribune, Iowa, October 12, 1918

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sashayed: lol ok but seriously: what is it like to look at this year’s election and not have to see…

Saturday, November 5th, 2016


lol ok but seriously: what is it like to look at this year’s election and not have to see every time your own flawed, smart, accomplished, empathetic mother was ever underestimated, condescended to, denied credit or deliberately wronged

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up-one-cupcake reblogged your photoset:“Actually, it was Annabel who told me who to…Look at…

Tuesday, October 18th, 2016

Look at that face!! Tell me that isn’t a sudden-and-horrible-realisation face.

MK, your sudden-and-horrible-realisation face needs to stop.

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Oh person who just liked and reblogged several of my old posts from a year ago

Monday, January 11th, 2016

Thanks. I really needed that little shot of validation right now.

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wargaymon: please bring back replies nobody is messaging me about my mediocre text posts

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016


please bring back replies nobody is messaging me about my mediocre text posts

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How tumblr feels since they took away replies

Monday, November 9th, 2015


You: says something cool I want to respond to

Me: stuck behind a soundproof glass wall, banging a big red heart against the glass repeatedly

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thefilmstage: A pair of posters for Macbeth. We named it one of…

Thursday, August 27th, 2015


A pair of posters for Macbeth.

We named it one of the 30 best fall films we’ve seen.

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mugsandpugs: roguewarboy: mugsandpugs: roguewarboy: a-study-i…

Monday, June 22nd, 2015







Love how these repair boys in the background all have this ’????’ look

Did that one war boy use that flip so he could safely land right side up or to look cool? He’s now my favourite. 

OMG I AM SO GLAD THIS IS GIFFED. i just watched this again, and noticed the same damned thing tonight. 
also the Boy doing the somersault over the car. *swooooooon*

Specifically to look cool.

….i can’t stop watching this. 


GUYS I think we found Death Death

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nealdanderson: Mad Max Fury Road. Seriously the best film I’ve…

Sunday, May 31st, 2015


Mad Max Fury Road. 

Seriously the best film I’ve seen in theaters in over a decade. I haven’t felt so immersed and attached to characters since The Lord of the Rings trilogy concluded back in 2003. Absolutely beautiful looking film, spectacular visuals, great characters, and especially wonderful female characters in a genre lacking in them, and most of all, superb storytelling. 

Mad Max has an incredibly unique look and feel that doesn’t feel rolled off a manufacturing line ala Marvel films, isn’t full of needless exposition like Nolan’s stupid Batman films, and its action scenes, while splendidly over-the-top, didn’t feel vacuous or boring, like Pacific Rim, The Expandables or The Fast and Furious, all movies that claim to be the new standard in action. 

I really do think and hope that Furiosa will be regarded as this century’s Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor. One of the best characters to emerge from a film in a long time.

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spapples: still waiting for peter pan how lame is that

Wednesday, April 15th, 2015


still waiting for peter pan how lame is that

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masterpiecedaily: This just popped up on my dashboard with all…

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014


This just popped up on my dashboard with all of my text removed. Can’t be sure who did it, but somewhere along the way I guess someone reblogging it thought that was okay. But guys, please don’t. Really. Not to my posts, or to anyone you reblog from. It’s lame, it’s not cool, and no one likes it.

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So You Want to Watch “Kissing in the Rain”

Friday, March 28th, 2014



But where do you start?
And what’s up with this “fan-canon” process?

Well, I am here to help!

Read More

Super helpful post is super helpful!

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me: oh i look nice in this picture

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014

me: oh i look nice in this picture
me: i’m gonna use it as profile picture on all my social network accounts for the next 54 years

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