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I have done the research! 

How (I imagine) Hillary Clinton became a fan of the Lizzie Bennet Diaries

May 2012 

Hillary Rodham Clinton knew that she was sometimes compared to fictional female nerds. Hermione Granger (the books were a bit too young for Chelsea, but she’d read them anyway), Leslie Knope (her staffers had shown her a few episodes of that show), Tracy Flick (she’d met Reese Witherspoon shortly after it came out). 

In fact, she was rather tickled by it.

But the young woman in the animated gif that her intern (Laura, 23, liked Jane Austen novels) had attached to the email wasn’t Emma Watson or Amy Poehler. In fact, she looked far more ordinary – a redhead sitting in a bedroom, looking into the camera, waving a stack of papers and apparently saying “I have done the research”. 

Hillary chuckled appreciatively, “If there’s one thing you can say about me, I have indeed done the research.” But perhaps this was a real person, and maybe her research should be turned into policy. 

She angled her screen towards her chief assistant (Melanie, 36, grew up in Kansas, just had a baby). “Do you know who’s in this picture?“ 

Melanie wasn’t sure. 

“Make a note to find out what her research is about.” 

“Yep,” Melanie scribbled on a notepad, like she’d done 19 times already that day. 

Hillary returned to her inbox, and that was that. For now.

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Tags: AoJE, so, ATTV, i dunno, and it's just, clavisa does this thing, where she comes out of left field, with some... thing, and says hey everybody, here's this amazing thing, and she's right, i didn't learn about lbd from her, instead I learned about her from lbd, but after that I'm p. sure, she was instrumental in my learning about, all of the following:, nmtd, probably a half dozen other things I'm not remembering, and now lbd/hrc crossover fic, significant, I mean for me, that this lovely person I've never met, has been instrumental in bringing all this joy into my life, why and how does a person even do that?, how do I thank them?, how do I become more like that myself?, is what I'm wondering, tonight.

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