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Thursday, January 12th, 2017


Today is John Singer Sargent’s birthday

Here’s some of his artwork and where it can be seen.

1. John Singer Sargent, Photographer

Sidney Carter,

1920, Gelatin silver print.

2. Madam X,

Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC NY 

3. The B&W picture is as the paint was when 1st shown, the strap off her shoulder cause a huge scandal, I recommend book Strapless about it.  He changed the painting after 1st showing.

4. El Jaleo,

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA (my favorite)

5. Isabella Stewart Gardner, Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston MA

6. The Daughters of Edward Darley Boit,
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston MA

7. Is how the painting is framed by the original vases at MFA.

8. Theodore Roosevelt,
National Portrait Gallery, Washington DC (When it’s not in the White House)

9. Nonchaloir (Repose), National Gallery of Art, Washington DC

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Possibly spoiler-y discussion of deciphering the clues in the PoeParty YouTube descriptions after a…

Monday, October 24th, 2016

Possibly spoiler-y discussion of deciphering the clues in the PoeParty YouTube descriptions after a cut.

So, if you’ve been following along, you know that if you take all the capitalized letters from the author quotes toward the bottom of the Poe Party YouTube descriptions and string them together, you get the following string as of today’s Chapter 10:


If you rotate that forward 8 characters, it turns into:


…with one character remaining.

The following are all the words in a standard Unix dictionary that are 4 characters long and begin with “sea”:

  • seah
  • seak
  • seal
  • seam
  • sear
  • seat
  • seax

Of those, “seal” and “seat” seem like the likeliest possibilities. Interestingly, the Poe short story “The Gold Bug” features a detailed account of a parchment that uses a similar substitution cipher, where the deciphered message ends up being this:

A good glass in the Bishop’s hostel in the Devil’s seat – forty-one degrees and thirteen minutes – northeast and by north – main branch seventh limb east side – shoot from the left eye of the death’s-head – a bee-line from the tree through the shot fifty feet out.

Later, a character in the story figures out that “Devil’s seat” refers to a particular local landmark:

While I was busied in reflection, my eyes fell upon a narrow ledge in the eastern face of the rock, perhaps a yard below the summit upon which I stood. This ledge projected about eighteen inches, and was not more than a foot wide, while a niche in the cliff just above it gave a rude resemblance to one of the hollow-backed chairs used by our ancestors. I made no doubt that here was the ‘devil’s seat’ alluded to in the MS., and now I seemed to grasp the full secret of the riddle.

I’m not sure this is going to go any further, or if I’m even on the right track, but that’s what I’ve got so far. Anyone with ideas, please share!

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hartandgrace: shipwreckedcomedy: Hungry people, this Sunday…

Sunday, March 6th, 2016



Hungry people, this Sunday marks the final day of our kickstarter campaign and thus will be our final livestream! Join us as we celebrate a successful campaign and thank you all for being a part of it! There is sure to be a toast or two, and who knows who will show up?

Join our final livestream…if you dare.

Join us tomorrow!!

I’m def. going to be there. :-)

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bonehandledknife: endlessimpossibility: bruises-for-tomorrow: …

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015









These two are constantly glued together, and upon my most recent viewing on the film I noticed a kiss in the background. THEY ARE ACTUALLY A COUPLE.

During the fight between Max and Furiosa Cheedo is actually holding The Dag back for the majority of it, in the scene where Capable is asleep on Nux The Dag is wrapped around Cheedo as they sleep as well.

When Max goes to take out The Bullet Farmer Cheddo goes up to The Dag and kisses her straight on the lips.


Can’t believe I didn’t pick up on their kiss!

I wonder if this was a factor in Joe forcing the three who weren’t pregnant into chastity belts. He has the belts put on them shortly after The Dag objected to his intention to rape Cheedo – perhaps he realized or suspected there was something going on between the two of them and he wanted to ruin it for them. 






Not to rain on the parade, but is this the moment we’re talking about?

They’re definitely holding onto and comforting each other, but I’m not sure it’s actually a kiss. I mean, it could be a kiss, at least on Cheedo’s part, though if it is the Dag doesn’t seem to be reciprocating. And it seems like an odd moment for full-on kissing to be going on. But maybe I’m looking at the wrong moment.

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dduane: I happened to notice last week that the…

Monday, February 16th, 2015


I happened to notice last week that the follower-counter had run up into the 9900s. Which made me shake my head a little while thinking things like Seriously? Who are all these people? Do they really find what’s going on here interesting? And if they do, who am I to judge? 

And then it got funny when I noticed the counter had hit 9990. This is when — if you have nothing better to do — you find yourself going, Come on, just do it, go over the top! And it gets worse, in a silly way, the closer you get to the magic number. 9998! 9999! And there it sits for hours and hours. And then suddenly 9998! again. And 9997!  And you start getting antsy. What did I post that made them unfollow me? Was it the thing about the Hunterbatch anniversary? Was it the wedding pictures? (If it was, then they can eff straight off; if they can’t stand looking at my husband then I don’t care if they follow me anyway.) Was it the pancakes??!!

(snicker) “Tumblr angst.” Something I probably didn’t need a referent for. 

In any case… I greet the ten thousand of you affectionately. I promise to try not to bore you. Here you will find random writing musings, sudden outbursts of opinion, recipes, fangirling, Young Wizards stuff, and the effusions of someone whose favorite phrase is probably “Oh look at that!!” 

Thanks for hanging over my shoulder. You’re very welcome.  :)

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Bring in the cats? dirk dirk dot com

Monday, June 17th, 2013

Bring in the cats? dirk dirk dot com:

Wait for it.

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