The Making of SPORE – Part One: Pre-Production – Behind the…

The Making of SPORE – Part One: Pre-Production – Behind the Scenes Vlog

This was my favorite part of the video. Not so much because of what she’s saying; she’s talking about how she’s back at The Americana looking for costume options for Spore, and how the shooting schedule has been pushed back. And she’s very much caught up in the details.

But she’s walking past that big poster for the last Hobbit movie. And it’s such a cool moment. Because more than a decade ago, growing up in Fayetteville, it was seeing Fellowship for the first time that started her on this journey. And now the Rings franchise is ending, and for a fan it’s sad, but look: There’s a new beginning. The road goes ever on.

Because she’s doing it. Not just acting, but creating. Bringing together people like Taylor, Whitney, Miles, Zack, and Ashley, inspiring them, getting lost in the details, the thousand decisions, pushing past setbacks and doubt and exhaustion, all to take this completely insubstantial thing, this tiny little idea, this dream, and turn it into something real.

And it’s badass. But if you look past the badassery you can still see the little girl from Fayetteville, and the determination that carried her from that moment to this. And I don’t know. I just thought it was cool.

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