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Wednesday, August 15th, 2018





So I’m trying to get into competitive sailing and it’s the World Championships right now, and some of the races are being livestreamed for free on YouTube (which is crazy to me just how accessible the races are?? You can follow along legally if you have an internet connection what a concept). I finally had the time to sit down and check out the livestream today, only for the races to get postponed, and after a few false starts they were canceled :’( ugh

Joinnnn usssss…

Oh myyyy I would love to! But I also feel utterly clueless, I’ve been following mostly in-shore/Olympic sailing and even then I can’t keep up with all 10 classes haha. And I’m also really curious about the big offshore races…

There’s no big secret, just follow whatever interests you and bookmark Sailing Scuttlebutt to visit every day! Research the things that catch your curiosity and you’ll be surprised how much you learn how quickly. 

In a nutshell, the events that I post the most about are…

The America’s Cup: 

The Golden Globe Race:

  • Basically: Nine entered, one died, one finished.
  • In 1968, nine sailors set out to win a prize offered by the London Sunday Times by becoming the first person to circumnavigate the world solo and nonstop. Five retired due to accidents, Bernard Moitessier chose to resign out of personal convictions, Nigel Tetley nearly became the first to circumnavigate in a trimaran but was wrecked in the North Atlantic on the way back, Donald Crowhurst never left the Atlantic at all but sent false radio positions back and slowly lost his grip on reality, and Robin Knox-Johnston made history as the only one to make it back to England, record set. Earlier this year, the race was the subject of a British drama film, “The Mercy”, staring Colin Firth as Crowhurst. 
  • Currently, a fiftieth-year anniversary race is underway in which the entrants must circumnavigate using 1960s technology. Most of them are already ahead of where Knox-Johnston was at the same point in 1968!
  • Official website (Tracker)
  • Wikipedia 
  • Outside Magazine
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  • Recommended reading: Peter Nichols’ “A Voyage for Madmen”
  • Recommended watching: “Deep Water” (2006)

World Records:

  • Basically: One of the best reasons to learn French.
  • There’s something inherently cool about something being the biggest/fastest/longest/smallest/MOST of its kind in the world, that’s why we all spent lunch in the school library reading the Guinness Book of World Records when we were 11-year-old nerds, right? Or did only I do that? 
  • In transoceanic sailing, most of the records for fastest passages are held by giant trimarans like the Ultim/Ultime class. 
  • The Jules Verne Trophy is awarded (generally, it’s a little complicated) to the crew that make the fastest nonstop circumnavigation of the Earth. When it started in the 80s, the goal was just to see if it was possible to beat Jules Verne’s fictional character Phileas Fogg and go around the world in less than 80 days, but today the record is down to 40!
  • Other high-profile records include the west-east transatlantic route (New York City to Lizard Point in Cornwall), and several courses that follow the paths of historic ocean voyages– the Discovery Route (the course of Christopher Columbus’s voyage, from Cadiz in Spain to San Salvador in the Bahamas), the Golden Route (from New York to San Francisco around Cape Horn, like during the Gold Rush of 1849), and the Tea Route (Hong Kong to London).
  • Offshore sailing is really popular in France, like crazy popular. The Vendée Globe and Transat Jacques Vabre were in the top ten most-watched sporting events in France in 2017. Most of the sailors, sponsors, and fanbase for attempts to break offshore records are all French, and most of the media coverage is, in French too. But Scuttlebutt is pretty good about posting updates during attempts and if you know your way around Google Translate you can usually do okay. 
  • Jules Verne Trophy official site
  • Ultime class
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The Vendée Globe and the IMOCA Class:

The Volvo Ocean Race and the Whitbread ‘Round the World Race:

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