The SCA YouTube channel hasn’t been posting the videos being…

The SCA YouTube channel hasn’t been posting the videos being uploaded from the boat as much since they eased off the throttle; maybe the sponsor doesn’t want to promote the fact that they’re choosing not to compete and falling behind? It’s a bummer if that’s the case, because it’s a compelling story nevertheless.

Thank god for They apparently have managed to stay on the right side of the (foolish and aggravating) policy by the central VOR media operation that reserves the raw uploaded videos only for “official broadcasters”. And if you’re willing to wait a day or two, they usually post the full videos in the raw form they come off the boats.

So here’s a few minutes of SCA video from a few days ago, now reaching the world for the first time, no thanks to misguided gatekeepers in Alicante and Stockholm.

I love the cute horseplay on the stern. I suspect the main point of it is just to try to stay warm. It’s super cold down there.

As of 0640 UTC today (Wednesday, April 1) they were about 75 miles from the Horn. Winds dropped to almost nothing a few hours ago, but are building again. It’s amazing to see how fast the systems sweep through. Hopefully they’ll be around Cape Horn and heading north into the Atlantic before the end of today.

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